Withered Vines

Drago heard the breath leave her lungs as she was flung into the bars. His face turned red with anger. He threw her away from him.

"You belong to me," he said, his voice low and ominous. "That means any scratch, any wound, anything I don't like, it is wrong and must be fixed or you will get punished. For you, I am life. I am above you. If I get hurt or am displease, it is your fault and you will tell me what punishment you believe best suits misconduct. If it is too lenient, your punishment will get worse. I expect you to obey me in this. You are not to damage what is mine, and you are mine. Your mind and body belong to me, and I am allowed to use them as I please. Right now, you are a dog, licking at my boots to please me in all things for scraps of food and water. Do you understand the position you are in? Because, if not, I will happily educate you."

She met his eyes, the coldness in them is something she felt to her very core, she held on to the bars and spit on his shoes “lick your own boots” she said in a strained tone. Yet his words echoed in her head

He sat down and murmured something under his breath. Pain assaulted her, causing her to double over.

"That is but a taste," he said, not looking at her. "Doing more in these accommodations would cause more damage." He waved his hand and the pain stopped. "You will not be physically licking my boots, Amora. Now, what will change under my guidance." He turned to her. "Your hair. You will not wear it down like that. It is unsightly to have it fall in your eyes. you are not a child. Wear it half-way up to keep it out of your face. And you are not a flower child. When we get to my estate, you will wear more seemly attire. You will not speak unless I allow it, and you will address me as 'milord' or 'my dear husband' or other forms of such titles. You have not earned the right to use my name. Speaking of which, your name. It shows your parents' stupidity. Amora. You are now, Amelia. Much more suitable to my status."

She just glared at him, her body still sore from the pain he had magically inflicted. The truck jumped again making her struggle to hold on to the bars. She sat down in the corner and hoped that it wouldn’t be long until she was rescued, all she needed was to survive until then.

Two Days Later...

The truck came to a stop. everything on her hurt. Drago looked only slightly ruffled, mostly from her not following his commands. He opened her cell and grabbed her arm, towing her outside.
The house was rather creepy. But she didn't have long to look at it. He dragged her up the steps and inside. Once there, he didn't give her time to see her surroundings, but took her to a large bedroom and tossed her into the room. There, he used a key to lock the door so that she had no escape. She was locked in the room with him.

He walked up to her and said, "Strip."

Her heart slammed into her chest at him words but she was to tired to even move let alone run right now if she needed to. She laid there not trying to move “no..” she said in a hoarse and exhausted tone

He grabbed hold of her dress and tore it from her body, leaving her exposed. He saw her legs shaking and assumed it was from fear, though he knew her exhaustion didn't help her. He began rubbing his hand over her body, pinpointing and pushing in on some of her wounds and bruises. He wrote them all down periodically. He was inspecting her. It wasn't until he pinned her against him and used his hand to check her teeth that the real invasion began.

"Good, healthy teeth," he said. "No cavities." He forced her mouth to stay open and stuck his finger in deep, causing a reaction. "Sensitive gag reflex."

He turned her so that her back was to his chest. He was well toned and in the light of the fire, she could tell he would have been called handsome. If things had been different and he wasn't such a monster, being pinned like this would have sent butterflies through her instead of bile.

He cupped her breasts, inspecting them, and said, "Decent size, but enlarging them will go along way to add to your figure."

She tried to move away from him as she grabbed his wrist “don’t...”

Due to her exhaustion, she had little strength. He ignored her plea and moved his hand to her womanhood. He ran his finger around her clit.

"Sensitive," he said when she gasped. "That is good." He then stuck his fingers into her, moving them around to find what he wanted. "Hyman is intact, as expected. Reactions are subpar, but you will come to react differently towards me." He removed his fingers. "All and all, you are adequate. You were raised among beasts in the wild, but I will tame you yet." He moved away from her. "I will turn you into my perfect wife and slave in time."

She collapsed onto the floor feeling completely violated. She could still feel his hands on her and I side her. She curled up onto a ball on her side “I will not be...” she trailed oof as she drifted in and out of consciousness. She was loosing her battle of staying awake. For two days she had not slept or had anything to eat or drink and it was taking its toll heavily “your.....slave...or”

He turned to her and picked her up by the arm, shaking her awake as he said, "You will need to eat before you are allowed to sleep. This is your last meal as Amora. Starting tomorrow, you will be Amelia." He went to his cupboard and pulled out some food and a bottle of water, setting it before her. "Eat as much as you like. Just don't make yourself sick."

She drank the water first, a person could go days even months without food but not water. She drank it all in one breath and breathed for a moment, she closed her eyes and let herself enjoy the feeling of it running down her throat and into her stomach. She knew what accepting his food meant to him, that she was giving up her name, she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of thinking he could change her name, but she knew she would need her strength if she was going to survive here. She then began to eat slowly. She wanted to eat fast but she knew that would do more harm then good to her. She was determine to make it out of this and make him pay for everything he has done, but right now it was hard to think she was so tired “please.....I need to sleep” she said in a low tone after she was full.

"Tell me, what is your name?" he said, his tone conversational but she knew the hidden meaning behind it. "I want to know."

Though she knew it wasn’t she didn’t want to give in, but she knew she needed to sleep. She clenched her fist and swallowed her pride “Amelia “

He went up to her and patted her head, saying, "Good girl."

Then, he picked her up and carried her to the four-posted bed. He laid her down and put a maniacal on her ankle to keep her from running. Then, he covered her.

He went to the left side of the bed and began undressing, saying, "I sleep without clothes. You will as well. You will get used to the feel of my body next to yours every night."

Then he climbed into bed, turned off the lights, and laid down. She could feel his eyes on her, even in the dark.

Tears silently and slowly ran down her face. She wanted to go home, to have this all be a bad dream, her panic over her mother was worst because she was so exhausted and not this. She was not in love, she was not married, this was not right, none of this was all right but now she felt even more vulnerable and exposed yet the bed called to her as the blankets warmed her and her body sunk into the mattress. Yet the feeling of his eyes on her kept her too scared to rest though she knew it was only a matter of time before her body gave her no choice. She shivered from more then the cold for a moment “How....how do you know I won’t try anything while you sleep”

She could hear the smile in his voice as he said, "You are too exhausted to try. Even if you weren't, that chain won't let you go farther than two steps in any direction. You couldn't get to the key, even if you wanted to. Too far away." He pulled her in close to him. "It would be just an inch out of your reach. Save yourself the humiliation tonight. Sleep, Amelia. Tomorrow, the fun will begin."

She went to say something but her eyes closed and she was out before she could.

Ten Hours Later

Drago sat beside the fire, wearing something from the Hugh Heffner line. He sat in a chair, reading a newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee. He heard her sit up.

"Good morning, Amelia," he said, not looking at her. "Your approved clothing is laying on your bedside table. You are unlocked from the bed, so get dressed. We will begin your training."

It was a black silk dress that she felt was more at home for a fancy dinner party than casual wear. And the shoes looked dangerous! The jewelry looked heavy and so opulant that it made her feel like they should be on display in a case and never worn! And it wreaked of dark magic. Every bit of her chosen outfit. She didn't want to touch if for the beauty of it and for the evil that poured off of it.

She slowly looked at him "you said...i cant get hurt....dark magic would hurt me" She said in a low tone

"Only if you disobey," he said, turning a page. "My patience wears thin Amelia. I had to wait for you to wake up and I had to make my own coffee. Get dressed and make breakfast. Today is when I have Eggs Benedict. I want them perfect with lightly toasted bread. You have five minutes to get dressed."

She didnt want to put them on or even touch them but she also didnt want to be naked anymore either. With a heavy heart she put on the clothes. The heals were difficult for her, she never wore heals before. In fact she was barefoot most of the time back home. She needed to get the antidote for her mother and if that meant suffering dark magic then so be it. His words from the truck came back to her and she tired her hair half up like he said he wanted her to do

He was suddenly behind her, far too close. He pulled a strand of her hair up like he was going to kiss it.

"Good girl," he said, his other hand roaming over her. "You are already learning. I am pleased" His hand was gone and he backed away. "Such flirtations do not suit me, but you are already doing well in your training. Still, I have to gather ingredients later. I want to farther enhance your physique. It will take some time, so do not get nervous about my generous gift. Now, go downstairs and fix my breakfast. You will eat the same meals I eat. Go."

She turned to leave but stopped short of the door "if i am to learn i need a way to do so, i have never cook that meal and i do not know where the kitchen is" She said not looking at him

"Good," he said. "You are already relying on me. Just as a wife and slave should. Follow me. It is not hard to find. The recipe book is waiting for you on the counter. If it is not cooked perfectly, I will not eat it, understand? I expect perfection from you in all things. Anything less is a failure, and I do not accept failure."

He led her out of the room and down the hall, grumbling every time she stumbled. They made it to the double staircase in the entrance hall. Despite how dark the interior of the house looked, she couldn't help but marvel at the artistry of it. He waited for her at the bottom of the stairs.
"To your left is the dining room and the kitchen is beyond that," he said. "To the left is the lounge and my study. You only enter to tell me meals are ready to be served. The bedroom, punishment room, and infirmary are on the second floor in that order. Around the back of the stairs are the library and the greenhouse. If you must tend to the garden, you will do so without getting dirty. If you do, you must instantly change clothes, bathe, and become presentable. I do not want to smell soil on you. It is unsanitary and unrefined. It says that you are a wild creature and not my wife. Any fragrance you wear must either be your natural scent or be a perfume. Anything less than the best will result in punishment. Now, hurry. You are an hour late to making me my food."

As she took it all in her thoughts went wild with things she could do to escape, when he was finished talking she nodded and went to the kitchen. She made sure to familiarize herself with every corner of the place and note mentally where everything was. She found the recipe and started cooking. For the first time in her life she was grateful to her mother for teaching her to cook, she liked cooking but she found sometimes she didnt have the patience that was required to do so. the thought of her mother mad her tear up. She quickly whipped away the tears and focused on the food. It took about twenty minutes for her to finish. She took everything into the dinning hall and set it up before going to his study. She knocked softly on the door
"Enter," he said, then he saw the large tray. "Dear me, that is quite a bit to drink. I said I already made coffee, but you get an A for effort. Set it on my desk." She walked up to him and did as he said. He cut into his food. "Perfectly made. You are very good at following directions. However," he picked up his fresh cup of coffee. "I can't drink all of this. I will keep the coffee and the freshly squeezed orange juice. The rest you can throw out. Same with all of the scraps leftover. Just toss it in the bin."

She found that incredibly wasteful "i...have yet to eaten....may i just have the leftovers..please" She asked in a soft tone not looking at him

He looked up at her, anger radiating from him, and said, "You didn't fix food for yourself at the same time? I told you to eat what I eat. If you had gotten up sooner, we would have had a lovely breakfast in the dining room. Tell me, on top of being raised as a savage, did your traitorous parents fail to teach you anything? Did they raise a complete moron?" He snapped his fingers and pain hit her like lightning. "From now on, you wake up sooner, cook our breakfast, and wait for me beside the dining table. This goes for every meal. You do not eat until I take the first bit, you do not sit until I sit, and you do not move, even if I am late."

She dropped to her knees and gasped in pain "you....you didnt tell me when i needed to get up....." She said in a strained tone "i cant do what you dont tell me!"

"And I didn't punish you for it this morning," he said. "Tomorrow, I will. You will wake at 5 AM every morning, no exception. You will dress, and make yourself presentable. I expect my clothes laid out on my chair waiting for me. I only wear suits, so it is not difficult to pick my outfit out, so long as everything matches. After that, you will do laundry. The clothes must be two inches apart in the closet and folded into perfect squares in the dresser. Then, you will cook breakfast, the schedule is in the front of the recipe book." He set his half-eaten food and half drank coffee and orange juice aside. "Toss all of this. I've lost my appetite. If you eat it, the pain will get worse. If you do not toss all the scraps and this away, the pain will continue. When you are done, return and learn what else is expected of you."

She shakily got to her feet and took the tray and tried to walk out but tripped because the pain made walking in the heels even worse. She got back up after she picked up everything off the floor and left. She threw away everything, and went over to the sink and looked at the schedule. She felt like breaking down already, leaned against the sink and let herself shed a few tears before drying her eyes and going back to the study

The pain stopped as soon as she stood in front of his desk. He looked up and smiled. He would have been handsome if he wasn't so evil.

"Good girl," he said. "You have until 11:30 to clean. I want every surface to have a mirror finish. At 11:30, you will cook lunch. Filet mignon with garlic herb butter, smashed potatoes, and fresh green beans. When I say we are finished eating, you will toss any leftovers out and clean until it is time to cook dinner at 3. You will make Lobster Newberg with a cherry tart for dessert. Any cleaning not done, you will do after dinner, but you should be finished before then. I have a stylist coming to help do your nails and hair after dinner, and I don't want to have to reschedule. Before bed, you will bathe. You clean every room except my study, the punishment room, and the infirmary. You will do this daily unless I tell you of a schedule change."

She waited until he was done finished before she spoke "the left overs...may i turn them into fertilizer for the garden?" She asked softly "and what are your favorite colors and scents"

"Do you want me to repeat your punishment?" he asked. "When I say toss, I mean throw away, don't use. It is disgusting! You will not use waste in the greenhouse when I buy the best fertilizer on the market!" He got up and walked to her. "This is your last warning on this, Amelia. I will not be so kind the next time I punish you for speaking back and for speaking out of turn. Now, I prefer Lavander from Chanel. And the color of clothing does not matter so long as it shows off what I want. Right now, you are covered up, a sign you are in the early stage of your training. As you progress, your clothing will change. By the end of the week, you will be expected to be ready for me to enhance your breasts and bottom. They are lacking." He went back to his desk. "And smile. Always smile. You are happy I saved you from living as a savage, happy to be my wife and slave, and happy to obey. If I catch you not smiling, I will be very displeased."

then its best if you do not look at me she thought to herself but forced herself to smile, though it was clearly fake and she turned to go leave the room

"Wait," he said. "I need to inspect you to see how you are healing."

He got up and went around her. He moved her hair aside and ran a finger down her back, earning goosebumps. He ran his hands over her legs and over her body. He unclasped her dress to let it fall to her waist and stood behind her. His hands kept her close to him as he ran them up her stomach until he could cup her breasts. Just as quickly as he had done that, he was away from her.

"Fix your dress," he ordered. "Your wounds are healing fine, but I want you to use the Chamomile bath salts tonight. I have added a few other healing herbs into the mixture as well. By tomorrow, your bumps and bruises will be healed. Now, get cleaning."

With shaking hands she fixed her dress and then left. Out side the room she covered her mouth to keep in her sob as tears ran down her face. She needed that bath now but knew it would only anger him. She didn't have enough time to clean like he wanted and make lunch and she didn't want to be hurt again. She looked around and when she found she was allow she sighed and closed her eyes. She felt her magic build as she called it forward. Her intention were clear, she didnt know how long she was in her trance but when she opened her eyes she jumped back with a yelp as his face in front of her startled her

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