Time has come 2

"I'm afraid that allowing Sange rau onto the property isn't an option," said Mikhail. "Manolito and MaryAnn. They will feel them and feel it is their duty to attack. The rest of us can't sense them. Besides, we don't abandon anyone who might be in need."

Amera said, "I know I can't help look, but I can help heal. I may still be broken, but I'm mending. That's what counts. If you want, I can make sure that the mixture is actually helping after everything calms down."

"Your power is broken, not you, it's not pure anymore, so you are useless to me" he said to amera and then looked back at Mikhail "a half breed is not coming they are dead " he said said looking back towards the woods just as a female emerged with linde right outside the barrier. Instantly alarms went off, this was a vampiress and she looked mentally unstable, twitching growling, baring her fangs, her nails dug into linde. The boy turned towards her and she looked at him, he reached out with his arms open like he wanted a hug. She dropped linde on the ground like she was nothing. Before anyone could act the boy disappeared and reappeared infront of the vampiress and instantly she grabbed him and bit into his shoulder. But a second later she dropped him and cried out and grabbed her throat and she fell to the ground and began thrashing and screaming. The boy went to linde and looked down at her like he was examining her

Amera covered her ears. She didn't want to hear the screams. Mikhail put Raven behind him. Several of the men arrived, but didn't know what was going on.

"Stay back!" Mikhail yelled. "He poisoned her. Destroying her now will only harm you." He glared at the boy. "Instead of simply taking pity on the poor woman forced to become a vampiress, he is instead torturing her until that concoction kills her."

The woman began to smoke like she was burning from the inside out. She burst into flames and her screams died out in a nasty gurgling sound. The boy bent down next to linde and touched her face and looked her over like he was examining her. He leaned down and said something into her ear that no one else could hear and her eyes popped open. He stood up and took a few steps away " get up Yana " he said in a harsh tone. Linde tried to move but couldn't "get up and come to me, you no longer have your roots it's all in your head" he said in a louder tone "come to me and we can go home" he said holding out his hand.

Are you sure this is what you want right now? Mikhail asked her. He uses dark magic and dark beings without thought. He hurts you and talks so harshly when you need love. He took Raven's hand. Both of you do. You are not a servent to him, and dark magic is not the way to get what you want. Think on it, little one.

She didn't speak but he felt her touch, warmth filled him like she was trying to comfort him. she grunted as she tried to move and managed to make her legs twitch

"Get up Yana!" The boy yelled and Mikhail saw it, it was only there but he saw it, fear in his eyes, fear and sadness "her up now!" He yelled and the ground cracked around him.

Mikhail didn't raise his voice, but the boy felt the weight of it. The weight of the Prince of the Carpathians.

"Enough," Mikhail said. "She is pain. It is one thing to want to leave and heal in the privacy of your own resting grounds. It is another to hurt your lifemate because of your fear. Using black magic has caused her immense pain so strong, the earth trembled with it. Yet, you still use it. She cannot move because of the pain she feels, and yet she thinks not of herself, but of others' pain first. It is your duty to protect her, but here you are, causing her the most pain. I should not have to lecture you about this, it should be instinctual. Though, if Xavier were alive, he'd be proud to have corrupted a Carpathian. Luckily, he is not, and this can change, and it starts with you learning another way, to end her cycle of pain."

The boy looked at Mikhail with such hatred he could feel it "you know nothing of me or Yanalina, just because I'm like you doesn't make me one of you" he said with his fangs at full length " you have done more damage to her then I have because you think you know everything, your just a reckless bad man " he said with a disgusted tone "no wonder your people are dying" he said just as linde managed to flip on her side and his face softened and turned back to her " come on hurry " he said holding his hand back out. Linde little shaking hand reached for him weakly and then went back down as she tried to get up "hurry they are coming, and you insisted on protecting this stupid people so if you don't hurry they will hurt them" he said and Mikhail could see the fear on linde face

"We do not care about pain," Mikhail said. "We understand the risks involved. If protecting on person is what is needed, we do so without hesitation. Manolito sacrificed himself for a pregnant woman and her child, nearly dying and missing his mate, but not once would he change that decision. I know that we have several hunters here at the ranch, and some close by, who would be willing to battle for eons if it meant protecting the two of you."

For a moment he looked almost shocked but then he shook his head "your people have never protected us, you use us and hurt us" he said in a angry tone "it took us thousands of years to be able use our own voice...to be heard" he said in a stressed tone " you can't even protect your own people I won't trust you to help us and you already hurt Yana " he said with a growl as linde managed to push herself up on her side with shaking arms. Both children look at each other and it looked like Zane was going to say something but instead he looked towards the woods and then ran towards linde but right before he could reach her a large male appeared and snatched him him and one grabbed linde

Mikhail didn't hesitate. He broke the male's neck that had Linde. Gregori scortched the body within seconds. It was as if both ancients were in two places at once. When Mikhail went to go for the one holding Zane, Gregori put up a barrier around him and everyone else, taking the brunt of the magical attack.

"Damn it, Gregori!" Mikhail raged.

"I can handle this," said Gregori, getting up. "You are the prince. If you die, we all die. Alex is still too young. We need you to live."

"Now is not the time to keep me locked up!"

"It is my duty to protect you, even if that is from yourself. Tend to our girl. I'll save the boy."

"Yana!" Zane screamed and reached for her. Linde forced herself to stand and shakingly started to try and run to him "speak to me! Call my name!" He yelled before the man covered his mouth. Tears ran down linde face as her mouth open "z....." she said in a cracking voice. The man started to retreat with Zane "Zane!" Linde cried out and the man with zane froze "Zane! I want Zane!" She cried. The man turned around like he was in a daze and dropped Zane. Zane ran for linde and the moment they reached for each other zane slammed into her so hard they both fell on the ground hugging each other tightly. The man snapped out of his trance just and gregori started to attack him.

Mikhail walked to the edge of the barrier as Amera went to the children. Gregori was attacking magic with magic. Everything the mage threw at him, Gregori sent it back. It was like Gregori was on the defensive, but he wasn't. He was leading the mage.

Meanwhile, Amera said, "Let me see. I can get the poison out." When Zane growled at her, she just smiled. "Sweetheart, I had worse than that. Much worse, and it was my own fault that I was in that mess. Healing her wounds from the vampiress is nothing." She looked at Zane's leg. "You will get an infection quick if I don't tend you. My uncle is busy right now, but when he is finished, he will come help. I promise."

The area around them filled with the scent of healing herbs, strong and potent. At the same time, the mage found his back to Mikhail, who tore down the barrier and grabbed the man. Gregori punched the man in the chest and pulled out his heart before incinerating the body and organ. Then, he collapsed, looking pale and hurt.

"Uncle!" Amera yelled, now, not knowing what to do. She looked at Zach for a moment. "Call my father. I have to get the poison from Yanalina." She looked at Zane. "Talk to her. Tell her anything good, like a valley where you plan to make your home, far from anyone bad. Just keep her from going to sleep."

With that, Amera shed her body and began healing.

She was forced back in her body " you can't help you you are just as bad as them, you make bad decisions, you know nothing about me or her yet you think you know what's best, you don't listen" he said as he expression grew cold " touch us again and I will do worse to you then he did" he said in a threatening tone.

Amera smiled, though Zach saw how stiff she was, and she said, "I understand. You are worried for her. We could be hurting her because we don't know you. You are afraid that we will use you for your gifts. I mean, I was only called in because my gift was useful in some way, right? But Carpathians aren't perfect. Look at Mikhail. He carries the weight of an entire species on his shoulders, yet he would walk out onto the battlefield if we let him. I handed myself to a vampire for selfish reasons, lying to myself that it was for a good cause. And you? You drink poison that tortures anyone who feeds from you, but you also don't want to try and trust us, even when we are willing to risk our lives for yours, no questions asked." She wrapped him in a calming scent. "It doesn't come easy. I wanted to remove the poison so that she was a little more comfortable. She is so much stronger than I am. Is it wrong to want to give aid? If I hurt her, I would listen to her and examine the situation. As her lifemate, wouldn't you do the same, ease her pain and suffering? It takes a lot to trust another to do so, and I didn't ask for that. I went to do my duty because she deserved to not be in pain." She looked at the little girl. "And I am sorry if I caused you any by attempting to heal you."

"you all already used us!" he yelled catching everyone's attention "for centuries you fed off us! And she had no poison in her and the poison does not hurt me!" he yelled and stood up with her, still hugging her to him and she was hugging him back " you no nothing about our bodies or what we are yet you rip us from our roots!" he said "you are just as bad as those who created us!" he said and linde started stroking his back and he seemed to calm down a little. He looked down at her "it doesnt matter if they didnt know, look what they did when they found us" He said to her like she had spoken to him "they are bad people yana " he said and linde hugged him tighter "remember how it felt when they fed from you....you had to leave me because of them, the only reason they are still alive is because you ask it of me otherwise they would already be dead" he said looking Mikhail straight in his eye and he knew he meant what he just said "i am leaving with her now and if any of you try and stop me i will do whatever i need to do"

"We acted on instinct," Mikhail said, getting to their level. "Perhaps it was wrong, but we are willing to learn from our mistakes. Now that you have her, I no longer feel the hostility coming from you. If you wouldn't mind explaining so that we can give aid, if needed, that would help a great deal. We do not wish to cause farther pain you the two of you."

He was silent for a moment and then he looked down at linde like she had said something and he sighed "fine but you promised" he said looked back at Mikhail "you honestly think that your land was pure after what those brothers did?" he said "no it wasn't and that meant he couldnt watch you or d what he needed because you had no place to go" he said "so he made us....every healing cave you have is them" he said gesturing to linde "you drain them everytime you go there to heal or use that land they are attached too but it wasnt enough, i was created to attracted your fallen so he can control them too, know where they were and what they did....why yana was connected to your people...watching and feeling, my kind got you when you turned...vile, angry nasty things you are,"he looked at amera "i could hear him..his voice, how he felt as he tortured you" he said with disgust "centuries....centuries you have used us....me and linde are the only ones left, you drained dry the others...the first to go were the ones in Romanian...you all sucked them dry...until there was noting left" He said in a angry tone "all our siblings...killed by you and your kind and mages, humans...shifters were the only ones who didn't hurt us" He said and took a step away from him "and you...your family is the worst, your father knew about us..."He said in a strained tone "he was the one that chose the locations we were buried in"

Mikhail growled and punched the ground before saying, "I'm not my father. If I had known, I would have tried to help all of you. No one deserves to be used up like that. My father should have never agreed to that. To hear that he did sickens me. We have earth healers, children embraced by Mother Earth herself, and so much more, and yet we did not know of this." He looked at Zane. "Was my brother, Draven, alive at the time? Because we had used the earth long before my father was prince. Alycrome would never have put children in the earth, even if it meant saving a whole species. Why would my father and his second team up with Xavier to put you in the ground at all? Just the thought is abhorrent."

"Xavier used a type of mind manipulation magic to make a fake vision for your father to see, that a unseen enemy was growing and a war was coming, when your father and his second came to him for help, he convinced him this would prevent that future or at least ensure your species survival. Your father thought if they knew where the vampires would go it would be safer and easier to kill them, and the girls were meant to clean the spoiled earth and make better healing grounds, he convinced him it would only be temporary and that we wouldn't even be awake for it and that it was the safest place for us because we would be hidden and away from the war to come" he said in a cold tone "he was a good liar and your father was easy to fool" he said in a upset tone "unknowing your father help place the bombs that he used to win that war...us" he said taking another step back "and then you...rip us from our roots...not knowing or caring what it would do to us...you are no better"

"I didn't know the extent of your torment," Mikhail admitted, "and I acted on instinct. I had no information. However, if I had the information, I'd still try to free the two of you so that you could live normal lives. I would have gone a different way so as to avoid pain, but still, you can move and live your lives. How long has it been since you saw each other in person? If at all? Isn't this a gift worth having?" He pulled Raven to him gently. "To simply hold your other half, your lifemate, in your arms? I'd risk any pain, even death, if it meant I could hold Raven for all time."

He growled "we are mages we dont have lifemates...yana is my sibling not my lifemate and all you did is kill us, the roots were the only thing stopping use from aging we will now age to our correct ages, i give us less then a month before we turn to dust" he said in a low tone "like i said you are just like him...you are bad people, you claim it was instinct but in reality you just acted without thinking and now we die because of it"

Mikhail hugged Raven. His soul wept. Then, Yanalina touched his mind to comfort him. She had an amazing gift and she deserved happiness. Then it hit him.

"Conversion," he said. "If you are willing, and know a family you would like to adopt the two of you, we can convert you before you become dust." Then, something hit him. "Zane... you're not just a mage. You are a Carpathian, and older than even I. You won't turn to dust. How are you Carpathian but all your other siblings were not?"

"a long time ago a vampire found me...do i need to say the rest?" he said with a glare "and all it means is me and yana will die together because when i reach my age i will turn into the oldest vampire your kind has had and if you think i have not learned while i was stuck in the ground you are mistaken and my anger towards you will have no limits...i will kill every last one of you " he said more like it was a promise then a threat "there is no saving either of us" he said

Gregori got up then and went to get Zane but Mikhail stopped him, saying, "Calm down. There is still a chance he has a lifemate and someone can adopt him into their family."

"He might kill you before we get that chance!" Gregori yelled.

Amera rolled her eyes and turned to the children as the two argued and said, "We have a mage here. She fed you, remember? What if she used white magic to help you so that you could find your lifemate? We learned that, with enough people, the person experiencing the conversion won't feel the pain. Then, your sister won't have to suffer." Then, she gasped. "Wait, you two are twins, aren't you? The opposite of each other. Black magic hurts her, but helps you, just as white magic helps her and harms you."

"but we never harm each other, we are immune to each other" he said stepping back away from her and linde looked up at him and he looked down at her and shook his head "it wont matter" he said in a soft but stressed tone "dont yana you know it wont make a different " he said and after a moment he sighed "we.....are more then just siblings" he said in a upset tone "we were also create in pairs for a reason" he said looking away like he was disgusted by something

"What reason?" she asked, not moving, but suddenly feeling sick.

"xavier wanted a army lady why dont you think about it" he said with a angered tone "soaking up all that magic from all of you and then when we were fully charged sort to speak dig us up and make us fuck is that what you want to hear" he said loudly enough to make Mikhail and gregori pay attention "why do you think he used souls of dead life mates when creating us, it takes only a fraction of the original soul , then it grows on its own but the result is still the same" he said with a disgusted tone

Amera started to cry and said, "I'm so sorry. I... want to try and make it better, but..."

"If you want, we can find a way to allow you to be happy in this life," said Mikhail. "We have a month. If we can and you are willing, we will find a way to let you both live real lives."

"This is a bad idea, Mikhail," said Gregori. "I know of only one spell for that, and no matter which way you go, light or dark, it would mean you die and that is not going to happen."

Amera looked at Zach, "I want to help them. I know I'm not fully healed, but they..."

he moved her away from them "sometimes you cant help amera and you need to be able to accept that or you will make mistakes again" he said softly

Zane look at Mikhail "you are so quick to help yet i think if you knew everything you wouldnt and he already wants to kill me" he said looking at linde and she shook her head like she didnt want him to continue "you said to tell them the truth" he said with a growl and then looked back up at him "yanalina was made from a woman called yana, a human empath...wanna guess who her lifemate was that i was made from?" he said in a cold tone

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