Turning Point 9

“I’m not scared I’m tired!” She yelled back and then sunk to the ground “I’m tired and pregnant.....” she said in a defeated tone “I told you I don’t regret the deal and I meant it...” she said in a sad tone not looking at him

"You... agreed to bring one of them back, reincarnating them in a child's form," he said, rubbing the back of his head. "I know you will do the right thing. They will have memories they won't understand, and you will need to help them. But you can't go off on your own. I can help with the PTSD, but you must do something that will be the hardest thing of all. Do you think you can do it?"

“Papa I’m three months pregnant.....” she said letting him know he was wrong in his conclusion and taking the illusion ward off to show her pregnant stomach “The ward is why when you were healing me you couldn’t sense it....we found out a few weeks after erik was born...I wasn’t suppose be able to...but the magic that was left over from....” she said “that not the deal I made” she said in a uncomfortable tone “you need to accept that whatever the deal I made was that it’s not going to change and whatever risk there was I found it worth it” she said

Gregori began cursing in every language he knew before turning to her to say, "I am trying to save you, damn it! I need to know what I'm dealing with! I'm saving your ass before you go too far down this rabbit hole!" He went to her. "I nearly lost you so many times... I can't do it anymore, Anya. Your mother, the boys, and Anastasia stay where it is safe, but I constantly worry for you. You make me proud every day, but... How many times must I see my daughter laying in a pool of her blood, inches from death? How many times must I feel like I at a loss on how to save you? From the day you were born, I knew I was looking at myself and the hell I put my father through, but this..." He fell to the ground. "I see you like that, when the Sange rau tore into you, or a baby nearly dead from a madman's spell. Those images never leave me. Both times, I nearly lost you. Both times, I failed to protect you. And now, you tell me to just let you... I can't, Anya. You cannot ask this of me."

“Papa...I wish I could comfort you...I wish I could take yours and mamas pain away and take you to a place where you could live in peace” she said as tears fell on the ground though she didn’t look up “in many ways I have failed you, you should not have to have such burdens...I wanted to be a warrior to help...I thought if I could carry some of that weight...that if you had someone who understood...I know momma loves you but she is not a warrior...she doesn’t understand...” she sighed “telling you won’t make it better...and it’s not something you can fix but I will honor you as not only my father but as the warrior you are...this life” she began and slowly looked up at him “will be my last” she said as tears fell “my only regret in this decision is that I will never be able to be your daughter again” she said “ Dracul will be given another lifemate in his next life but for me my soul will go to the earth” she said “that was my price”

"You act as if that should comfort me," he said. "That you chose to make this your last life? You do realize that having found Dracul, it is his as well? We only get reincarnated until we find our other half. He will choose to go to earth with you when you reach the roots of the Tree of Life. It will be his choice, Anya, one he happily will make." He looked at her. "His soul will except no other. You know this. I taught you this." Then he growled. "You took that choice from him, didn't you?"

“He deserves to live a better life in his next...” she said “he deserves many lifetimes of love and happiness “ she said looking back down “there is another that will match him and love him...” she said in a heart breaking tone “I’ve seen it...they will be happy” she said and the ground cracked around her

Gregori stood up and wrapped her in his arms and said, "I'm so sorry, Anya. For now, love him as only you can. You saved him, gave him peace." He caught a glimps as the tremors worsened and decided a bit of humor was in order from what he saw. "You think he's the man in that relationship? Oh, honey. He's the woman. You can tell." He whispered in her hear. "Don't think I didn't notice the mark you made on both your wrists. The dragon around the wolf on your wrists. She had that as a natural birthmark." When she looked up, he smiled. "Everyone gets turns being on top, Anya. I'm guessing you wear the pants, so to speak, so he's more of a..." He hugged her. "Make a him a happy woman, okay?"

She chuckled into his chest even though tears still came down from her eyes “should we call him Draculina?” She said in a joking sad tone into his chest

Gregori said, "I think that would give away too much." He was serious once more. "If you need to talk, I will be here. I understand all of this better than any other. Never shoulder these things alone. Mon petit guerrier, as solitary fighters, we rely on ourselves too much, but never forget that we are stronger together. So, let me aid you when I can, even if it is just to listen."

She pulled back and looked at him “can I ask a favor of you then....” she said looking desperate “take the memories of him in his next life away papa...” she said and blood tears ran down her face “the pain it causes me to see...” she couldn’t finish as her voice cracked “I know he deserves it but...” he could feel her heart breaking and he could only imagine what it must be like, the thought crossed his mind what it would be like to see Savannah with another

He looked at her and said, "I can, but as soon as you pass, the memory will return. That is the best I can do. Will that suffice? He will never know. You will also have to make him go to the Tree of Life first, or he will fight and it will not be pretty."

“Tell me it’s worth it....please papa...I e been so alone in this...tell me it was worth it...to save my unborn son...to live this life and to give our people a clean land...tell me” she said in a desperate tone as he watched her heart break in front of him as everything she had been holding in started to come out

"If you feel it is right, it is always worth it," he said as he began the spell. "Even when you stand alone. No, especially then. If you feel it is right, go for it. As much as we despise the Malinov brothers for their choice, they felt it was right. Though the outcome was not what they wanted, good came from it. We love more fiercely than ever before." He made her look at him. "Always look for the light among the shadows. It may be small, but one day, that light will grow larger than the shadows around it. You will love Dracul and your children far more. You won't remember why, but you will, and all because of this experience."

Before she could say anymore, he touched her in the middle of her forehead. He put the memories deep, where only death could find them. Even this conversation they had. She would come to him if she needed to talk to anyone, no knowing why she was relying on him, but knowing he would always be there, a proud father who loved her and accepted who she was, despite everything. She would know everything she did was worth the battles, that she could love as deeply and as fiercely as she wanted without fear until the end of her days.

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