Withered Vines 3

Months Later

It had been a long day, like always. She lost track of how long she had been here, as far as she knew her mother was gone, he refused to tell her anything about her mother or her village. She had been to the punishment room only once and that was enough. That place became her worse fear. He still raped her but not as frequently as he use too and to her surprise her virginity remained. She was happy that it was her bath time. It had become special too her since she was allowed herbs of her choosing now. She picked herbs that would help the taint of the dark magic she was surrounded by. It always helped her heal and regain her strength. Since it was right before bed she also put in herbs to help her have dreamless sleeps. her reality was a nightmare, she didn't need more nightmares when she finally got to rest. The sleep remedy also helped her sleep calmly. She learned the hard way a few days ago what happens if she moves to much in her sleep and wakes him. She took a breath and sunk into the water until she was fully emerged. She stayed there until she needed to breathe. When she came back up she looked at the time and sighed. She slowly got out of the bath and wrapped herself in her silk robe. She walked over to the fogged up mirrors and began to wipe it so she can see.

Drago was there behind her, before she could do anything he cupped her breasts and put his hard cock between her legs. He began moving and she could see the silken head move back and forth. He didn't say anything. The smell of his cologne enveloped her and her juices began to flow. He kissed her neck as he tugged on her rapidly stiffening nipples. Then, his right hand traveled down until he found her sensitive bean and began playing with it.

"Those indecent moans," he said against her skin. "I like hearing them. Moan more for your husband." He tugged and rolled her clit hard so that she was rubbing herself along his cock. "This is what I want. Scream for me, Amelia."

Her body seized up when he called her that, her knees started to shake and all she could do was hold on to the sink. She wanted this to end, she wanted him to stop touching her and she wanted her body to stop reacting to his touch like it was. She fought it, she fought against her body and she was winning until he pulled her head back by her hair and slammed the tip of his cock against her clit. She cried out and her body was close to release "please my lord!" She gasped. SHe didnt know what she was begging for exactly, she just wanted this to be over

She felt his smile against her skin just as he hit her clit hard with his cock while rolling it in his fingers. And that was it. She fell. Hard. She felt her juices run down her legs, mixed with his come. He was the only thing holding her up, and he was using the sink for support. He kissed her neck right over a developing hickey.

"Good girl," he said. "And to think I ran out of my special cologne."

With that, he left the room and left her to see their combined juices on her porcelain skin.

She stood there in self loathing and feeling dirty. She couldn't believe what just happened. He had made her cum. She wanted to burn her skin off, she had never felt more dirty or violated in her life. How could this have happened, still in shock and disbelief she slowly walked over tot he shower and turned it on. Once in she burst into tears and she started to wash off her body. She didn't care if she was punished for being late to bed, she stayed in there until her skin was raw and the hot water ran out. She got out and wrapped herself in her robe and went out into the bedroom, not caring there was a punishment waiting for her

He was there, naked, in their bed. He looked at her and sighed.

"Your eyes are red," he said, "your skin looks raw, and you are covered up. Remove your robe and get into bed. Laying next to your husband will make you feel better. And don't forget to put your manacle on."

Something in her snapped in her. She couldn't take it anymore, if breaking to his will meant that she would survive then so be it. She wanted to survive for her family, that was all she had left. She would honor them by living, not knowing whether they were alive or dead made everything worse for her. She felt like she had failed them. And her hope of being found was gone. She let her robe drop to the floor and with a look of she despair dropped to her knees "please......I cant take it anymore...im so tired....so very tired....please help me....I submit to you...fully....im yours" She said with her eyes closed as her face looked down at the floor

He tipped her chin up so that she looked at him and said, "That wasn't so hard, was it?" He took out the antidote and a shadow cat appeared next to her. He wrapped a note around it and put it on the shadow cat's collar. "Take this to the valley, a goodbye gift from Amelia. I do not care if you make it in time to save the traitor from her past, so long as it gets there." The cat leapt out the window. "See? Good things come to good girls."

She felt her heart shatter, her mother had been alive and suffering this whole time. She wanted to hurt him, to make him suffer like her mother had suffered. Anger rose in her, mixing with her hopelessness and pain. But she had no more fight left in her, the only hope she had was her mother would get the antidote in time but even then she was scared to hope for it "please...my lord" This time she knew what she was asking for. She didn't want to live this way any more, she would willingly be his puppet if it meant she didnt have to feel anymore

He smiled as he sat up and revealed his engorged member. He took her well-manicured hand and had her move it up and down his member in a tight grip.

As he did this, he said, "Tell me who those people are in the valley. Who are they to you, Amelia Black?" He watched the tears fall. "I need to hear it from you."

After all that had happen since she came here she could never go back anyways. She was not pure anymore and her magic was tainted "i have no ties with them anymore...I am nothing to them" she said not looking up at him while he moved her hand on his cock

He knew that she was close to telling him what he wanted. He led her to the bed. He didn't trust fully that she had a change of heart and placed the manacle on her ankle.

"I will not take this," he said, cupping her womanhood, "until we say our vows. The priest will be by tomorrow. I already have everything in order. Even your dress is ready. Tonight, I will let you enjoy my touch."

He began playing with her breast with one hand and moved a finger in and out of her virgin hole, making sure not to break her hymen. He heard her gasp and moan. He felt her writhe beneath his touch. When her juices were flowing heavily, he positioned himself under her and put her over him so that she could swallow his cock and he could feast.

She let what was happening further break her. She never willingly toughed him, if her life would be this hell, if she was destined to be broken and tainted by this man, then she would take everything she could out of it, it was clear no one would ever save her from this hell and she no longer had the strength to fight herself. Her hands came up and gripped his thighs. and he felt her start to move her head on her own, something she had not done up to this point

He groaned and said between licks, "Suck harder. Use your tongue more. Massage and suck on my balls. Just like that. That's my girl."

She did everything he said without hesitation, the more he praised her the harder she tried.

His tongue and fingers were in time to with her own movements. Soon, both of them were on the edge. When she used her tongue on the sensitive tip, it was a dance that had him erupting into her mouth and him hitting a sweet spot with his fingers. She swallowed his come and he drank her juices. He moved so that he could hold her naked body next to his. He loved how her enhanced breasts and bottom felt in his hands.

"Tomorrow, you will officially be my wife," he said. "When we finally consummate our marriage, that is when any slave I train will call you 'madam' and you will be allowed to call me by name. You obey without question, act perfectly, smile beautifully, and have started to accept the spells I teach you. A few steps more and we can start adding to your power." He looked down at her and wiped some of his come from the corner of her mouth. "My perfect woman. My slave and wife. My Amelia Black."

With that, they fell asleep.

The Next Day

She hadn't expected so many to come in so short a time. The entire entrance hall was full of people she didn't know. And the dress was sinfully short. Her make up was perfect, the stylist made sure her hair was just right. An old matron who smelled like she used black magic every day to stay looking like a 60-year-old looked over her. Apparently, this was her soon to be mother-in-law


"A heathen for a daughter-in-law," said the woman, knowing Amora could hear. "He always has to try and prove me wrong." She went up to Amora. "You are Amelia, yes? You came from that filthy valley? Tell me, what use are you coming from those traitors? How do I know you will be loyal to my son?"

She didn’t answer and was not going to unless she got permission from drago. She knew better then to speak out of turn and he did not give her permission to speak to any of the guest

The old woman pulled Amora's head back by her hair and said, "A good slave knows their place. You are a power-hungry slut. If I so much as hear a whisper of you seeing other men, I will make you destroy your own valley, do I make myself clear? You will be the one to rip the heart out of their leader, the Earth Healer as you are fucked by my son."

From the hallway, she heard her future husband say, "Amelia has renounced the valley, mother."

"My boy, you are not to see your bride before the wedding," said his mother, now dripping sugar. "It is bad luck."

"Hense why I am in the hallway, out of sight. Amelia, you have permission to talk to my mother. And mother, please, keep the ceremony civilized. What you made Viron do to his slave-wife in front of everyone..."

"Is a family tradition," his mother interrupted. "Showing that your slave is still clean and pure in front of everyone shows your skill as a slave trainer. Your father did it to me, Viron did it to Cassandra, and you will do so with Amelia. Humiliation kept us all humble and loyal."

"Perhaps I wish for a different way."

"Still so weak. I bet you sent that antidote to the traitorous woman because your slave begged you too. Be a man! You should be more like your father! Like Xavier!"

She jumped when he hit the wall. "I am better than any of them. I trained her in less than a month. No other can say that."

"Xavier can. You are always in everyone's shadows. No wonder you got a savage for a wife, no matter how pretty you paint the pig-whore. You are a disgrace and unworthy to be my son."

“Maybe it is you who is unworthy of him, how quickly you train someone does not matters, it’s the condition they are when when it’s done, the mindless zombies Xavier made were useless, I am not, now please leave I have to redo my hair since you rudely ruined it” amora said in a emotionless tone

The elderly woman reached back to slap Amelia as she said, "You insolent little..."

Suddenly, they both heard snickers from the hallway. It was a nice laugh anyway. It took Amora some time to realize that it was Drago laughing. She had never heard him laugh or seen a real smile that hinted at any warmth.

"You see, mother," said Drago after a moment. "She defends me, as a good slave and wife should. So please..."

"You both with perform our family tradition," the mother announced, the air around them growing cold. "You will take her chastity in front of your family to show you have fully broken her."

"It is not necessary, mother," he said. "Do not be upset that she actually proved her loyalty by jumping to my aid."

"This is her final test," said his mother. "You know that I, as head of this family, must decide if she is really your wife and slave. If you do not perform this act, I will not accept this marriage, and I get to do as I please."

His mother walked out of the room and stopped in front of him. She slapped him hard enough that Amora's cheek hurt just from the sound. Then, she joined the others in the entrance hall. He stayed on the other side of the wall until they were alone.

"I know that this will not be a fun moment," he said, "losing your virginity in front of strangers, but what you said to my mother... that was priceless." For the first time, she heard sincerity and gentleness in him, making her heart race. "Thank you."

She stood up and walked up to the wall “it upsets me that she treats you such a way, I’m not a zombie, I willing gave my self to you, which means my mind is still my own, no mother should act that way, especially to her children, you seem to be the only one with a good head on your shoulders, you should be the head of your family, not her” she said in a sincere tone “and the next time someone tries to use the dark mages against you remember this, they are dead for a reason, as powerful as they were, power means nothing if you do not have the wits and knowledge to use it properly. That’s why you are already better then they were” she said leaning on the wall as if it were him “as for the ceremony....I don’t want to do it because no one but you should see my body or hear the noises I make” she said frowning

"Amelia, if we don't, she will take you and make you literally watch as she rips apart everyone you care about in front of you," he said. "I don't want to do it either, mostly because I don't need my brother teasing me. Or my mother trying to tell me how to have sex with you. It's weird. Still, once it is done, my mother will have no reason to take you, and none of them will ever bother us again. Besides, because I broke you faster, I will become head of the family once my mother dies. So, you did that for me." He heard the band playing a soft melody to call everyone to their seats. "I have to go now. Don't worry about the family tradition. Your clothes aren't coming off. It is to test if you will throw away everything you are for me. That's all. To me, you already proved that. Just be glad you don't have to sacrifice a rabbit in a dark spell like the Douglases. I ignore those wedding invites. Having sex in blood is disgusting."

“Before you go I have a early wedding present for you” she said in a soft tone. She reached out the door and held out a small vial to him “your brother viron, he smells like a certain plant I know. This is a potent poison made from that plant, do with it what you my lord just know I have hear your troubles and am ready to aid in the solution of your choosing” she said sincerely

"He was always fond of drugging his slaves," Drago said. "You did well in dealing with him. I know his inspection was more invasive than mine." He saw her hand shake at the memory and took the vial. "Do not worry. When the time comes, you will know."

He left. Soon after the wedding march began and their dark vows said. He lifted her veil and kissed her. His mother stood up from her podium.

"Now, for our tradition," she said.

A table was brought up and he laid Amora on it so that she faced him and lifted her dress. No one else saw the discomfort on his face as he began preparing her as he had several times before. When she was wet he slammed into her, wanting it over with as much as she did. The pain that shot through her drowned out the crowd. Each thrust hit deep and hard so that she was gasping. They stared at each other, so that it was like it was only them, and he exposed her breasts to feast upon them. Within moments she fell over the edge and he filled her. He lay on top of her for a moment. But it was not done. He flipped her over so that she was now on her stomach and began again. He held onto her hair, forcing her to look up. In a way, this kept her from seeing the sea of people, making it easier on her. When he filled her a second time, she screamed out in pleasure. Cheers filled the air when his mother announced in an upset tone that their union was accepted.

Drago lay over her to rest and whisper, "Tonight will be much better. When we are alone."

They separated and walked to the podium. He discreetly slipped the poison into his mother's cup, knowing Viron would be serving it as the failure child who's slave ran away. His drug had no effect on her any longer and he was still searching for her.

His brother served the drinks. Drago made sure he and Amora had clean cups.

"This day also marks the day my son, Drago Black, becomes the next successor to our line," she said. "To Drago and his slave bride."

"To Drago," said the crowd, who drank.

Suddenly, his mother collapsed and he acted the worried son perfectly. When his mother was near death he whispered in her ear, "Who is unworthy now?"

She glared at him before taking her last breath. He stood up and said, "She's dead. She said it was belladonna." He looked at his brother. "You did this."

"I would never!" Viron yelled. "What would I gain?!"

"You wanted to make it look like I did it!" Drago said. "Why else? I get named the next head and mother so conveniently dies at my wedding!"

"It was not me!" Viron said and turned his eye to Amora. "It was her! The savage bride! She poisoned her!"

Drago turned to her. It was time for her to play up her part. All eyes were on her.

When he nodded permission for her to speak she did so “I am unable to do such a thing, I do not have the knowledge to make a poison with belladonna. And I am to weak to pull of such a task since your inspection....my body hurts and I feel sick” she said in a weak tone

Drago glared at his brother and then removed her dress. There on her body where marks and bruises. Murmurs started. Drago turned to the crowd.

"You damaged my property, brother," he said. "And you killed our mother."

"Lies!" Viron said.

Drago continued, "Viron Black, the evidence against you is great, and as such, you will be taken to the lakeside where you will be stripped of your powers and given to the Douglases. Today happens to be the 10th anniversary of the head of the family and they need a special sacrifice."

Viron fought the crowd that swarmed him. Drago put Amora's dress over her front and took her to their room. The wedding was over. He shut and locked the door behind them.

"Well, Madam Black," he said, "you are looking at the new head of the family."

She smiled before collapsing to her knees “truth is the best in such a situation.....I really do not feel well my lor.....Drago” she said with a soft tone

He ran to the bathroom and grabbed a medicine kit. He pulled out several herbs and blended them with some water. Amora's lips started to turn blue just as he finished and made her drink. It was difficult with her airway closing.

He held her as she began breathing again and said, "He must have gone for me. You got the glass he intended for me to drink from." He smiled down at her. "You performed perfectly. I could not tell you were in any distress except from the memory of him touching you."

“We had guest” she said weakly “May I rest so I am able to preform well for our wedding night” she asked in a soft tone resting her head on his chest

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