Savannah took his hand and kissed it "your worried about her as am I... and of course she does not see you that way, she loves you so much, thats why she tries so hard to impress you and take some of the burden off of you...you too are alot alike " she said with a smile " you know...since we both know she is not going to give up..why dont you train her gregori at least than you can find comfort in knowing she knows how to defend herself" she said giving him a kiss " but first..why dont you come with me...let me take care of you" she said leading them to their bedroom for some much wanted and needed healing
Anya turned her head from her sister "no...leave it..." she said in a upset tone "and i only said what was true.. the prince does not want female hunters..but im not just going to sit by..im more than that, i want to travel and do more for our kind then just pop out children" she said hugging her knees to her chest

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