Rainbow After the Storm

Kiam could barely stay in the sky. The newly made Sange rau that attacked him was now gone from this world. The Earth Healer of the Valley had called on him to find her daughter. As a Guardian of All, his abilities developed faster than a Carpathians and a Lycans, meaning that he was considered an adult in his pack and able to hunt on his own. However, he knew he should have called for his father or mother when he was injured. Yet, something told him it was not the thing to do. When he saw a small cabin, he went to land, hoping for the grass. However, he was far too injured to land on the lawn outside and flew into the door. He returned to his human form, managing a few rags at best in his state. When the door open, he was sure that he was far more injured than he realized. He saw an angel before him. A tortured angel.

"Please," he said before passing out.

Amora looked down in shock at the naked injured man. It took a minute before she moved, if she brought him in and Drago found out it would be bad but if she left him it would be just as bad. She wrapped her sheet under his arms and used is to pull him inside. Once he was inside she went to work quickly. She needed to get him healed and out of here. Judging by his injuries the best solution was a herbal bath that would allow the herbs to soak in the wounds. When she saw the dragon mark on his hips she froze. She had never met a Carpathian let alone the legendary dragonseeker. This changed the treatment. She lowered him into the natural spring that was in her bathroo. Drago had built the cabbin around it for the purpose of having it. She put in healing herbs and then took some soil that was in her plants and mixed them onto the water and put some in the wounds that were out of the water. She didn't have blood and she didn't want to give him hers unless there was no other choice. She waited to see if this would be enough

He groaned, arching under her touch. The pain told her she needed a special herb, a Blood Lily, to counteract what was hurting him. This was a Sange rau bite, and the only herb to slow it down was the Blood Lily. His hand came up to cup his head while his other arm used the side of the tub to keep from slipping under the water.

She took her pillows from her bed and put them into the water and position them to keep him afloat so he could relax, she put a towel under his head to help support it. She didn't have blood Lily so the only alternative was to give him something to help his body naturally reject the poison. He would need blood after it was done she didn't like it but it was the only option now she opened his mouth and poured the mixture in I knew it wouldn't take long for it to take it back slowly she started to see the infected blood ooze out of the wounds and get purified into the water

After a while, he opened his eyes. They were captivating. He found her instantly.

"Thank you," he said, his voice rumbling. "Though, to see you here, I must be closer to death than I realized."

She cleared her throat, his eyes and voice touched her deeply and she didn't like it "Here drink but do not take to much" she said holding her wrist to his mouth

He shook his head and said, "You are with child. Your pheromones. They have an undertone that is soft. I can tell that it means you are pregnant, perhaps in the early stages. I will not take from you."

"Yes you will" she said in a soft tone yet it was stern "my life and that if my child's depends on it, please" she said in a more intimate tone like she was begging

His heart raced. He moved his hand from his head and gently took hold of her wrist. Her skin was soft. He wanted to run his fingers over it. And the smell of her natural scent under the heavy perfume made his mouth water. She smelled of the earth and forest under the false odor. He rubbed his lips over her skin before preparing it for his bit. When he did begin feeding, electricity shot through them both. He thought that it was simply because he was so severely injured.

She moaned in a gasp and it felt like her very soul felt the pleasure from his bite. She had heard stories about how feed was intimate to their people but this was undescribable. She found herself needed to get closer yet she couldn't move

He closed the wound and pulled her into the tub with him, bitting into her neck to feed from her some more. He growled as he did, holding her to him in a tight embrace. She could feel his skin's warmth through her now wet clothes. He felt that the poison in him was being destroyed by her blood alone. But for the life of him, he couldn't remember what that meant.

Her body was on fire and the moans coming from her sounds foreign to her, she gripped his shoulders and her legs moved until she was straddling his lap, allowing him to drink deeper and have her even closer. Her body threaten to explode just from his bit and she was too deep into the pleasure of it to stop it

Suddenly, her clothes were laying on the floor around them and he was suckling her breast. He had closed the wound on her neck. His teeth teased her stiff nipples before sinking deep. She heard herself scream out, his large cock skewering her. She had never felt so full before. She began moving without thought. When she went to speak, he covered her mouth. Just your moans, he said. Please. I need no other sound but your natural song.

His voice in her head should have scared her but it did the opposite. It made everything more intimate. Tears fell silently from her eyes. This was something she had never felt before. It consumed her very soul and it was pure, not tainted like she had known. She wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face on the side of his neck , her moans echoed by his ear

He moved and pinned her to the wall, lacing his fingers through hers. He closed the wound on her breast and kissed her deeply. Her legs wrapped around him as he moved in and out of her. His hands went to her bottom and reminded her of the dark spell used to enhance her body, but it was as if it melted away in that moment. There was only this man, her body back to the way it was meant to be, and endless pleasure. He growled as she clamped down on him, his hands bitting deliciously into her hips.

She arched under him, the healing candles in the room glowed brighter as the flames grew bigger " take me to heaven and let my body never come down" she said in old Romanian. It was a phrase that was used when one experienced pleasure beyond words

He kissed her neck as he also said in Romanian, "So long as you take me with you."

With that, he hit her deepest core. Colors danced around them. He kissed her over and over, stealing her breath and replacing it with his. Any dark magic that touched her melted away with him. For the first time in nearly a year, she was Amora Green and not Amelia Black.

She cried out and all the candles in the room went out as her magic blasted out of her as she came. He was not effected and remained firmly inside her, pumping his seed heavily into her deepest core. The white magic that came from her he absorbed his body taking it in as his healing went into over drive. His flesh started to mend itself rapidly, making his body call for a Carpathian sleep

Before he passed out, he took her wrist and said, "Wait. Before I sleep..."

There was a light and he removed his hand. On her wrist was a small tattoo looking mark of two dragons making a heart, no bigger than an American Quarter. As he only looked at her, it was clear he did not see the design he had made with his magic.

"Only you will see it," he told her. "If you ever feel alone, you will feel my warmth. When I am nearby, it will glow. And if you are in danger, it will warn you. It is all I have to give."

With those words, he fell asleep, his hand still holding hers.

A sadness grew in her when he went to sleep. Her mother had told her they sleep in the ground and it was necessary for them to be in clean soil when they were healing. he was heavy on her, luckily the water helped move him off off her. When he left her body once more she felt sadden and she didn't know why. She gently cradled his head has she moved him to where her pillows were in the water. She knew she would not be able to lift him out of the water unless she used magic. The healing candles lit once more and she looked around, she didn't want to put him outside in the ground, he would be to exposed. She touched the stone of the spring and closed her eyes "Stone of the earth hear my call, aid thee with thy fall, protect his body as i do yours" She chanted and felt as the stone started to shift underneath her. the stone parted underneath him and he sunk into the ground. She knew there was good soil under the natural spring, and with the stone above him he would be save. The water that went with him was still filled with the healing herbs and she knew it would soak into the soil around him making it even more beneficial to his healing. When he was underground and the stone was back to normal she side, feeling drained. She forced herself from the spring, now that the high of everything was wearing off the panic set in. What hell did she just do and with a complete stranger! She left the bathroom in a hurry and started to pack her bags quickly, as she did so the tattoo on her wrist caught her attention "i cant get this off...i dont know this magic" She said in a disturbed tone to herself . She forced herself to sit down and calm herself "think...." She said holding her head and started to think of a plan.

Two Days Later

He hadn't moved since she put him in the healing earth, she could tell that much. She checked yesterday and today. It was now or never. The sun was setting and she just finished writing in her journal, it was the only thing sacred to her anymore. In it she had writing about everyday of her captivity, it was more of a log she planned to leave behind for someone to find when she was dead, so someone would know what had happened to her and others. But this would be her ticket to freedom, as long as what she had been told about the Carpathian people were true. She placed the journal on the sink near the spring. SHe cut her finger and smeared her bloody on the cover, knowing it would get his attention when he awoken. All the hope she had rested with this book and the strangers decisions. With a nervous sigh she left and about a hour later she was on the private jet to south america

Drago grabbed her hand, making her fear he would see the mark. He hadn't yet and he even stared straight at it, but that didn't mean much. Maybe he felt the magic the stranger used. Her hand shook.

However, he pulled her into the bedroom. He laid her down on the bed and tore her dress off of her. He hadn't touched her since she had spent the day at her cabin. He didn't talk. He only took what he wanted, barely readying her before pumping into her hard. His grip almost hurt her, and she couldn't help but compare Drago's rough treatment to the strangers passionate one.

She felt more tainted with each touch, she seemed sensitive to his dark magic now more then ever. She wanted this to end, she wanted to run, she wanted not to have the memories of the stranger for they made this much worse for her. To experience something so pleasurable and intimate and then have to be raped like this was devastating. She started to silently cry and her tears only made him enjoy this more

He smiled down at her. He grabbed her wrists and held her down. He wanted her to fight him, just so he could enjoy it more. But she was so conditioned now, she let him do what he wanted. When had she actually become his property? When given the chance, would she actually leave? She didn't know anymore, and that scared her.

"Sir, we will be landing at the estate shortly," said the copilot from the doorway.

"Thank you, Mic," he said, not stopping, adding humiliation to her pain and fear.

The piolet stared for a moment before giving Drago the thumbs up and leaving. Drago went harder, bruises developing where he held her. Then, his hand was on her throat and he dick in her ass. It was too much then, as he actually closed off her airway, causing her to choke. When he came, he grunted and fell on top of her. She sucked in air. Her whole body hurt. She knew every inch of her had a bruise from his rough treatment. Her throat hurt and she could barely breathe from his weight, but she was glad to get air at all. He pulled out of her bottom only to enter her core again. Tears ran anew. He had never done this before.

"A year ago, you entered my home a savage," he said breathlessly. "I'm glad you remembered. Acting like this has really relieved my stress. Now, I will let you enjoy these moments with your husband. You know what I want to hear."

"Please.....I can't....the baby" she said as her stomach started to cramp

He kissed her deeply, his hand laying on her neck as he filled her a second time. Even though he had raped her, her body had reacted, but she was nowhere near satisfied. Not that it mattered in that situation. He helped her set up.

"When we land, we can get the herbs," he said. "Then you will feel better. Is the mixture helping with your morning sickness?"

She looked down at the floor "i had to stop taking it, something in it was making me sick" she said in a honest tone

"So, it made it worse," he said. "You should have told me sooner." There was a bump as they landed. "Perhaps a doctor here will know what they are doing. I knew trusting that slave was a bad idea. I'll make her pay for causing you more distress."

They exited the plane and drove the estate. Inside, it was like one large punishment room. Not only that but the slaves that were delivered the day before were in the stockade, being whipped. One woman was being violated by a group of men with brands on them. They acted like dogs when they saw Drago.

"This is a fucking mess," he said. "Get these people into detox, Geaves. And bring the slave-doctor to me."

His orders were enacted quickly. Geaves brought the woman forth. She knelt before him more from weakness than submission, as the rest of the slaves were put into the proper quarters and cleaning began. Drago dragged the woman across the room by her hair to a fireplace, that had a fire going for branding.

"You caused my woman to get sick!" he yelled. "You hurt my property!" He stuck the woman's hand into the fire. "Apologize to Madam Black!"

"Forgive me, Madam Black!" the woman yelled as the smell of burning flesh filled the room. "Please!"

"my dear husband, you know best, but the smell" She said covering her mouth and made a puking sound "It was my fault, i forgot to mention my allergies to animals, a common ingredient for that potion is fish oil since its good for the heart" She said trying not to puke "I have never been pregnant before so I forgot such a thing since i have had no reason to make it" She said knowing mentioning that he is the first to impregnate her would please his ego

He parted the earth above him and slipped through a small crack in the rock holding the spring water. He rose and smelled her. The tortured angel. He saw the book on the sink. He noticed that colors were quickly fading and he didn't understand why. He opened the book and began reading. The more he read, the angrier he should have become. Instead, his emotions drained from him just as his colors did. When he reached the last page, all he knew was he would rescue his woman and bring justice and vengeance down on this fiend that held her captive. He walked out of the cabin and headed for the airport. He was soon on a plane to the De La Cruz ranch.

When he stepped off he nodded to the pilot. Rafael knew the look on Kiam's face. Kiam greeted him with a warrior's handshake.

"Thank you greeting me," he said. "I assume your family is preoccupied with other things. I'm sure I could have made it to the ranch alone, but to come all this way when there is such danger..." He sighed. "I need the aid of any available hunters. My woman is in danger."

"Your woman? " He said in a confused tone as they walked "update me"

"I brought justice to a newly made Sange rau," Kiam said. "Instead of going to my parents, I traveled farther into the forest. I found a cabin and had intended to only feed to regain strength. I saw what I thought was a hallucination before death. However, she put me in an herb bath. She offered blood freely, though I tried to refuse. She is in the early stages of pregnancy, but she would not let me. One thing led to another. My wounds healed faster than they should have, even for a Guardian. She put me in the ground. I gave her a mark, though I did not look to see what it was. It will act as my birthmark does, but will also tell her when I am nearby." He pulled out the diary from his duffel bag. "She left me this, scented with her blood, though it was unnecessary. Her scent is all over it and I would have found it easily. It details a dark year. She is the child of the Earth Healer Mage that lives in the valley back home. Her real name is Amora, but he forces her to go by Amelia. He made her marry him and rapes her daily now that they exchanged dark vows. They were not sealed with blood, so she can be taken from him, which I intend to do. However, he performs dark spells on her and the other victims he brings into his home. He made her perform in front of people on the fake wedding night, and several times after for special victims after. She carries his child now. I did not exchange blood with her, but I can find her all the same just from my feeding from her. She says that the number of missing women and a few men from Brazil are because of a hidden slaver's estate. I would like to ask your family to help me. I heard of two women who have made it their mission to free such tortured souls. My goal is Amora and the asshole that holds her captive. I will give him a death worthy of one such as he. Calling him a worm is an insult to the creature."

He stopped walking "what do you mean by one thing led to another and all this does not explain why you called her your woman, you are keeping details to yourself brother, if you have found your lifemate its a important detail you should not leave out" He said in a serious tone

"Amora is my lifemate," Kiam said. "She and I made love two days ago. I was wounded, so I thought it all a hallucination until I found the diary waiting for me. The moment I awoke, my colors and emotions faded. I did not bind her to me because I was unable to recognize her for the treasure she is. If I had, when I awoke, I would be closer to being a Sange rau. That is still a possibility, but less likely. I will get her out from under his thumb and bring her home to the valley she loves and the pack of Guardians. Zev said that Juliette would aid me on my way here. I would like to speak to her before heading out."

He looked even more serious "then we must move fast , I cannot have you fall when you are so close to my home" He said in a stern tone "we will celebrate when you have your mate" he said and they began walking again

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