When it rains it pours

Amora would have been in awe at the beauty city if things had been different. The beautiful buildings were bursting with color and art. Music could be heard all around , it mixed with peoples laughter and speech. She walked without thought, in a mindless daze. She didn't know what she was looking for yet so she just kept walking. She didn't know how much time had past but eventually she found herself near the ocean. She felt the calling then, this would be it, it was fitting. she always liked water and her body would feed the life in the sea. Becoming part of the ocean was not a bad way to go. She found a secluded spot and stripped off her clothes. she closed her eyes and took a deep breath and for the first time in a year she smiled because she felt like it, soon it would all be over and she would be free.

Just as she started walking into the ocean, Drago was there, pulling her back onto land. A slave was with him in simple clothing.

"I finally found you!" he said. "I need to get you back to the house, to the safe room. Gustav betrayed me." He looked down at her. "Normally, I would pound into you, but the product is escaping and we could be in danger." He put a blanket around her and pointed to the slave to gather Amora's clothing. "Get in the car."

Under the blanket, her mark from her beautiful stranger warmed and glowed, causing his words to return to her. Only you will see it. If you ever feel alone, you will feel my warmth. When I am nearby, it will glow. And if you are in danger, it will warn you. He was nearby. He was with her through the mark.

She got in the car, her hopes of dying in the ocean were unreachable now. She waited until the were speeding down the high way to make her last attempt, maybe she would take him to hell with her "my dear husband you look stressed" She said letting the blanket drop and she straddled his lamp "let me ease that for you" She said in the submissive tone he liked

Drago said, "Amelia, not now. I must concentrate. The shadow cats need me to direct them. I can't hurt the product." They pulled up to the house. "Let's get to the study. Once I put in the commands, then we can have our fun." He looked at the slave. "Take those that are loyal to me and their masters and go to the docks once dressed. Tell Ishmael to let you back on board." He handed her a wax-sealed envelope. "Hand this to the Brandon Douglas. He will make sure you all go to your proper masters." The slave ran off and Drago took her to the study. He locked the door, typed on the keyboard for a bit, and hit enter before turning to her. "All is prepared. The study is going below ground now, so let's destress."

He flung everything off of the desk and laid her on it, a sign that he was worried. Appearance was everything to him, and throwing things off of his desk was not a good appearance. He kissed her hard and moved his fingers in and out of her core until she was wet. He shoved into her and began pounding.

Just then, they heard shouts above them and flames licked slowly down the wall.

“What’s going on?” She said in a worried tone, holding onto him like she was scared

He wrapped his around her and a realization hit him. He cared for this slave... no, this woman. He began pounding harder. He wrapped his hands around her neck, not only to feel her squeeze around him, but also to squeeze the life out of her. He could not have her be his weakness.


"I'm willing," said Solange, looking at her cousin. "This is what we do. Save women from monsters. I will not stop now."

The others agreed and prepared. Raphael seemed to take the longest and when he came with the scent of colby all over him it was clear why.

They were traveling within the hour

It wasn't long until they found the house. The details from the diary made it fairly easy, except for a few things like the shadow cats lurking along the way. They saw people exiting from the sewer outside the walls.

One of them turned and shot a massive fireball at the house. Kiam flew through the sewer. He had to find Amora. When he got inside, several servants blocked his path. When the others joined him, he looked at them.

"They are human," he said. "I'm still new to hunting. Are their minds broken or are they sick, twisted souls like Drago?"

“We will let gregori decide for now we gather them all” Raphael said as the woman bearded them all outside “let us see if there is anyone left to save in the house the females will stay outside and round everyone up” he said running along with him

"They will go into hiding," said Solonge with confidence. "Most do so, so that the kidnappers can't find them. Juliette and I can pick up their scents and we can locate them. As women who have seen these things before, it would be best for us to be the ones to find them."

Gustav came up and said, "There are three more rooms. Bust down the left hand wall in this room and the next and you will find them."

"How can we trust you?" asked Dominic, placing himself between the stranger and the women.

"Madam Black's orders," he said.

"That's Amora," Kiam said with a growl. "I'll look for her."

A large portion of the upper floor fell in, blocking the exit. As if he couldn't see it, he walked into the flames. The women buried their faces into their lifemate's chests. Kiam didn't wait. He broke through the wall and into the next room. He left the others to tend to those trapped. He climbed the steps quickly. Despite the smoke, he could follow Amora's scent. When he couldn't open the door, he turned to mist. The now cracked rocks of the ground floor allowed him access to the saferoom. There was a small hallway designed for a quick exit. He knew that at least three others connected to the saferoom to provide a getaway in all directions. He destroyed the door and entered the room.

Drago continued to pound into Amora. His cum filling her as she struggled to breathe. Kiam's vision went red, not a good sign. It was not a color that one now so close to turning needed. He knew the others would feel the darkness in him.

"Amora!" Kiam yelled.

Devastation colored her face and Drago looked up to see the intruder. He had run out of time, and that look... He grabbed the large dagger that was in the desk and stabbed amora in the left side of her chest

Kiam went to lunge at Drago and save his lifemate but a beam fell from the ceiling. When he managed to get to the desk, both of them were gone. There were two doors. He could hunt Drago later. He had to find Amora. He put a shield around him to protect himself. He had to calm down, had to breathe. It was hard, but she needed him to be centered. When he was no longer seeing red, he headed through the eastern door and followed her scent. It was slow going as the house was falling apart around him.

Blood was everywhere, the deeper he went the more there was, eventually the passage lead outside. There was no sign of them, on the ground was a large puddle of her blood right next to a fast moving river, but there was no body and her scent stopped there.


It hurt just to breathe, she told herself that she needed to open her eyes, why was that so difficult for her right now. She didn’t even know where she was, or what had happened. All she knew was she felt cold, so very cold and her body hurt so much. Slowly her eyes opened, just enough for her to get a glimpse. She saw the sky, she felt water all around her yet her head laid on something soft, mud, she knew it by the smell. Why couldn’t she move, she tried but her body felt so heavy and cold.

Suddenly she saw fur and the sky started to move, or was she moving, she wasn’t sure, but soon she didn’t feel the water anymore and the sky turned to trees. Was she in the forest now? She didn’t care anymore, she just wanted to sleep, she was so tired. Her eyes started to close and she started to drift off to sleep but a deep pain cause her to gasp and wake up when something bit into her shoulder. She wanted to look to see what was hurting her but for the life of her she couldn’t even move to do that, the pain kept her awake and soon she found that the trees had now disappeared and she found herself surrounded by darkness, was this it? Could she finally sleep? Her eyes felt so heavy. But a new sensation was now keeping her awake. She felt wetness, warmth, was she being licked by something? She felt their tongue licking at her body, fur brushed her, the warmth was nice, something licked her face and she managed to open her eyes. A jaguar was looking down at her, her eyes met his, a lone hunter of the jungle. He nuzzled her face, waking her up even more, she knew he meant no harm, she didn’t know how but she knew. She could feel when he was cleaning her as he rested next to her keeping her warm. She turned her head, though it was extremely hard to do so and nuzzled the jaguar's mottled fur before her world went dark.


Kiam watched an angry Solange appear and he growled.

"Amora ran out of this tunnel," he said, his own anger rising again. "She was raped and stabbed by Drago. I lost her in the river. Tell me, why is there a pool of blood next to the water?"

"If she was stabbed this is probably where she bled..." His look told her not to finish that sentence " if we follow the river we should find her " she said in a tense tone, she was covered in blood and the blood on her hands smelled like amoras

"You attacked an injured, pregnant, woman," Kiam growled. "A woman who was visibly wounded and naked from what a monster did to her." Dominic appeared between his mate and Kiam, catching him. "A women who wouldn't fight back, ready to leave this world behind!"

" I didn't know it was her! All I knew is I sensed magic and I haven't found any mage slaves here just bad mages, I acted quickly," she said in a honest tone "I'm sorry it was a mistake but I couldn't stop and ask if she was a good mage or a bad one"

"Did you not spare a second to touch her mind?!" he yelled. "I thought you were supposed to help those injured by monster! He is a mage! He used magic on her and you knew it! You didn't try! You just wanted..."

Dominic slammed Kiam into the ground and said, "It was the heat of battle. Calm yourself. Your woman needs you right now and lashing out at others able to perform their duties will not absolve you of the guilt you feel."

Kiam laid there a moment and looked at Solange, saying, "I'm... sorry. I shouldn't have let... my anger and fear for her... cloud my mind."

"I am truly sorry and I will help you find her I promise, hang on to the light brother and you must claim her once we do, your so depends on it" she said and shifted into her Jaguar form and started tracking her

"As much as I agree to what must be done, so long as she is near, I will hold on," Kiam said. "She will see the binding ritual as another cage. I will not be put into the same category as her rapist."

He turned into his wolf form and followed after Solange. He learned why Jaguars and not wolves ruled the jungle almost instantly.

The ran for miles before Solange finally stopped, there was blood and drag marks by the waters edge that lead into the forest it's not looking good, the scent is Jaguar she said to them both

The scent isn't one of the shapeshifters, he said, The undertone isn't right, but it is a male. Her mother told me that she befriended a large bear back in the valley. Do you think that is what is happening here? Her calling on the local wildlife for aid without realizing it?

Solange looked at her lifemate and then at him let us hope that is the case...

He needs this hope, Solange, said Dominic as they all slowly made their way to the Jaguar's lair. If it were you, I would grasp at any hope I could. If she is, I will dispatch him quickly so that he does not turn.

At least include me when you talk about me, Kiam said, showing that Gardien sense. I can smell her. We are close. I thought Jaguars put their prizes in trees. Do they take them to a ground-level cave too or is that only to protect the young and injured?

depends on the Jaguar...I'll go in first when we get there she said in a apprehensive tone

Her heartbeat and breathing will be faint, Kiam said. And the baby will be in danger. I want to be doubly sure that she is alright. We will need to lure the jaguar from the cave so that we can properly tend to her.

leave the jaguar to me you and domanic stay outside until I say it's ok to come in

Kessake, be careful, her lifemate said, rubbing against her. This young man will make a great hunter. Gregori can come and take a look at the woman. Do not say she is gone from this world until he takes a look.

I will be careful with how I talk to him, she said. Just keep him busy.

Dominic had Kiam go around to set up a perimeter below the canopy while Dominic took to the sky. Meanwhile, Solange moved silently towards the cave. As she got nearer, she saw that the blood trail lessened. That was never a good sign. But, she also noted that a good many healing herbs grew around the cave. She was able to catch the scent of the male. It was odd. He didn't seem to be putting a body away for later eating nor was he looking for a mate. Still, the evidence pointed to the woman being dead.

She neared the mouth of the cave to peer inside. There was the male, and she could barely make out the feet of the woman on the other side of him. He was healthy and strong, so if he was protecting his prize, he wasn't doing so in a natural fashion. The wind changed so that a small draft entered the cave. The male looked at her and growled.

She saw a small weak looking hand come up around the males neck, it gripped his fur lightly before stroking it's neck. The male eyes Solange and hissed and when the hand dropped only then did he look away and looked down at something that was under him, she could hear the sound of him licking something and heard a faint groan

Dominic, we need Gregori here now, she said, the shock coloring her voice. She's alive, but only just. Keep the boy from entering until he gets here.

That's becoming more difficult, but I will do my best, Dominic said. Gregori will be here in three minutes.

Solange howled at the male, like she was coming to take the woman from him. She knew that the large cat would follow her and run her off. She gave off the sense of hunger, showing she was very dangerous. The male turned back to her and stood up, his stance protective. She growled and swiped at him. That triggered the jaguar.

She noticed he didn't go far from her, so much so that she still couldn't see her. He used his body to stay between her and Solange.

She had to get him to chase after her and get him away from the woman. If Gregori came and the large cat didn't let any of them heal the woman, she would die and they would lose a hunter. I need a plan, because acting like this isn't working, Dominic, she said.

Take control of the cat's mind? Dominic said. Sorry, but his fear over his lifemate is causing me to have to fight to keep him held back. He's strong for a child. Do what you need to.

She sighed and did so, she influenced the jaguar to go out for a hunt and what she saw when he left made her stomach turn we need gregori now!

Amora lay in a pool of blood that was already darkening. Her blood flow had slowed so much that Solange was sure that they could not save her. Her body was a road map of bruises from her captor and Solange's marks from the mistaken attack. The stab wounds were full of blood, covering her stomach. Blood seeped from the corner of the woman's mouth and her eyes were closed. If not for the heartbreaking situation, Solange would have said that the woman was at peace, that her time had come. But eternal rest was not an option for Amora.

Gregori entered. He growled at the sight. Kiam followed close by and took Amora's face in his hands. He talked aloud to her, fear and worry on his face. Gregori set to work immediately, but he knew that there was a great deal of damage and she was already reaching for the Tree of Life.

"Amora, don't go," Kiam said, tears in his voice as he reached for her soul. "I need you. Come back to me."

Domanic and Solange noticed there were healing herbs growing in the blood that surrounded her, herbs that were not native to this land but we're native in the Carpathian mountains.

Gregori noticed the child instantly as it was suffering from her blood lost. The knife wounds by some miracle had missed it completely.

She is a great gift, said Dominic. To grow those without seeds, or transplanting... We must do all we can. Solange, help me gather the herbs. We will need to quickly dry them and prepare them for Gregori. Stay away from Kiam. He will be highly volatile until she is fully healed.

Gregori examined her body. It was a mess of black magic. He reached out to his daughters. Anya, Anastasia, I have great need. A lifemate and her child have been badly used and are near death. So much black magic has been twisting itself around her and through her, It will take years to remove it by myself. Anya, you can work at the dark tendrils faster than I can, so you can handle that. He felt her pride from that statement. Anastasia, you will monitor the child. The loss of blood is taking mother and child far from us. Her lifemate, Kiam, is beside himself, but he is fighting her to keep her soul with us. She desires to leave.

I can talk to her, said Anastasia as she and her sister traveled to the cave. Having lived through that, even being completely broken by it, I survived. Without Stefan, I don't think I would be where I am. And knowing you and mama were there helped too.

When we get her healed enough to stay in the land of the living, even in a human coma, you can help her take that first healing step with Solange and Juliette. For now, let's just get mother and child stable enough to travel.

Gregori felt the childs small light, it was a fighter though it was too early for gender to be known.

Kiam finally found her soul nearing the tree of life

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