Fields of flowers

Amora laid in the fields of flowers that covered the valley that was tucked away between the tall mountains. Spring was finally here and she loved it. New life bloomed everywhere, making her fill with a sense of peace and hope. The smell of the wildflowers filled her nose as the sun warmed her skin as she listened ti the world around her. The breeze carried the natural touch of the world for her. As she started to drift off into a peaceful sleep which was not uncommon for her to do in daylight she heard the voice of her mother calling for her “amora! I know your here, come on you can’t be late again” she called over the large field. Amora slowly rolled onto her stomach. And smirked as she slowly started to move through the grass trying to make her escape. She didn’t want to work today, spring had only just started and she wanted to continue to enjoy it. She thought she was in the clear when she reached the end of the clearing but she heard her mother clear her throat behind her and she sighed “you can’t hide from me love bug, now come on your going to be late for you offering” she said in a soft tone. She turned to her mother “but spring has only just begun , can I not enjoy it for a while more, the gods can wait can they not?” She asked already knowing the answer. Her mother folded her arms “it is because of the gods that the spring you love so much is the way it is, you should give thanks “ she said and amora knew she was right “ok” she said in a defeated tone and her mother smiled “that’s my girl, now come your father is expecting us to bring the offerings, we can pick them on the way” she said and started walking back towards their village. She started to follow but stopped when she felt like she was being watched, she looked around and saw nothing, with a shrug she continued on with her mother.

Suddenly, several shadow cats surrounded them, circling. Outside the group was a man in a hood. His smile told the women that he was not nice.

Amora’s mom put her behind her “strangers are not welcomed on these lands what do you want black mage” she said in a stern defensive tone.

"I want the girl," he said coldly.

"Never!" said Amora's mother.

"You don't have a choice." He Said and snapped his fingers. "I'm taking her, and using your blood to do it."

The shadow cats lept on her mother. The screams would stay with her for all time. The shadow cat bites seemed designed to slowly drain blood from her mother, but not kill her. She went to help her mother but was thrown back by a invisible force. Making her land on her butt. The man took a step to the side, getting Amora's attention again.

He said, "Get over here, woman. I do not play nice when someone tries to defy me."

“Leave my mother alone!” She yelled getting to her feet

"Come to me and I will have them release her," he said.

“Release her first” she said in a scared but desperate tone

"That is not how this game is played," he said, snapping his fingers and causing the screams to get worse. "You come to me now, or her death will be slow and painful."

She knew her father and the others would not make it in time, and she knew these cats where dark magic “if you kill her I definitely won’t go with you, stop hurting her and I will” she said

He smiled at her and said, "But I'm not hurting her. Those cats are."

When she shook her head and backed away, he snapped his fingers once more. The screaming stopped and several of the cats moved back. Only one stayed and he had her mother down by the throat.

"There," said the stranger, "they are no longer hurting her. This is the most you get. Come with me, and he will release her." He held out his hand. "What happens next will be on your hands."

She didn’t trust him, he already lied about him hurting her, she knew what dark magic was. Slowly she took a step forward, she bid her time, the moment she touched his hand her friend came like she knew he would. A large brown bear charged the cat and knocked her off her mother, all the while taking her mother By grabbing her gently with his mouth and rushing away with her. She knew he would take her their village, she was helpless and she watched her hurt mother leave from her sight and the mans grip tightened on her

He began dragging her away, the shadow cats covering their scent and trail. He was not about to have his prize stolen from him. When they reached the edge of the valley, he opened a secret cave, the icy entrance masked by a large boulder. The cold air chilled her to the bone as he dragged her in. The boulder slid shut behind them, keeping her rescuers from ever finding her. Still, his grip only tightened until she felt her fingers tingling.

After what felt like hours of walking, they exited near a broken paved road, a truck waiting with a large cargo trailer. The driver appeared to be a ghoul, but she didn't get a good look to be sure. He forced her inside the trailer and saw that it was well furnished with a large cage in the very back. She was forced into the cage before he shut the back doors. She saw a small door that she assumed lead to the front of the diesel. She watched her kidnapper stick her head through the door and order him to drive. She felt a lurch as they began moving, throwing her into her straw heap bed.

He sat at a desk. Everything of his was modern and sleek, and bolted down for safety. Her cage had the straw heap and a couple of wooden boxes. He clearly didn't care if she was hurt because the boxes moved with each bump in the road.

He pulled out a tape recorder and said, "Female 117. Name: Amora Green. Species: Mage. Age: 26 and ripe." She didn't like how he said that. "Untouched. Hidden away for protection and for the use of her abilities. Family ties to Them." She didn't know who They were, but if he hated Them, she liked Them. "Uses: Manipulating animals and nature, as well as bearing children." She backed away. "Owner-slash-husband that bought her: Drago." He turned off the recorder. "You will do as I say. The vampire that sold you to me knew where you lived, your powers, everything. I paid a lot of money for you, and if you don't obey, this will get messy and painful. Your mother is paying for your disobedience now. The shadow cat's bites are poisonous and only I have the cure. I'm not going to give it to some weak-minded mage woman who turned her back on her own kind, so don't even ask. Forget about those fools back there. Your new life is just beginning. As your husband, I expect complete obedience."

She glared at him “I am no ones property....there for I can’t be sold” she said in a uneven tone as she held on to the bars trying to keep herself steady. Her words and tones were tough but her face held fear and sadness

"We will break that attitude of yours in time," he said. "Normally, I break women like you for their masters, but I thought it was time for me to have a slave-wife. You are the woman lucky enough to be chosen. It is your honor to be wedded to Drago, third apprentice to Xavier before his death at the hands of Them." That told her who her allies were. "You will be my wife, bear children, and we will both become powerful within the mage community. They will fear you even as they respect and envy you. Doesn't that sound nice? But you must earn your place at my side, by starting in the dirt like every other worm."

Her shock started to wear off and panick and devastation started to set in. Tears ran down her face “why are you doing this...we are bth should be doing this” she said “my mother is mage too please...give her the antidote “

"She sided with the enemy!" he yelled. "Why should I give a traitorous bitch the antidote?!"

She looked at him and gripped the bars tightly “if...if you do I won’t fight you and it will show me your worthy of following, plus it shows them how powerful you must be powerful if you are not scared to spare a traitor....” she said in a urgent tone “And my mother is useful...if I have people I care about it gives more reason to behave with you”

"But if my pets were to destroy that valley," he said menicingly, "you'd have no reason to fight, no reason to run. Sparing a traitor makes me look weak. Why would I destroy what has taken me a lifetime to build to spare a traitor that has no use? I have studied your family, Amora. I, Drago, will rise and take Xavier's place as the most powerful mage of all time. And it starts with the Earth Healer's death." He smiled when she gasped. "Yes, I know who your mother is. A mage and Earth Healer. You do more than heal the earth, it does your will. Just as the animals do. You are the perfect weapon against them. She can't even get a blade of grass to turn brown. I might as well sick the whole pack of shadow cats on the lot of them."

“Your wrong...if you leave me with nothing it will make me fight more because you will have no hold over me” she said in a serious tone “even Xavier knew better which shows me your not smart enough to take his place” she said in a cold tone

Drago laughed and said, "Who told you that lie, you fool mother? Xavier killed thousands of families for one child. He even got a Carpathian," he spat the word, "woman's lifemate killed and had her bear his children before killing her. He made sure that there was no place for his women to return to after he took them. I gave you a chance to come with me, but you are the one who fought my will. Your mother dies because you didn't take my hand soon enough."

“My mother is not going to die and your wrong about Xavier” she said looking away and trying to safely get comfortable “I’m starting to relax now that I know your weak minded” she said settling into a corner

"You think to call me weak?" he asked in an amused tone. "Love is weakness, Amora. In three weeks, your mother will die. What's more, the valley will die with her. Her death destroys every traitor hidden in that false hideaway. So, in a way, your disobedience saved me the trouble of doing it later. Thank you for making my job easier."

Before she could answer the truck hit a bump and sent the box in the cage crashing into her, she felt the pain in her arm as it scratched her. She made a helping sound and curled up against the bars.

He was suddenly there, grabbing her arm in a death grip as he said, "Why didn't you fucking move?! Are you a fucking moron?! If you ever damage my property again, I will make you beg for death!"

The truck jump again and she almost lost her balance but his death grip on her wrist kept her upright “I’m not your property!” She said slamming up against his chest unintentionally as the car shook

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