Turning Point 6

Jennifer went still as Solange said, "We will rid the world of him before he can take you. You are more important. Where is he? If you can describe where he is by touching your mind to Jennifer, she can tell Marcus. He can help us protect you by leading us to him."

Show me what you see, Jennifer said in a shaky voice. We all want to keep you with us. You are important to everyone here.

"I'm so tired..." She said in a exhausted weak tone

"We know," said Solange. "We need to get you healed and destroy the vampire who helped harm you. He exchanged blood with you, which means he can find you. Help us take out a monster."

She went to sit up but couldn't " he's....here" she said in a tense tone

Jennifer reached for Esme again. Let me show them where.

She groaned in pain but managed to sit up with help "take what you need..." She said in a tired tone " it's black, cold, dirt ."

Jen looked and said, "He is in the garden. There is a large rock there. He made a cave under it. Thirty feet from the door."

Marcus and Jennifer's father left and Esmeralda went limp " I can't...feel my legs Jen" she said in a sad tone

"It's okay," Jennifer said, taking her hand. "We have healers to see what's wrong. I'm sure it's nothing." She looked at Solange. "She can't stay inside much longer. She is really weak after such a tough conversion."

Solange said, "Once they deal with the vampire, we will leave. We can float her over the trees in the mists so no one sees us. I'm sure the coolness of it will make her feel better." She took Jennifer's hand. "Honey, she may not be able to walk. It looks like her back may have broken during the conversion. I'm not much of a healer, so I can't say for sure, but we must consider it."

"No," said Jennifer, crying more. "She was thrown a lot, but none of it could hurt her like that. And she didn't thrash that much when I saw her."

"Vampire conversions are harder," said Solange. "If she arched too much or thrashed enough, she could have hurt herself enough to do it. But she is tough. I don't believe it's really a broken back. Perhaps just fluid built up. Like I said, I'm not a healer, so I can't say for sure."

it hurts.... Esmeralda thought as she struggled to deal with the pain. The more Solange looked around the worst it seemed. In the cage she could see chunks of skin that had been ripped off from the whipping. The bloody drag marks show where the vampire converted her and how much she had moved with the conversion. Bloody hand marks were everywhere. Vomit puddles let her know how she laid in one spot as her body expelled her human waste. Nail marks on the floor and furniture and her broken bloody nails told her where she was when the pain was at the all time high

Solange said, "When we are done healing you, it won't hurt anymore. You will feel much better and with no vampire in your head, you won't have to worry about him hurting you ever again."

The moment Solange knew that they had killed the vampire was the same moment they heard Esmeraldas heart stop and she slipped into her first Carpathian sleep, whether she survived it or not and completed the coversion would depend on how well they healed her

Jennifer leaned into Marcus as they flew through the trees. She held on to him like she could always keep him next to her is she held him tight enough. He felt the baby kick, still hurting from the stress she had endured.

He held her letting her know he was not going anywhere "rest love"

"If I go to sleep," she said, her voice shaking, "I'm afraid this won't be real. Just... a little longer. Please."

" It's real love but you need to rest and so does our child" he said kissing her forhead

Her hands gripped his shirt tighter and said, "Marcus... I'm... I'm sorry."

“There is no need for you to be sorry” he said not looking at her but paying attention to where he was going.

Jennifer looked at him. She didn't want to lose him.

"I was in the middle of putting together something for you," she said. "I stupidly went out for air when they grabbed me. I knew it was dangerous to do it but I did anyway. That's why I apologized." She looked down. "Now, the party's ruined."

“ The party is not important what’s important is that you’re all right“ he said in a serious yet tender tone

She started to say more, but realized that there was nothing more to be said in that moment. She laid her head on his shoulder and was soon asleep. Dayan looked at Marcus.

"How's the baby?" he asked.

“Upset” Marcus said in a upset tone “but healthy” he added as they landed near the ranch, they knew something was off when the storm suddenly appeared

Dayan turned as Julian, Desari, Juliette, and Rodger appeared. He sighed.

"Worried?" Dayan asked.

"Juliette said she was needed," said Rodger. "We came to support her."

“The prince is at the ranch” said Marcus in a concerned tone

"He has been visiting," said Julian. "He arrived a few days ago. I want to know what caused him to leave the Carpathian Mountains, where he is safest."

“I’m not sure we came her for Jennifer “ Marcus replied

Just then a woman came crashing through the trees and rolled hard until she finally stopped and remained still

Julian growled and Rodger put himself between Juliette and the unknown woman.

The woman started to cry but still remained unmoving, there was a deep gash in her spine and the way she was laying did not look natural. She was on her side with one arm behind her back and her leg had a large piece of wood through it’d

Julian went to her and looked at her wound. She flinched at his touch.

"We can help you," he said in a gentle tone. "Will you allow me heal your wounds? I will need to remove the wood."

“It’s not my own.....I’m not me....please...no more blood....I’m scared...I’m cold...please I don’t want to be in the darkness anymore...I want to disappear...they can’t hurt me if I’m gone...” she said in a weak ramble as her body started to become translucent “I don’t want to be here...I died right...I’m dead..I want to be dead...shh can you hear them...their calling for me..but the can’t see me now right” she said in a manic tone yet her body completely disappeared, even the blood and wood vanished

"I'll call Gregori here," said Rodger.

Julian set out the call. It was not long until Gregori and Mikhail came.

"Melena, we need to heal you," said Mikhail. "Allow the healers to care for you. We will find a way to keep them out of your mind. Please, little sister."

“Shh they can here you...but I’ll be good..I won’t scream...sergey doesn’t like it when I scream...it hurts...I’m cold”

"We will put you to sleep," said Mikhail. "This will also help the healers."

When she nodded he put her to sleep. Gregori and Julian set to work after Mikhail removed the wood. Splinters fell from her wound as it was closed. They were tired by the time they were done. When she was mostly healed she changed back to normal and Mikhail was able to pick her up.

"We need to feed," said Gregori as he returned to his body. "We need to see what damage was done to Jennifer and the baby."

"And heal this girl found with her," said Solange. "She was tortured, Gregori. Her skin practically flayed from her with a whip covered in vampire blood before she was converted by a vampire."

"This is one hell of a long night," Gregori said.

No sooner then he said those words the woman Solange was talking about started to move. Her heart was beating uneven, a sign of what stage of the conversion she was in. She gasped in pain and her body started to bleed.

Gregori said, "I'll start on this girl. Julian, you start on Jennifer and then come join me when you are done." He growled. "Vampire blood and metal-tipped. Vadim really had it out for this girl. Some cuts are bone-deep."

He began working to stop any and all bleeding. Julian soon joined him. Gregori also began to smooth out her skin as he healed, wanting her to see nothing out of the ordinary. The problem was her tattoo. He came out to feed and saw it. It belonged to a gypsy clan that used to have close ties to the Carpathian people, but their protector was killed long ago in a battle with a vampire. The gypsies had escaped, believed to be dead. He surmised that they were scattered, just as the Carpathian people were scattered, and telling stories of the Carpathians. This girl's tattoo would be gone when she was finished healing in the earth.

He finished her healing just as she woke up. He nearly fell over with exhaustion but looked at her. He told her what they had done and what she should expect when she awoke next.

"Your family crest," he said, pointing to it. "It will no longer be there. You are now a Carpathian, and ink like that will not stay. However, many of our ancients know of a way to put such markings on the skin. Well, under the skin. Still, it will be painful to put it back. If you desire to have it returned to your skin, I will find one of them to do it for you."

There was sadness in her eyes "I don't have family.....why are you so...sad..no...cold...you feel cold" she said in a tired tone " please don't waste anything on me...and don't...touch me bad things happen when I'm touched...." She said rolling into her side when she did a faint symbol over her left ovary was there " I feel like I'm on fire ..wait Jen..where's Jen" she said trying to sit up

"We will help you with that," said Mikhail, slowly going to Melena and putting his arm around her. "Whenever you feel unsafe, or hear them, or anything to make you uncomfortable, reach for me or Jacques and we will comfort you. We side with you, Melena."

"So, who's ass am I kicking first, little sister?" asked Jacques with a smile, trying to get her to smile.

For the first time she cried out and started to cry. She ran into Mikhail arms, In her cry he could feel and hear her pain, everyone could

Mikhail asked nothing of her. He held her to him, comforting her as he had his own daughter when she was hurt. She let her get all the pain, all the fear, everything out. He used the comfort of his arms show her she was safe to let it all out. He was soon joined by Raven, then Shea and Jacques.

"If you tell anyone I'm doing this, I'll make you bark like a dog, Mikhail," said Jacques.

"Don't be embarrassed," said Shea. "I've always known you were a big softy."

That caused Raven to laugh. You see, Mikhail said in her mind. We tease each other, poke fun, but when it comes down to it, you have Jacques and myself to protect you. You are not alone, and never will be again.

When she was silent it was then they realized she had fallen asleep in Mikhail arms, as she slept her mind opened "well we'll it seems my pet has fallen into your hands prince" said Vadim's voice

Everyone jumped up to protect Mikhail and Melena. Gregori and Jacques threw up a quick barrior but they were shocked when Maxim tackled Vadim. He refused to say a word now that Melena was in a peacful sleep. He saw Vadim smirk. That made Maxim's rage greater.

" You know the fate of those children is is our hands, we don't need her alive brother" he said with a smirk

That doesn't mean I can't hurt you for what you did to her or me! Maxim said, breaking a rib. I can't even speak around her without hurting her! All because you four assholes couldn't keep it in your pants! Why must you make everything about pain and humiliation with you four?!

Melena sudden jerked in mikhails arms and coughed up blood on him

"You choosed to do what you did but I choose when the bitch dies" he said hitting him in the chest breaking his collar bone

Melena groaned in mikhails arms "it hurts....." She moaned

Maxim looked at Melena, allowing Vadim to throw him off. Maxim got up, placing himself just outside the barrier. He growled, No, I did not chose to do that. Kirja compelled me. There is a difference. No lifemate would willingly harm their woman like that.

"You asked him too" Vadim said with a smirk

Melena went still again but Mikhail could feel her desire to go to Vadim, he was calling to her

Maxim said, I did what I thought would get us out faster. They already know of this crime, and are allowing her to deside if she wants to be with me now or not.

Mikhail gripped her tighter, not allowing her to move. He was not going to let Vadim have his sister. Gregori sighed as Jacques began building a stronger barrier.

"You will not take her, Vadim," declared Mikhail. "This I will not allow."

He smiled " since when has you not allowing something mattered before? You should be thanking me, it because of me you have a new sister, but knowing you, you will get her killed before I can even lift a finger, I'm sure Noelle would have agreed"

Raven had to distract Mikhail. She had never felt such rage in him before. If she hadn't took hold of his face and made him look at her, he would have flown at Vadim.

"We can't lose you, my love," she said.

However, Jacques didn't hesitate. It had been a jab at him as well and the anger was great. Maxim had to pull Jacques off of Vadim, fearing more pain to his lifemate.

What are you hoping to gain from this, you bastard? Maxim asked.

Vadim stood up and wiped the blood from his mouth with a smirk " melena darling" he said and Mikhail felt melena stiffen and start to shake in his arms "remember what we talked about, are you sure you want to stay with them?" He said in a dark tone and she wrapped her arms around Mikhail

What are you going on about? Maxim asked as Mikhail tried to put Melena and Raven behind him.

"I...don't want to" melena said in a shaking tone and the look on Vadim face said it all " now melena " he said in a dark tone and melena a flitched

"Melena, your will is stronger than his," said Mikhail, calming down for her. "You can fight him. You are not his pet or slave. You are filled with light, where he is not."

Stop torturing her, said Maxim. She already got free from your ward on her mind. Mikhail was there when her mind shattered. You have no real hold on her beyond fear.

" Are you so sure about that?" He said in a dark tone. He then looked in the direction melena. Melena cried out and grabbed her head, Mikhail saw the brand on her neck start to glow and she bolted to go towards Vadim

What the hell?! Maxim said in his mind as Jacques said it aloud.

Mikhail stared at Melena as she took Vadim's hand, and Gregori analyzed the situation. He looked at Mikhail and passed the information. The Sange rau was training Melena, not harming her. Their hunters did the same to the young males as they grew while learning combat. Wounds were part of training, to get the hunter used to pain and to learn how to shut it out when battling. And the strength needed to get out of Mikhail's arms showed that she had the strength level of a Guardian.

Let her go, Vadim! Maxim growled.

Melenas eyes turned golden “And let my future army be in your hands?” he said with a dark smile “I don’t think so, maybe if you had not interrupted my fun with Jennifer and my sister maybe I would have had let you have a little more time with melena ” he said grabbing her by the throat and pressed her back against his chest Using her as a shield

Maxim looked at Melena. Perhaps she could do something. But he knew it would hurt her. He said to Mikhail, Tell her I'm sorry but we need to get her to duck down to get to him.

He then spoked aloud, "Fight him, Melena."

The mark started to glow and melena cried out as she reared up and slammed the back of her head against his face while also breaking the wrist of the hand he had on her next. When he stumbled back his other hand sliced her side as he went back. She turned with inhuman speed and tackled him to the ground. They both started to go at it so quickly it was hard to make out what was happening until Vadim roared in anger and everyone saw she had teeth clamped down on his throat as he claws at her, tearing up her back and sides, all the while a storm started all around them

Maxim looked at Vadim and, letting Mikhail hear, said, Looks like you forgot something this time. In being compelled, I helped create the mark. I can command her as well. I can also break it whenever I so desire. I do not because of the pain it would cause. It would more than shatter her mind, but her very soul. The best way is for one of you to be brought to justice.

"Melena, is this something you want to do?" Mikhail asked. "Do you want to help bring him to justice?"

She didn’t answer, she just kept her hold on his throat as he clawed at her, her eyes showed no emotion and when they tried to speak to her mentally they couldn’t. A bolt of lightning came down and struck her in the back and tore a large gash down her spine so deep you could see bone and still she didn’t let go

What the hell is going on?! Maxim asked. Tell me!

tell her to stop of the next one is at her heart growled Vadim as lightning crack above them

Maxim growled and said, "Melena, you can stop, go back to Mikhail and stay there."

Melena released him and Vadim through her off so hard she went through a tree “you’ll pay for this little brother, you and the bitch” Vadim said before disappearing

"What the hell did you do to her?!" Mikhail asked Maxim.

"They must have altered the mark," said Maxim. "I did not know that it would take her free will. I would never have told her to fight him if I had known. I knew that talking to her would cause the memories to surface. I only wanted her to duck, not actually attack him."

Mikhail attacked Maxim in that moment. Maxim defended himself but did not attack the prince. Gregori waited a moment before he pulled Mikhail off of Maxim. Maxim was hurt badly, but was able to stand.

"Enough," said Gregori. "Us fighting each other will not help things. Now, Mikhail, he is your new sister's lifemate. You can't kill him."

"I wasn't trying to kill him," said Mikhail, shaking off Gregori.

"No, just maim or seriously harm," said Jacques.

"Do it," said Maxim, surprising everyone. "I deserve it. She wouldn't be in this mess if I had used my brain instead of giving into fear." He looked at Mikhail. "I will react out of instinct, to defend."

"Melena didn't get that option," growled Mikhail. "Why should you?"

"Then take that too," said Maxim. "If you think it's a fitting punishment, then do it, because nothing I do to myself will be enough."

"I will let her decide."

“Mikhail!” Raven said out of anger and shock “do any of you realize that not one of you has gone to help her!” She said in a disgusted tone

"Julian is there," said Gregori. "He has just arrived. He is already attending her. If there had not been a healer with her, I would be with her." He looked at Raven. "I have daughters who were brutalized. I would not leave her injured in the woods if I could help it, but it appears I am needed here."

Mikhail sighed and said, "Raven is right, though. I should have gone to her, not harm her lifemate. Let's go. Gregori, we need to figure out how that mark works. At least Maxim gave us some useful information. Killing one of the brothers will destroy it."

"Julian has called us," said Gregori. "Let's go."

"Maxim, you go to your quarters," said Mikhail. "I will care for Melena."

Maxim nodded, but didn't like it.

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