Withered Vines 2

"You see?" he said. "Magic makes things so much easier, Amelia, and you were being told to suppress what should be natural to you. And everything looks nice. Nothing broken. And just in time to start lunch." He helped her up. "I will start teaching you how to walk, talk, and act after we eat. Now, get cooking. I'm hungry. You are being a very good girl. I'll have to reward you if you keep this up."

She wondered how he would reward her, maybe it was something she could use against him. She nodded slowly " yes.....my Lord" she said and her stomach felt sick. She turned to go to the kitchen

He pulled her back to him, pressing her close. Every line pressed into her. He was hard, muscular. The cologne he wore made her head swim, and not because of its strong scent.

"Say it again," he demanded, his voice rough. "Say it just like that again, and I will give you your reward."

Her heart slammed into her chest and she hated herself for it, she knew that scent must be tied to magic to make her act this way "she tilted her head slightly to the side, exposing her delicate neck, her natural sweet scent was light on her porcelain looking skin "yes my lord" She said in a soft tone

He cupped the back of her head as he crushed her mouth with his. It was hot and heady. His hand groped at her bottom so that she was lifted up. She found herself laying on her back on his desk, him wedged between her legs and her breasts exposed once more. His kiss had stolen her breath. Suddenly, he pulled back.

"Fix your dress," he said, going to his bookcase and taking out a binder. "And take this. I expect you to learn these household spells. You will be able to perform them much better with practice. Cooking, cleaning, hosting parties, and even gardening are within those pages." It was obvious that these spells would be to please him, and she knew more than half had to be dark spells that she wouldn't want to touch. "Now go. You are ten minutes late in starting lunch."

It was like she was in shock, what the hell was that. She had been kissed before but not like that and her body felt drained like he had took something from her. Her mothers voice echoed in her mind, a conversation they had long ago in her village when dark magic and light magic are close to one another they will never blend, the magic will change and only one will remain, that how good mages have went dark. even one dark mage spell can start to transform the magic of a white mage. Dark magic is like a sickness that spreads until thats all there is, but same can be said for light magic, for its the only thing that can purify that sickness She got up and fixed her dress with her mothers words in mind. The longer she was here she knew the more dangerous it was for her. not just physically , but her magic was also in danger and so was her soul. She left the room and went to the kitchen. In a daze she fixed lunch, both for him and herself like he had said. She set up the dinning room to match what this notes had said. When she felt everything was ready she knocked on his door

He said in a breathless tone, "As expected, ten minutes late. We will excuse it for today. Go to the dining room. I will be there shortly."

She walked back silently without saying and word and waited for him, all the while going over her mothers lessons in her head

After about five minutes, he walked in. He walked up to her. He positioned her arms so that her hands were clasped, her head looked at the floor, and her feet were at ninety degrees.

"This is how you will stand when you wait for me," he said. "When you hear me enter, you will greet me. Repeat this phrase. 'Lunch is ready, my lord.' It will... please me to hear it."

Her clasped hands tightened "your lunch is ready my lord" She said in a low tone

"Very good," he said. "You will say similar phrases for the other meals." He sat down and pointed to the chair next to him. "Sit when I sit." When she sat, he smiled. "Now, for the taste test. But first." He pulled out a vial and sprinkled the contents on his plate. "This is a surprise. I expected you to be playing the good slave and try to poison me with floor cleaner. I am very pleased you did not."

SHe looked side ways at him and her eyes met his and he saw coldness in him that impressed him "if i was going to kill you posion would not be how i do it....my lord" She said and looked away. She didnt know why she said that or why her anger suddenly came to the surface like that. She didnt like it

"A hands-on woman," he said, slicing through his steak. "Good to know." He took a bit. "Cooked perfectly. I must say, today has been rather surprising. Now, you may begin eating. Slow, small bites. You are to be elegant at the table at all times."

She looked down at the meal, she had to cook two like he said but she was a vegetarian. If she ate this she would get sick. She slowly started to eat the vegetables. SHe took her time like she was following his orders. Her hope was he would be finished before she got to the meat

He watched her and his face grew hard. He sat up straight. He was not happy.

"You will take a bite of your steak, Amelia," he ordered. "You must eat it. If you are unable to keep it down, we will train your body to take in a proper meal." He glared at her. "I will not have you embarrass me by refusing food at dinner parties or vomiting over this. Now, eat your filet mignon. All of it."

She knew either way she would be punished, if she ate it and got sick she would be punished if she refused she would be punished. So she might as well keep her beliefs "please my lord, do not make me eat meat...i will get sick" She said in a low tone "please allow me this, if we have guest i can use magic to make it seem other wise so i will not be rude" She said looking down at the floor like she was bowing her head "if you grant me this i will make up for it "

He said, "So, my spellbook was not good enough? You want more? I see." He snapped his fingers and she was unable to move, her clothes acting like magnets for her jewelry. "Then, special treatment." He got up and put his arms on either side of her. "I will personally feed your food to you. And you will keep it down. Do you understand?" He sliced a piece of steak and brought it to her mouth. "Open wide."

The thought of eating meat tore at her and out of instinct her magic flared and a blast went from her knocking everything around her back from her including him "NO" She cried and instantly regretted it knowing he would not take this lightly but it was too late now

He got up and dusted himself off. Then, he went up to her and yanked on her hair, making her look up at him. Tears welled up from the force and the pain.

"That was not wise," he said. "You will see what your defiance will cost you."

He murmured a spell and she couldn't talk, couldn't move. All she could do was scream in her head as pain assaulted her. On top of that, he pulled out a necklace from under his suit.

"The shadow cat venom antidote," he said. "Your actions just now make me wonder if you even care for your traitorous family at all. If you do, speak now." He gave her a dark, amused smirk. "Nothing? Well, for all your talk in the truck, I thought you would have found a way to beg for this. Am I wrong?"

"with....or without...your antidote..i believe in my people..they will survive" She said in a pain filled tone "you...."

"You managed to speak despite my silencing spell," he said. "I suppose that deserves something. Tell you what," he went to her, "you can watch on my magic mirror... as your valley dies." The mirror on the wall behind his chair flared to life and she saw her home withered before the image of her sickly and wounded mother appeared. "Mommy doesn't seem to be doing so well, and my pets are waiting to finish what they started. Now, are you going to eat the steak or let her die?"

Many thoughts went through her head, even her mothers words. After a moment she shut her eyes and when she opened them he saw that coldness once more "no" she said in a stern tone "i will do everything else you ask but i will not harm animals or be apart of it in anyway"

"I see," he said. "Very well." He murmured under his breath and she saw a shadow cat bite into her mother, injecting more poison. "She now has a week to live." The image disappeared. "Clean up this mess. I have work to do and watching over you is not part of that." She was able to move, but that seemed to make the pain worse. "You are a disgrace." He began to leave her to writhe in pain alone. "And you were doing so well until now."

"i was only following your orders....you said i cant get injured...ive had a allergy to meat since i was born..." she said in a strained tone "eating it would harm me" she said weakly

"Allergies are different from disobedience, Amelia," he said turning to her. "You did not explain that it was medical." He waved his hand. "The way you went about is more than enough to earn your mother's added pain. Get up and clean. Next time, say outright why you are unable to do something. I do not give out punishments for things out of your control. I will, however, look up a spell to fix this flaw. Soon, you will eat like civilized people and enjoy proper proteins. Until then, I will order tofu." He made a disgusted face. "Consider it a contention."

she got up and began to clean. when she was done she decided to cook dinner early but left it under the cooking lamps so it remained warm and fresh. She now had some free time and decided to check out the garden. She was sad when she got to it. It was beautiful yes but it was not natural. It radiated dark magic and sickness. SHe couldn't bare to be in it. She turned to go back to the house

He stood in the doorway, looking at her like she was his prey. He stalked towards her and grabbed her. He kissed her hard again, removing the top of her dress. He grabbed her hands as she instinctively started to fight him. He pinned her on the ground and straddled her chest so that she couldn't move her arms. He felt her hitting his leg as he pulled himself out. He gripped her hair and forced her to take him deep into her throat. He didn't speak, he just moved her head so that at times, it was hard to breathe. His other hand groped her breast and twisted her nipple. Within moments, he was hitting the back of her throat, his come flowing down into her stomach as she was forced to swallow. He moved back from her and walked away, clearly satisfied with how her mouth felt on him.

She turned on her side and threw up right there in the garden. It all happened so quickly yet it was burned into. She yelled. Screaming at he top of her lungs until her voice gave out. She laid on her side and cried, the devastation she felt made her want to die, especially since she knew things would only be getting worse. But she knew she had to keep going, for her families sake. She knew now where he kept that antidote and she was going to get it, no matter what she had to give up for it. After a moment she got up and staggered to the bathroom. She still had time before she had to be present for the dinner she had made. She quickly got into the shower. The water was hot, painfully so as she tried to get the feeling of his touch off of her. Her skin turned pink and she left the shower still feeling dirty. She used the mouth wash that was in the bathroom. She didn't know where any clothes were, so she decided to play his game. She fixed her hair and put on the heals and jewelry and walked into the dinning room wearing nothing else but that and waited

He walked in and stopped in the door, asking, "Did you not find your clothes in the closet or are you too stupid to look?" But he didn't wait for her to answer. He pushed her onto the table face first and pinned her legs closed. "Teasing me is not a good idea. Especially since the real prize comes when you fully submit to me."

She felt his cock rubbing against her entrance, teasing her clit. He was careful not to enter her womanhood. His chest was on her back so that his calogne worked its dark magic on her once more. He grunted as her juices started to cover him.

"I see you are enjoying yourself," he said, breathing heavily in her ear. "Perhaps you wanted this punishment. You naughty girl."

" You never told me where the clothes were......you said not to be dirty..." She said in a breathless tone and he felt her legs start to shake as the wanted to move

He massaged both her breasts with his hands, rubbing harder and harder as he said, "I thought even a monkey would have looked in the dressers and closet. The closet is the ornate doors next to the restroom. The dressers are... inside."

He pulled back and made her get on her knees. He used her hair to hold her head so that he could pump into it again, just in time for him to explode. Just like in the greenhouse, he was so deep into her throat that she was forced to swallow. He pulled out of her mouth and sat in his chair.

"Go get clothes on," he said. "Now, before I take the prize before the wedding ceremony."

With her hand cover her mouth she ran to the bedroom, once there she went to the bathroom and threw up again. When she was done she rinsed her mouth and got dressed. She chose a wild greed dress. She returned and sat down in her seat and waited for him to eat before she did

He ate and said nothing. The worse she got was a reprimand for not eating near the end because of the lobster remaining in her bowl.

"Take smaller bites," he said. "If you do not eat the meat in a dish, at least make sure you finish when I do."

He got up and left her with the dishes. He had barely looked at her the whole time. Over the next few days, it was much the same, but now failing to live up to his impossible standards equaled pain. A few times, she thought she saw the same greedy look she had seen on him in the greenhouse, but he never touched her.

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