Turning Point 7

Gregori said, "She is healed and resting. Her lifemate is holding her right now, but they will be going to ground soon. We need to put you to ground as well. And if you have no family, I have a feeling Solange would like to take you in as a daughter. With you so new to our way of life, and her being a different species before she became a Carpathian as well, she can better guide you."

"Please," said Solange. "Jennifer will need to stay here for a time, so you will be able to see her for some time, and with the link between you, you can also talk to her at any time. But you will need to heal in the ground for a time."

She was silent for a moment "I thought you were myths and now ..." She said tears falling from her eyes " I don't think I can do this....I was good at being human and the pain you all feel....wouldn't it be kinder to kill me" she said in a defeated tone " I can live my life this way...I feel the burning down to my bones...I am no lifemate I promise you...I will offer your people nothing I have no abilities maybe I'll turn bad..."

"You are now a Carpathian woman," said Gregori. "That means you have a lifemate out there who needs you to live. You are not dying and none of us would kill you. The burning is there because you are supposed to be in the ground healing, not awake right now. Two days should do it." He took her hand. "Other than our abilities and eating habits, we are like humans. Imperfect, mortal, and prone to a mistake at times. You will be fine. Your man will make you happy, but only when you are ready to accept him."

Solange said, "I think she just needs to be alone for a time. Dominic and I saw courage and determination in her. She embodies many Dragonseeker traits. I would not be surprised if her lifemate is a Dragonseeker. Though, that won't matter if Dominic and I take her in as our daughter."

"You plan on teaching her the way of the warrior?" Gregori asked in a disapproving tone.

"I am a warrior," Solange said. "It will be her choice, but she will know how to better defend herself."

"Vadim...he was so angery...he said I was like her that I would betray him for a dragon seeker......he kept saying I was their sister...he whipped me so hard after he found that imagine...my worst fear"

Gregori saw the image flash in her mind and said, "No, he saw his sister in you. Your appearance, determination, and the fear of this Dragonseeker in your mind from a vision, he took his anger out on you. He wanted to break you before you became another Ivory. But you need not fear a Dragonseeker."

"The Dragonseekers protect women and children," explained Solange. "They are also the only Carpathian family to have the ability to boast that no one in their line has ever turned vampire. My lifemate is a Dragonseeker, and I am brought into that family because I am married to him. Why do you fear the man you see in this vision?"

" I've seen him since I was a kid.....nightmares of bloody battles...pain and anger....then my family wanted to marry me off..they said I was cursed...that these vision were a sign of suffering" she said in a weak tone "the heat burns my skin...." She said grabbing her left hip " my family said I needed to go away..that I was never to meet the man in my nightmares" she said groaning in pain "please make it stop it hurts" she said gripping her hip tighter

"First, that was you connecting with your lifemate, not a nightmare," said Gregori. "You are saving his life, though he does not know it. He has a reason to keep enduring. Second, you are gripping yourself over where the dragon mark would be. It is a good thing, that he is protected even when in the worse predicament. And third, you are not cursed. I would have felt the magic on you if you were. No, you just tapped into your lifemate's mind or on his location. You are meant for him. Your family has long forgotten its ties to our people. Once you are healed, I would like to find them and talk with them, but I will need you with me. Are you willing to bring your family back to their homeland?"

She shook her head " please... He's not and he can't be ..and my family .." images of her father whipping her as a child flashed through her head " please just let me die"

"That is not an option," said Gregori. "You are a female. We treasure our women and children. We need more children. Also, he can be your lifemate. For now, there is no need to worry him."

He put her to sleep and they put her in the ground near where Solange and Dominic would stay at the ranch.

"Solange, you need to convince her to live," said Gregori. "She has a duty to our people now that she is a Carpathian."

"She is a human in mind and heart," said Solange. "It will not be easy for her to accept. Also, you can't convince someone to live. They have to choose it."

Dominic came up behind her and hugged her and hugged her "we will show her the way but you should spend more time around humans brother ..you have lost touch with many things" he said kissing Solange neck affectionately

Gregori said, "Dominic, I have no desire to be around humans. Gary was a one time thing."

"Papa, you spent a night out with mama last week," Anastasia said, ratting him out. "You are looking for another human like Uncle Gary."

This caused Solange to have to hide a laugh while Gregori growled.

"There will never be another like Gary," said Gregori. "Your mother..."

"Was dragged out by you," Anastasia persisted. "You were hunting some Society members, and thought you might find another Gary. She even said that you only took her in case that happened."

"well we'll the dark one has a soft spot I shall alert our people" domic said and bolted the second Gregori went for him and they both disappeared yet even one could hear them wrestling off in the distance

The women burst out laughing. They couldn't help it. The fact that Gregori was embarrassed was enough to attack Dominic.

Anya smiled and said "my work here is done" and went to walk away only to see gregori and Dominic stand in front of her " we have decided this is all your fault" says Dominic and Anya took a step back and just like that all three disappeared only to once again hear wrestling in the distance

Anastasia sighed and said, "I have to go break them up. Anya just got back from a hunt and your man threw her under the bus. It was her who suggested it by accident, after all."

"Let them get it out," said Stefan as he walked out of the forest. "They are warriors. You're a healer."

"Fine," said Anastasia. "You go break them up."

"You want me to die, woman?!" Stefan asked.

"No, but you told me to stay out of it. You didn't include yourself in that. Have fun!"

Stefan grumbled as he headed towards the sound.

"You think he could stop them?" Solange asked.

"No, but he will get caught up in it as he tries to talk them down," said Anastasia with a smile. "Call it family bonding."

Anya came out looking dirty but she had a huge grin on her face. About two seconds later the three men came out looking like they just got there shit kicked in, none of them looked up or anyone in the eyes, silently they walked off together towards the ranch while Anya continued to smirk

"Have fun, Anya?" Anastasia asked, failing to hold back her laughter.

"What's wrong, Dominic?" Solange asked.

"I swear, she cheated!" said Stefan. "She had to have help from Dracul!"

"I did no such thing," said Dracul, leaning against a tree nearby. "I was watching over Ana and Solange."

"I don't..." Solange began.

"Dracul, we all know you always share tactics with Anya," said Stefan. "Don't try and use my lifemate as a shield."

Dracul straightened his leather jacket and said, "I don't know what you are talking about." He gave Anya a crooked smile when he noticed how she looked at him. "Well, I say we need to get to our lodgings. Don't you agree, Anya?"

Only dracul saw her bite her lips in a naughty way catch me if you can she said in a seductive tone before bolting off

Dracul shook his head as he chased after her. Anastasia stood up and dusted off her designer jeans. Then, like Anya, she bolted. Stefan growled before going after her. Gregori excused himself, leaving Solange with Dominic. They walked hand in hand to their house and their new daughter.

Dracul tackled Anya to the ground and said, "Tag." He leaned down. "You are mine."

She moaned when he said that " that's not fair..." She said arching her breast into his chest

"You ran," he said, lifting her top so he could see her breasts. "Never tease a dragon, Anya."

He started suckling hard. He knew she was still getting used to the triggering phrase, just as he was getting used to her saying his given name. But he made sure, every night, they both got practice.

His hand traveled down her tone stomach, into her pants, and found her already wet core. He put two fingers inside her, moving hard and fast, loving the moans coming from her.

She lifted her hands above her head, she had gotten better and letting him in and relaxing yet he still felt the ward she put up around them

He removed their clothes with a thought and kissed down until he found her core. He began feasting on her honey. His fingers never stopped moving his fingers in and out of her.

She gripped his hair and went wild he felt she was having to fight her nature to be dominate

He looked up at her and said, "Anya, I already told you, never fight your desires. Eventually, you will come to trust me to dominate you properly. One step at a time." He licked her bead. "For now, I'm going to tease you."

Then, he went back to his feast.

He knew she had come a long way and the more pleasure he gave her the more out of control she felt and as a warrior that was scary. Still she gripped his hair and enjoyed what he was doing to her. She moaned his name in almost a begging tone that more then pleased him

He kissed up her body until he found her mouth. Before she realized what had happened, his fingers were replaced by his cock, the same fast and strong rhythm never let up. If anything, it intensified.

She cried out and gripped his back muscles hard causing a delicious pain to go down his back. She moaned his name in his ear as his body started to grow warmer on her. It was if time started to slow, every moment, every touch, every kiss seemed to linger. It started to rain softly but it only added to the magic of the moment, making it seem more natural and romantic. Since Anya almost died not to long ago it seemed her and dracul have gotten closer, they felt the need to always be close and have physical contact in some way, whether it was sparring or her sitting on his lap or walking close it didnt matter, they never talked about what changed they only did what felt right day to day

Dracul said, "I love you, Anya. Never forget that." He suckled on her breast again, his voice dominant even though it was muffled. "You are mine, Anya. Just as I am yours." He looked down at her. "Say my name. Not Dracul, but my true name."

The look in his eyes told her everything. He wanted out of control sex. Earth-shattering sex. Lovemaking that left them both sore and unable to move or talk or even breath normally afterward. The last battle must have worried him. That was the only reason why he asked her to say his given name after using her triggering phrase in the middle of their lovemaking.

"Dragomir!" She said his name in a moaning tone as her hand raked down his back

He growled as she tightened around him. His dragon surged forward to make her experience even more ecstasy. He used his tail on her as well, wanting her to feel his love for her.

She felt his body heat up as he lost more control. Steam came from his skin from the rain and though she knew the rain was cold she did not feel it because of him. His scent filled her nose and it added more to the pleasure he was giving her, she couldn’t get close enough to him. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck which was quite a new action from her

He held her tighter, going even deeper. It felt as if he had grown far larger than ever before. He kissed her deeply as he suddenly erupted inside of her, sending her into a large orgasm. Yet, his hips did not stop, as if he could not help but keep making love to her, to show her what her small action meant to him.

The rain slowed around them and he saw the silver in her eyes get brighter as the road the orgasm together, when it finally started to come down the rain went back to normal. They laid there with their bodies still linked and though she was fully enjoying the moment she knew that Soon she would have to speak to her father about a serious matter. But for now there was only Dracul

Melena didn't know where she was or even who she was with, all she knew was the strong arms that were holding her felt warm and safe but more then that she needed something from them. She bit in to the skin that her head rested on. The blood that filled her mouth was strong a rich in taste and her body went haywire, it was like she was able to breathe for the first time.

Maxim had moved the earth around him so that he could hold Melena. He knew that he had told Mikhail he would stay away, but she needed him. He never thought she would feed from him. He held her closer to him and said nothing.

She moved so she was pressed closely too him. Her arms wrapped around his neck as her body became stronger and more alive. She was lost in this feeling not even really aware of what she was doing

He had to hold in a moan. The earth around him seemed constrictive, suddenly heavy over him. Still, he did not move or react in any way to suggest he wanted her. Still, his hands encouraged her to continue, to keep taking from him as she needed.

She moaned into his skin and the more aware she became the more her mind opened

He turned into her, wanting her to see him, the real him. He brought her mouth up to kiss her. It was deep, passionate kiss that sent lightening from his head to his toes, and he knew she felt that too by her reaction.

She reacted to his emotions. One second it was a passionate kiss the next she was on top of him, rubbing her body against him

He ran his fingers down her spin gently, feeling the goosebumps form along her skin. That is when he notced that a few things were missing, but he didn't stop her. It had to be her choice. He would not take that from her.

She slowed down the pace like she was unsure

Using only his hands, he told her it was okay to feel this way. He knew feeling his desire along her thigh is what made her unsure. He wasn't going to push her faster than she was willing to go. He laid her head on his chest so that she could hear his heartbeat, matching hers exactly. If she felt ready, then he would enjoy his time with her. If not, he would not be mad. He would accept that this was as far as she could go for now and it was more than he ever expected.

" I'm confused of what you want me to do" she said and that's when he realized what was off and what was going on

Maxim moved her away from him and clothed them both before saying, "I want you to do what you want. Be yourself. If you are scared of me touching you or talking to you, let me know. I want the real Melena. You are not my puppet." He looked away, knowing that she was slowly coming to, but had to say what he had to. "I did not know that the mark on you took your free will. I would not have ordered you to do anything if I had. I am sorry for everything. It is my failing and I will bear it for all time." He looked at her then. "But if you need me for any reason, I will come to you. I will go at your pace, not you at mine. After everything, I simply wish to make life easier on you, not harder. I have no right to do anything, let alone being your lifemate. Seeing the pain you are in because of my stupidity... I have no words to describe the anguish I feel for such a crime. I place myself in your hands. So, tell me what to do. Do I leave, or do I stay?"

"You want to stay.......stay" she said biting her lip hard enough it bled

He looked away again, fighting the desire to kiss her to remove the blood, and said, "But it isn't about what I want, Melena. Do you want me to stay?"

She looked sad " I'm cold....please ...." She said in almost a begging tone

He went to her and put his arm around her. He looked at her with a small smile.

"Better?" he asked.

when he touched her she flinched, she became scared and confused to where she was. part of her felt safe yet another part felt something was wrong. Her anxiety started to rise and her broken mind only made things worse. All it could comprehend was the familiar smell , his smell and from his smell her body remembered the torture he inflicted. Though he was right there she started to feel stressed, like she was going through the separations once more. She started to cry as the devastating loneliness set it with the panic

"If I touch your mind with mine, it should take some of your fear away," he said. "You will see all of me if you choose to. I will hide nothing from you. But I will only do it if you want me to."

He could tell she did not hear him, the more he was near her the more he realized just how broken her mind was. He could tell most of the time she was not even aware of her own surroundings.

He lightly touched her mind as he said, "It's okay to go numb at times, Melena. We will get through this together. But you must try to stand on your own a bit as well. You can do it."

Her mind was flooded with everything he saw in her. Courage, beauty, the will to fight, and a strength he found humbling. Everything about her drew him to her like a moth to a flame. She was an angel thrown into hell. He was determined to help her rise up and reclaim her power.

He felt her mind slowly at first, there was not enough there to make her fully aware but enough that she realized who she was with " why are you. .....where an I" she asked in a trembling tone

"You were restless even in Carpathian sleep," he said, looking at her so that she knew he was telling the truth. "We are in a place of healing. Do not panic. I can't stress that enough. We are in the ground. I created a space around you so that you felt safe enough to breath should you wake up before tomorrow. I only meant to bring you comfort, not ask anything of you."

"Why are we here...where is Dorian..." She said in a panicked tone

"We only found you," he said. "The Sange rau that had you was long gone. Manolito tried to track him, but he was far more skilled than Manolito. So, we don't know where he is. I'm sorry."

Panick rose in her “I don’t remember...the last thing I...” she sounded confused and stressed “no this is not right...where are we why can’t I move...” he felt her shift and the pain caused her to cry out “my leg...” she groaned

He put a hand on her leg, sending healing warmth through it to remove the pain as he said, "Vadim found you after Mikhail brought you here to heal, your mind broken. As his sister, it is his duty to protect you until you are..." He shook his head. "We are in the ground, but I created a pocket of air for you, since your mind is still human. Do I need to make it bigger?"

“Who is mikhail and underground...human..” her memories where in disarray and out of order...Dorian...Vadim..I’m not human anymore am I...oh god...and I’m....with monster...oh god get them out get them out!” She yelled and started to panick as she clawed at her pregnant stomach

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