Rainbow After the Storm 2

Drago threw the woman from him and said, "You are forgiven this one time. Now, go get that hand dressed. You're stinking up the house." He went to Amora and pulled her close. his voice softening. "I had already told her, Amelia. She knew, and she still put it in the potion. You gave her a pass today, but if it happens again, I want you to tell me. You are their mistress. They answer to you. You can punish them for any reason. You can punish them for sneezing, for all I care. Have fun with it. Now, the snatchers will go find a competent doctor to look after you. We will keep her here while we are in residence. Doesn't that sound nice?"

She wanted to cry. The thought of hurting someone appalled her, the thought of them kidnapping someone because of her. It would be her fault "what if i do it, im a better healer then anyone here" She said "another thing i can be useful in my dear husband"

Drago said, "You can do it until your stomach starts to get in the way, then we get you an aide. For now, look around and see what needs to be changed. We are in enemy territory, so we will get bits at a time so that we don't stand out. Tomorrow, go shopping to your heart's content. Feel like the privileged woman you are."

She nodded "as you wish my dear husband" she said bowing and leaving the room, this was it this was the moment she had been waiting for. Before she left she would do one more honorable thing. She went to Gustav and used dark magic to control his mind, though it was not nearly as strong as one that used a sacrifice, when she left he would free all the slaves here and fight on their behalf and only when they slaves were safe would he then kill himself.

Gustav went to the holding pens and released those the least beaten down, telling them of a secret passage in the basement and the hidden tunnel entrance in the center of their quarters. It wasn't long before many were getting out. Those far too broken to leave huddled together around Gustav. One of the most broken went to tell Drago what had happened, wanting praise for her good deed.


"Then, take me to Juliette," Kiam said. "I would like her to read this journal so that she understands the bastard we are facing."

An hour later...

Kiam paced as Juliette read the journal. She had called her entire family and the Prince, his second, and his son and their mates to the main house. Kiam wanted to hurry and get to Amora.

She was only a couple pages in when she began to cry, her lifemate tried to tell her to take a break but she refused "she deserves to be heard" was all she said "in fact there is a spell here....she says to through it into the fire" she did so and the book burst to live with magic, it did not burn but smoke came from the fire place and made a circle in the air. A woman appeared in the circle like it was a mirror my name is Amelia green, it seems my journal has been found, which means i am long dead the sadness in her eyes was soul deep I come from a village, hidden deep within the mountains...I wont tell you much for the safety of the people there but i will say.. she looked down at her hands and when she looked up she was crying it has the most beautiful flowers in spring...but in all its beauty nothing there is more beautiful then the hearts of the people that live there she said in a sobbing tone so please...save them...save my people, though they are long dead and i fear i am the last, in my journal i have given my everything so that my people will live on. My magic is tied to this journal as well as my soul. Once my story is read the pages will fill with all the magic and spells i know as well as the history of my people, only the pure of heat will be able to open my book she said whipping her eyes his is my amends to my people for failing them and forgiving up she said in a heartbreaking tone but...im just so tired...i cant fight any longer...what has been a year to others has been a eternity of hell for me, please understand i tried..i did, but a light surrounded by so much darkness can only stay bright for so long... she said and the smoke disappeared and the book jumped from the fire and onto the floor. Juliette looked at it "im...scared to read it...: She said

Solange said, "We need to know what he did to her and to others."

"He rapes her daily," Kiam provided. "He uses dark magic to make people into the perfect specimens on the outside but doesn't see what it does inside. Her true name is Amora." Mikhail and Gregori shared a look. "I know who she is, Mikhail. Her mother sent me to look for her. She is well. We got her healed and killed the shadow cat poisoning her. When a second one came with an antidote, we had no need of such an evil brew and destroyed it. Mother and father are helping them fix their homes, but Amora was my first hunt on my own." He looked at Juliette. "Please. I lost my colors when she left, and my emotions reading her journal. I need someone with insight on this situation to aid me. You are also on the outside, as she and I are no relation to you, so you can give better guidance than any other. I would not ask if I could take down this hideout on my own."

She looked at Mikhail and when he nodded she sighed and began reading but she read it out loud. At first she had a lot of fight in her, she made notes of her surroundings, writing every detail of everything she saw and heard but the writing changed quickly "the pain...i have nightmares about it, he said i will go into the punishment room tomorrow , if this was not his worst i fear what is" juliet turned the paged and paused "there is blood on this page" She said as she looked it over and then she began reading "i dont want magic anymore.....as a mage i know the power it holds and how black hearts can cause devastation but this....this should not exists.... when he pulled out the book and i saw the symbols of the three dark mages i knew it would be bad but,....not like this, i feel my soul is gone, shattered into a million pieces and i cant put it back together. my mind is tormented by the voices of the dark ones, i will never get rid of them...to send me to such a cold place...they ripped at my soul trying to tear me apart...so much darkness, i am broken" she said in a uneven tone and kept reading, the more she went on the worst it got, her daily torture and training "i was in the garden today and it happened, i knew it would eventually but i had hopped it would be when my mind was gone for the hope of being found was gone long ago.......i can still smell the dirt and semen, i can still taste him in my mouth, ill never get it out" Juliette started to cry as she kept reading and turning the page "nothing, that is what i am, degraded,pushed into hell, poisoned, i feel no more, let the darkness consume me, take me away from this, i have nothing left...i am nothing. i dont consider the ceremony rape because he has won, he has broken me, i am his, i wont even pray for death anymore, i deserve to suffer, im a traitor, im weak, i deserve this and more, Amora died today..i feel nothing because that is what i have become" Juliette voice started to shake "so....another will join in my suffering, a child has come from his mistreatment, another innocent i am now harming, a event that would make most happy i am not, instead all i can think about is how much pain my body is in and yet its nothing compared to the pain of my broken soul...this numbness is worse then death and yet i cannot die" she stopped reading for a movement and suddenly covered her mouth "i cant...I cant read the next part...please someone else has to its too much" Juliette said

Mikhail picked up the book and said, "To the man that appeared at my cabin... Thank you. You showed me what true happiness and purity are, and I am grateful for that gift. But I am unworthy to be your lifemate. If things had been different, or I had not let him taint me so completely, perhaps I could have been the one to save your soul. But this is the last you will ever see or hear of me. Amora Green died the day of that dark ceremony, and..." he growled, and a collective gasp of denial came from all Carpathians, "...And I, along with my child, will leave this world. I do not care how, but I know it will be soon. Perhaps my child will have stronger parents in their next life, not some bootlicking, cock-sucking slave like me who turned on her own people. I wasn't strong enough to keep hoping, to fight, to wait for you. You, my beautiful stranger, will be in my thoughts in the next world, where my tainted soul will burn in hell for all I have done. My last, and only act of honor, will be making sure my husband does not raise my child and his evil does not touch them or you. Goodbye... Forever. Signed, Amelia Black."

"We must save her!" Kiam said. "This man has played with her mind so much that she plans to suicide! He must be dealt with!"

"Men that's no we females don't know the numbness you experience but we do...when it's brought upon us" said Juliette hugging her lifemate.

Rapheal looked to gregori " you know magic, I've never seen magic like this, is it dark or light" he asked

"It is gray," he said. "She used her own blood to cast it, but it was for a good cause. Magic is sometimes based on the user, not the spell. This is one of those times. This Drago Black seems to be a dark mage. If he had done the spell, I suspect an animal sacrifice to be used."

"He killed a rabbit to engorge her breasts and bottom," said Kiam. "That was in the earlier pages. So? Are we going to go get her?"

"Of course we will," said Manolito. "The real problem is that we have looked in that area before, above and below."

"But not ground level," said Solange. "It is possible that they used magic to hide. If what Gregori said is true..."

"It is," he said.

"...Then they forced some poor, innocent mages to use light spells to conceal their house of horror," finished Solange.

"Then, let's go!" Kiam said. "You said it yourselves. Jaguar women, lycans, and even humans in the area have gone missing! She said that they were kidnapping mages from around the world! He wouldn't leave them behind! They are there too! We can take down his entire empire!"

"Someone that broken," said Solange, taking Jasmine's hand, "saving them can also hurt them."

"I know that if she sees I'm coming for her, she will hope again," Kiam said. "When she sees no one gave up looking for her, not ever, she will know she is still cared for. He hasn't tainted her. She never allowed him to. She did what she had to so she could survive, that's all. I'd have done the same."

"We all would have," agreed Mikhail. "Bring our sister-kin home. And bring every one of his victims here. We can send them home once we destroy that madhouse."

Kiam bowed. He looked to Juliette and Solange and said, "I do not know the jungle. I will follow your lead."

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