Turning Point 8

He rolled until they lay next to each other, then she was on top. He always let her come to herself her own way. He held her hips as she rode him, taking them back up for a third, then a fourth round.

"Anya!" he growled through clenched teeth.

When they went over the end once more with their sensitive bodies Anya cried out and lightning struck a tree near by. She Collapsed on his chest exhausted and still high from their orgasm

"Anya, I long for longer moments like this," he said when he caught his breath. "Peaceful as I lay in your arms. I live for these moments, when I feel your mind is at ease." He looked at her. "You may not know it, but I feel calm in you. And I am honored to give these short moments to you."

She was silent for another moment before she spoke “I wish I could believe our people would one day not have to experience the other side of being Carpathian’s....” she said in a sadden tone “I wish one day we would not have to worry if these precious moments were our last...”

He made her look at him with a gentle hand and said, "Anya, that is something you don't seem to understand about our men. These moments are more precious to us because we fight. I wouldn't trade seeing you one the battlefield by my side, a goddess among mortal. I'm in awe of you, so much so, I make mistakes. Last time, it was on purpose to feel your hands on me, healing my wound." That earned him a thump on his chest, making him laugh. "I have more happy memories in the time with you than my centuries as a puppet. Why take that from me or our hunters? Treasures worth even our lives?"

She kissed him to shut him up, she had heard this speech before and if never changed how she felt yet she found she still liked to hear it. Her tongue demanded his, deepening the kiss. She gripped his hair pulling him even closer to deepen the kiss. She nipped his lips before slowly kissing down his neck, when she reached the sensitive spot on his neck near his shoulder she teased the skin and bit down deeply. This was more then a feeding bit. It was a primal lifemate action. The way she Clinged to him told him he was needed, the way she moaned and caressed him told him he was wanted and the way her body reacted told him he was the only one that could please her this way.

He held her tighter. The feel of her next to him made every moment worth it. He rolled so he was on top, lacing his fingers through hers as he held her down seductively. His own movements showed her she was loved, valued, cherished, needed, wanted, and he was all for her. Though neither knew how, they were making love once more... in the air... on clouds. Still, it felt like he could not express himself enough as his black wings held them aloft as he thrust into her. Or maybe she rode him. It was hard to tell. None of it mattered except expressing how much they meant to each other.

He took her hands gently and said, "That was too much. I'm sorry. Little steps. But to answer your questions, Mikhail is the prince and your new big brother. We are in the healing earth for you to get healthy again. And those children are innocent, victims like you. Do not hate them for how they were conceived. They had no more power than you did. Breath. Think. You are the smartest, bravest person I know. I know you can get through this. I will aid you where I can."

“Please you have to get them out you don’t understand Sergey and Vadim told me that they.....” before she could finished the earth suddenly opened up and there stood a very angry looking Mikhail which made maxim lose his Concentration on her mind, which made her mind broken once more, She went still and quite.

"What the hell are you do you think you are doing?" Mikhail asked.

"She was..." Maxim started.

"You don't have to be in the ground next to her to give her comfort, Maxim. Just close by. Now, get the hell out of there."

Maxim sighed and got up. He looked at Gregori. The man shook his head, half in sympathy and half warning. Maxim stood there as Mikhail put Melena back to sleep.

"You are lucky I don't do anything drastic. If you weren't her lifemate, you would be dead."

"I know, but I could not ignore her. She needed more than me nearby. She needed to know that she was safe."

"And how did that bring you to the conclusion that you needed to lay with her?"

"We did no such thing!"

"You will sleep outside! Any closer, and I won't kill you, but you will wish I had!"

"Understood." Maxim went to leave but stopped at the door. "It's this kind of shortsighted, pigheadedness that drove us away the first time, Mikhail. If you don't see how this won't help her heal, then she will suffer all the more."

Maxim left then. Mikhail turned to Gregori and said, "Don't say it."

He looked like he was about to say something but stopped when they both felt the touch of the children that melena was carrying. Two were were soft touches, most likely coming from females. The other three were more dominant, demanding their attention,one in particular was being more forceful then the others. It felt hostile, almost like it was upset they were nearby

"I believe we upset the children," said Mikhail. "Let's leave it for to... That boy!"

Mikhail went to open the earth again, but Gregori stopped him, saying, "He is calming the babies. Let him be a father right now. And her mind is also calmer. You can't keep him from her when he feels he is needed. It will make him defy you more."

"Just say it!"

"Let him do what is natural to a lifemate and comfort. As much as you dislike it because of what he did to her, you must let their instincts drive them. He will comfort and, with time, she will come to love him. He is taking his time, because she needs it."

"I can't believe you!"

"You only say that because you know it to be the truth."

"As much as I hate it."

They left the house to take in the night before joining their lifemates in the ground.

Right before gregori went to ground he felt anyas touch his mind papa...when you have time I wish to speak to you

Alright, he said. I will be there in an hour. Let me explain to your mother what is going on. She has been worried. Alex also wants to speak to me about how to find out how our males are aging far faster than normal and getting lifemates sooner. Perhaps you can aid in that.

you do not have to come tonight, the sun with be up soon, just rest I will see you tomorrow She said in a emotionless tone that seemed almost cold

No, I have much still to do before I can go to ground. Anya, you are to become second to Alexandru. I need you with me when he tells me about his concerns. Mikhail would normally be with us so that we can teach you about your duties, but he is preoccupied at the moment. You have ten minutes to get to Alex's cabin.

He could feel her aggravation yes unul intunecat

I'm telling your mother you got her sense of humor, he said.

A few minutes later, Alex and Gregori were standing outside of the cabin, waiting on Anya as she walked out of the woods.

Her hood covered her face as she walked up and she did a small bow of respect

Alex had to suppress a laugh while her father clasped her arm in a warrior's grip.

"To business," Alex said when he collected himself. "I know being claimed at the age of 18 is now normal for our women, especially those who are or have been human. However, the men are not supposed to be losing colors so early or finding lifemates. I need the both of you to go looking for what may have caused this. Any male under the age of 50, such as myself, Jan, and any other, who has found a lifemate or lost colors needs to be examined."

"For what, exactly?" Gregori asked. "I mean, circumstances are different for everyone. You were tortured, which could account for your..."

"No, Gregori," said Alex. "My lifemate and I have talked about it. I was not tortured enough for such a change, and yet it happened."

"You still bear the scars, Alex."

"That may be, but I could have held on longer, but something made two nights feel like centuries, and not just his dark magic. Andor and Jan are the ones who suffered worse than I did. I would like you to start with them."

"You suspect dark magic at play?"

"Not to say that is all it could be, but yes. If it is not dark magic, we must find the caster and question them. A harmful spell cast by those of pure intent would not feel evil, but the outcome would be the same."

"Anya, what do you think?" Gregori asked, looking at her with a proud smile. "This is your first real task as his second. I'm giving leadership on this mission to you."

That came to a shock to her and it almost made her look up, guilt and honor rose in her that made her want to be sentimental but she felt her guilt grow more “I am grateful for this opportunity but I’m afraid I will have to decline leadership.” She said which shocked them both since this was what all her hard work had been leading to, this would have been a big step to her as a warrior and a second.

"Why is that?" Gregori asked. "I mean, you kicked a Dragonseeker's ass earlier today. You have made me proud, you go to extreme lengths to protect our people, and I know you feel the calling of the Dabrinsky-Daratrazanoff bond between you and Alex, just as I did with Mikhail."

"Anastasia told everyone she also kicked your ass, Gregori," chimed Alex. "I sense that's the bigger reason for this change."

Gregori's face turned red. "That has..." he cleared his throat, "that has nothing to do with it. But kicking a Dragonseeker's ass in a brawl is worth bragging about."

Alex looked at Anya with a smile but she didn’t look up at him. Gregori was so embarrassed at child laughing at him, even his ears turned red.

Anya still remain silent, not laughing at any of this “I still decline “ she said once they stopped talking. Her mind was firmly cut off from the regular mental path“please consider my lifemate is sleeping.... Where yours are still awake because you are mine needed to heal...please make this quick so I may rejoin him before the separation starts to effect my ability to think..” she said in a strained tone

Gregori said in a serious tone, "This isn't something we can ignore. Since you refuse to take lead, I will. Anya, as you and Dracul travel and hunt, I want you to keep an eye out as I examine other children. If I find hints of magic, I want you to look into them when you get the chance. Alex, I'll examine you tomorrow."

"I'm not..." Alex began.

"You are next in line to be prince," Gregori said. "You need to get used to your people putting you above themselves. I will look into the other young males after you."

Alex nodded and went inside. Gregori began walking with Anya. He waited for her to tell him why she had called for him.

She was tense, he could tell by her posture and the way she was walking “we can talk another time “ she said in a tense tone

"It's best to do it now, before you disappear on me again," he said. "You plan on leaving tomorrow, right? Tell me now."

He put his hand on her shoulder and found himself on his back, the wind knocked out of him. Her stance was defensive. He got up, ready to fight back if he needed to, but looking calm and unshaken. Still, he waited for her to tell him what she needed to.

“I’m sorry I....” she let go a took a step back “I’m sorry I didn’t meant to....” she took another step back and then bent down on one knee and dipped her head. A sign of submission and wrong doing as a worry. To attack another warrior especially her father and second command was not only out of character for her but if any warrior did so could be seen as a threat on the prince himself

Gregori sighed and said, "Talk. You radiate magic, Anya, and I need to know why."

She stayed in that position and when it seemed like she was just about to speak Manolito came with Mary Ann into the clear “I don’t mean to interrupt gregori I just wanted to update....” he was cut off when the ground cracked like lightning, sprouting from Anya towards him and Mary Ann. He picked her up and dodge barely making it and he took a defensive stance and growled. Anya was on her feet, her hood fell from her face and her eyes were pure silver yet her eyes said she was not there but somewhere else. Gregori knew that look, Maybe warriors suffered from it. PTSD, and Anya was just as dangerous as the older warriors he knew to have it

Gregori got between them. Anya, he said in her head, It's alright. You're using magic unconsciously. That shows great potential, but it also shows that you are in danger, as are those around you. Think of Dracul. I need to know, did you start to go down the tree of life during the attack? When Dracul was injured and the Sange rau ... He choked back tears. When you showed me your true nature, the warrior I'm proud to call my daughter? Please tell me. I need to do more healing on you if you did, because you are up and about far earlier than you should be.

His voice brought her back just enough to be able to speak it was cold.....dark...I could hear voices, calling me, clawing at me She said yet her body fought his grip to try and get to Manolito and Mary ann. She reached for her dagger before she knew what was happening and was aiming it at her fathers ribs. It was enough to shake her from her own mind. She turned , allowing him to put her in a submissive position, one arm around her neck the other held her hands behind her back im sorry....I’m so sorry...I see it over and over again...I...I can hear my own bones crunching and...I can’t do it...I can’t get it out of my head! I’m not a warrior anymore I’m broken and I’m just a danger to everyone that’s why I was going to leave...alone

You know that Dracul would follow you, he said, taking Anya away. You should have told me. I could have helped. I would have fought the demon to bring you back. When he landed in a clearing he put her in a holding circle.

"How did you come back, Anya?" he asked, fearing the answer. "What you described meant you were there a long time, long enough for Dracul to turn vampire. Yet, you stand here without being a walking corpse. What did you do, Anya?"

When she looked at him he could see a cold devastation expressed on her face “papa i.....” she looked away from him “I did what I had to do” she said in a emotionless tone

"Don't make me take it from your mind, Anya," he said. "I want an answer so I can best help you. If you made a deal with the dead..."

“I was dead....” she said in a low tone “you know what I found...no peace...what did I do that was so wrong that I need to repent..to feel such coldness...” she said in a shaking tone “If our people have to suffer even in the afterlife why even fight anymore....I did make a deal and it’s not one you can fix nor would I want you too...”

"Anya, there is always a way to fix it," he said. "We repent because of the lives we take. Vampire or no, they were alive. That is all. Our hunters prepare for that by treasuring our lifemates. Now, what deal did you make and with whom?"

She growled and bared her fangs at him “it’s not ok! We suffer enough by taking those lives while we are alive! And I don’t want it fix!” She growled and slammed against the ward her had around her

"Is Dracul not worth the pain?!" he asked in a growl. "He is not worth you risking your life every rising by fighting the vampire?! What of your child?! Is he not worth you fighting for a safer world?! Anya, if this is not fixed, Dracul could turn vampire and your son will grow up only hearing stories and never knowing you! Is that what you want?! To leave the world as the only Dark One to abandon her post because she was scared?!"

Jennifer woke from her rest. Without waking Marcus, she got up and opened the door. She knew that Esme was close by. Solange made it clear that she could visit anytime. She went inside.

"She just went to ground," Solange said. "She needs time to..."

"She doesn't need to fully wake up," Jennifer said. "I only wish to talk to her." She felt a hand on her shoulder. "You have been keeping a closer eye on me since retruning, Marcus. I know you are worried but..."

“I understand “ was all he said as he lifted esmerelda from the ground “we will care for her tonight, I will see to both of their safety “ he said to Solange

"I will be a call away," she said. "If things get dicey, I'll come from my cousin's house."

Jennifer watched as Esme began to wake up on her own. She was there instantly, holding her hand. Many of her wounds were healed, but she would still feel sore from the conversion.

She groaned in pain as Marcus set her down on the soft bed in their room, he made sure she was comfortable before he floated some healing soil on top of her covering her from the neck down. He left to give them both some space, thinking it might help the girl if she didn’t see a male around.

"Esme," sand Jennifer in a soft tone. "It's okay. We're safe now."

She was fighting herself to stay awake, her body needed to heal and rest to survive the conversation yet fear of kept her wanting to be awake

"Esme, it's okay," Jennifer said. "I'll take care of you tonight." She began singing the healing chant, saying after. "Better? You look better. Do you need to feed?"

She tried to open her eyes but they felt so heavy “where are we...” she croaked put i a weak voice

"We are at the De La Cruz Ranch in Brazil," Jennifer said. "It's one of the safest places on the continent. As long as we listen when there is a possible threat, nothing bad can happen. I'm the example of what not to do. I didn't listen and the enemy took me. If it wasn't for you, I would have been raped, my child dead, and my mind broken from it. You saved us. You are a hero, but don't go taking risks like that again. You have a man waiting for you, just you, and you dying is not an option. Do you understand?"

“I don’t......what man” she said in a confused tone

"I understand that," Jennifer said. "You were tortured, not to mention your frightful vision of a Dragonseeker. After all of that, who would want a man?" She took Esme's hand. "He will come when you need him most, and not a moment sooner. Or, you will find him when he needs you. Marcus needed me. He was about to give up when I was captured. We saved each other. But that is not something you need to worry about right now. Heal and learn about your new abilities. With Solange and Dominic as parents, you will be taught combat skills. They are very skilled hunters. Perhaps Dominic will know about the man in your vision. Once you come to trust them, show him and he can help. He is part of the Dragonseeker family line." She felt Esme stiffen. "He is not the man from your vision. Their builds are different. It will be okay."

“I don’t want....” she began but it was clear her body needed rest, theses three das would determine if she would live or not and with how bad her injuries had been the risk was even higher “it hurts..”

"Let's get you back into the ground," said Jennifer, floating her back to her earthen bed. "Just know, I need you in my life, Esme. You are my friend, my sister. If I have to, I will fight you for you to live." She hugged Esme. "Sleep well."

With that, Jennifer put Esme to sleep and covered her once more. She went to the door and hesitated. Last time she went out, she had been taken. She scanned. Marcus was right outside. With a sigh of relief, she opened the door and into his arms.

He held her as he put them both in the ground to rest.

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