Time has come 3

Amera buried her face in Zach's chest, needing to cry. She was still training to fight, but learning to be a healer and her ordeal still had emotionally fragile. He wrapped his arms around her, almost hiding her from the others. and began to walk her towards the cabin "lets get you inside" he said softly

Mikhail pulled out his father's journal and said, "Yana's lifemate was..."

"So I have to destroy him again?!" Gregori nearly groaned.

Zane took a couple of steps back with linde "we are leaving now" he said in a low tone and linde looked back at them "m.." she began "mr prince" she said it in a soft strained tone and being the first time he heard her speak it was like music to his ears "its ok....you will be better then him" she said with a soft smile "mr healer.." she said looking at gregori "sometimes its ok to rely on others...you dont have to make up for his mistakes your not him" she said with a smile "zane is good...i wont let him hurt anyone" she said looking back and zane and then them "just like you are not them we are not them...we have lived so long..we just want to rest"

"Wait," said Mikhail, going up to Zane and handing him the journal. "I think this is more yours than mine. It will give you insight on who you both were supposed to be. It is your choice if you read it, but I don't believe I'm meant to have it."

"i dont care what it says, im not him and yanalina is not yana and to prove it ill keep her name you gave her, linde" he said in a calm tone "keep it, let it be a reminder of to make better choices in the future" he said "i am taking her home and we will choose how we live" he said

"That's the thing," he said, "Linde taught me to follow my heart. This book isn't mine. It belongs to one of you. I don't know which one, but one of you needs this book. Perhaps there's a hidden spell in it. You know my father had precognition. Maybe he knew that this would all happen to make sure he could give my mother what he could not while she was a live: a second chance for her son. But this means that, if you were part of Yana and Draven, then you were buried after my father died, not during. I was prince with Draven died, Zane. I ordered his destruction. You weren't placed by my father. You were placed as insurance by Xavier."

"that were you are wrong...we were very much a live, just souless" he said with a distant tone like he was reliving it for a moment "just a toy created in his lab..." he said "but he found that without a soul....we didn't meet his needs" he said as he took the book "but i remember everything....even when i had no soul...." he said flinching and linde hugged him tighter and he seemed to calm himself "just.....leave us alone....ive had enough of you and your people...slowly feeling and hearing my siblings die while you all sucked them dry..."

"Could have been avoided if I had known," said Mikhail. "I would have helped get you out of that hell so that you and your siblings could have lived the way you wanted. Not as some madman's tools but as living people. I'm not my father. I've had to clean up a lot of his mess. If you allow me, I'd like to help you clean up this one as well, to give you the ability to live as you were meant to. And it starts by giving you this journal. Please."

"what dont you get there are some things you cant fix, we are all thats left and look what happened when you found us...we would only have died quicker if you would have found us earlier...maybe your not your father, then that just means you make your own mistakes and it end the same, he ended out freedom and you and your people ended our lives" he said in a tired tone

"Is taking a chance so scary that you won't even try?" Amera asked, looked Zane in the eye with a sad expression. "Doesn't that make you and I the same? I didn't want to take the chance on making a mistake and hurting someone. If you hadn't stopped me, I may have hurt Linde. If that had happened... it would take much longer for me to keep going, to try and make decisions. But, right now, you aren't willing to try and live." She moved away from Zach and stood before Zane. "I was afraid to try because I didn't want to make a mistake. You are strong, Zane. You have power, and the ability to change what he programed into your DNA. Why are you letting fear take you and Linde away when both of you could live long, happy lives? Are you afraid of what happiness might do? Or are you afraid that even this is all fake? That this is an illusion and that you are still dying in the ground?"

He stared coldly at her "do you feel good talking like this girl?" he asked in a cold tone "does it make you feel frown up? " he said glaring at her "why dont you go back to keeping your mouth shut like a good little girl at least then they wont see how stupid and childish you really are, you and me are not the same, you are not even on the same level as me in any way , with no effort at all i could break you, or fix you or just completely erase, you but see i think before i act, i act on the knowledge i know and if i dont know i learn it before i take action....should i tell you what i know about you...or better yet should i tell your lifemate who has yet to claim you how dirty you actually are" he said and Mikhail had to hold zach back

Amera hugged herself, looked away, and said, "I know I'm childish. I know everything I've done. I don't need you airing it out. I saw fear in you, Zane. There are different ways to be broken. Isolation, words, physical blows, mental rape... all are forms of pain, whether put on us by others or ourselves." She looked at him. "Maybe we don't have all the knowledge we could. But so what? Even if we knew everything about a situation, we can still make the wrong decisions. What makes you think that your choice to leave is right? Mikhail, me, you... we can only do what we feel is the right thing. In my case, I felt acting like a selfish brat was okay, but I was wrong. I learned that lesson, but it won't change the fact that I may still act that way in the future. It just means I acknowledge who I am. Mikhail acknowledged that he was in the wrong by removing Linde from that pond. So, tell me, how do you know that going off to die is the right thing? Do you have precognition? And even if you did, just knowing that future could change the very outcome, so why not try to make your future better?" She went to Zach and held his hand. "I don't care if you turn my life into a living hell, Zane, because at least I'm going to move forward and live, trying to better myself with my lifemate." She looked back. "Death doesn't allow that, now does it?"

he laughed, it sent chills through everyone there "again talking about things you do not know....i didnt lie when i said he killed us, there was a way to remove us safely and the best part was it was in the book he just handed me" he said meeting mikhails eyes "you sure are raising some strong people mr prince.... and you let children come and talk nonsense" he said and looked back at amera "your mistake was thinking you had any right to speak to me, you are nothing...absolutely nothing , you are a waste of space and the only thing you will do in your entire life is hurt people, its instinct for you people" he said and looked back and mikhail "do you know what your father is feeling, regret, regret that he didnt let the Carpathians die with him, why dont you do your race a favor and let them go extinct, your going to lead them there anyways just get it over with" he said.

Mikhail felt that blow in the pit of his stomach. Amera shrunk in on herself, holding herself as if she might break apart. Gregori growled, forcing Mikhail to hold him back this time.

"Stop it," said Amera, tears falling. "It may seem hopeless right now, but we are mending and it's because of Mikhail. Without him and Raven rallying our people, we wouldn't have defeated Xavier and his brothers. The world, as we know it, would be gone. I refuse believe in that false future you are trying to sell us!" Zach tried to hug her to him, but she started to fight, forcing him to have to hold her back. "You can't tell me that we are all going to die! It isn't real! Our struggles are! Even ancients thousands of years old are still learning new things! They are lies to comfort yourself! You are the one who knows nothing, because if you did," she glared at him, "you'd know that all you are reciting is the same falsehood we've heard a thousand times over, and prove wrong every god damn day!"

"really? you call this living?" he said with a cold smile "no amount of little moments you have over writes the pain and lost and fear you feel on a daily biases, none of you are living" he said in a amused tone " there will be no peace for your kind even after you turn to dust, vampires dont choose to fall because they are afraid or because they are evil, ever vampire i have ever touched they all had one thing in common, they understood there was no end to their suffering, they willing give up their soul because they do not want to be reborn" he said and Mikhail and everyone their felt that down to their very soul, i witnessed your hunters who greet the sun be reborn and live that pain all over again, every one has chosen to fall after doing it over gain, they might not remember who they were but the soul does not forget the pain of your species exsistance " he said in a cold tone

Everyone went still. It was like all joy was stolen from them. Their pain called in a thunderstorm so great that trees began to fall. Mikhail stared at Zane as if he were one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

"Then tell me," said another voice, "if it's so hopeless, why are you here?" They looked up to see Dracul. "You weren't reborn, you were torn off of an asshole to harm. Seems like you are doing a pretty good job. Your sister is in a great deal of pain because of you hurting them." He walked out into the open. "I remember you two. His prizes. He talked about you all the time. Though, I don't seem to recall this being your objective."

Zane smiled coldly "Dragomir the dragonslayer" zane said in a amused tone "the one who made the dargonseeker line so rare....i remember seeing the wings you kept as trophies "

Dracul smiled and said, "I was a twisted back then. Of course, being forced to be that way didn't help. Zane and Linde. Or do you prefer Draven and Yana? It doesn't matter. My lifemate was the one that saved your ass, but I tried to tell her to leave you alone." His smiled darkened and lightning flashed. "Just means I get the joy of killing you both and ridding the world of you parasites."

Zane looked at him up and down "its good to see you haven't changed, it will make killing you much more sweeter to me " he said as linde disappeared from his arms, he looked at gregori "you think you always know best...yet you let a monster attach itself to your own daughter...i wounder when was it that anya began to change..." he said and gregori felt the doubt grown inside him

"He didn't let me," said Dracul. "Though, I do have to wonder something. Tell me, what was it like looking around those depraved minds? I doubt you are truly Carpathian. Hell, you aren't even really alive. You are a dead man inside of a doll's body. Perhaps I should freeze you, take away your powers and abilities, and let the children play dress up. I can see it now. Arrogant Zane dressed up as Princess Pretty Pants. I bet the girls would love to see you in a dress. I mean, you do have such a girly face."

"long ago those taught might have effected me but not anymore, im not your own blood that you use to anger before taking off their heads" he said in a calm tone "you have one last chance to walk away before i get nasty"

"What?" Dracul said in a mocked tone. "Baby gonna cry? I've grown up. Something you'll never get to do. I have a lifemate who would bend over backwards for me, just as I would do for her. You can't even do that because now, you are related. How does it feel? Trying to say the words but blocked every time, yet your fractured, dark soul screams at you to claim her. You want and need her, but she is kept so far out of your reach, even when you can hold her in her arms. You, get nasty? That's a joke and you know it. I laugh at your empty threat."

Zane smiled "empty? you should know better" he said still calm "I find it funny the other half of you and your unborn child is so full of dark magic" he said and saw the smile on draculs face fade "so easy to manipulate" he said and dracul realized her couldn't connect to anya anymore or sense where she was at

As afraid as he was, Dracul didn't show it. All he said was, "Still trying to play at being a big man. You try to play on peoples' fears to hide that you are the one who is afraid." He gave a soft smile now walking towards Zane. "You know, it's okay to be afraid. It's okay to be broken, to fall, to make mistakes, and to mess up. Everyone acts without knowledge, even those with precognition. And that's okay." He knelt down, almost like a father and son having a talk. "I remember that day, Zane. I never forgot. I was a child and couldn't help then. It's okay to cry, to be afraid. You and Linde were in agony all that time, and no one came to save you. Now, you are afraid of losing her again. You are hoping in death, you won't be separated ever again. But they aren't Xavier. They won't put oceans between you. They won't hurt you just to see your tears. The one thing Anya has taught me is that they forgive. They don't hunt vampires because they hate them, or because they feel as if their brother is completely lost. They hunt because they love. Carpathians go after friends and family, not letting any other get to them, because they love them. Those who have no one left to feel that love, they aren't lost. They have hunters stop them and forgive them. They don't acknowledge it because it hurts to think that someone they love or respect fell from such pain. They end their brother's suffering." He put a hand on Zane's shoulder. "You are afraid, and you are lashing out, hoping to drive everyone away so you can do what you feel is the one thing to keep her with you, as you should have been all along. And it's okay. I would still call you my friend and brother, Zane. For the longest time, you were the only true family I had in those ice caves. You were also ripped from me. Any pain my inability to help caused you, I'm sorry. And I forgive you for any pain you have cause because I know the reason behind it. It's the same reason for me. I've been there." He hugged Zane. "Let it out, brother. It's okay. Do whatever you feel you have too to me, so long as you let the pain, the fear, the anger, and the grief out."

Dracul felt his hand go into his chest, the sickening sound echoed in the field " just like them you assume you know when you do not" he felt him move to rip it out but he stopped. linde appeared behind him, she hugged zane from behind, her one arm holding his chest the other touching the arm in draculs chest. Dracul noticed the pain he felt vanished and his body filled with warmth, everyone else came out of their daze as they felt the same warmth. they felt loved and embraced like they were being held by a loved one. It was as if they had all been frozen in their own grief and the eyes was melting. Even the storm slowed and it was easier for them to all think and they felt like they could breathe for the first time "let go yana..." zane said in a low tone. Linde shook her head and hugged him tighter "you should be resting where i put you, not here" he said in a upset tone

"Zane, you yell and condemn all of us for doing what she is doing," Dracul said, patting his head gently, without condemnation. "She is trying to remove your pain. She can't let you hurt this way. Your fear and anger, it hurts you more than your hand hurts me. It eats at you, a demon trying to destroy you from the inside out. No, I don't know, because you refuse to let me in. How can I know when you won't tell me? Would you speak to Yana like you did Amera? Or Mikhail? Or me? She needs you to let it out now, Zane, not lash out. We are here, together like we were when we were children. It's not the same, I know that, but we are reunited after so long." He felt Anya touch his mind. "Please, Zane. Don't make me lose my brother again."

he broke his hand with a quick snap and dracul had to tell the others not to approach in their heads because they were ready to go to him "we were never brothers" he said with a growl "its not worth my time, none of you are worth my time, the worst part is you dont see just how bad you all are" he said in a disgusted tone. "and im not scared or angry, i am to old and those emotions are long gone, i hold nothing in or back" he said as linde whispered something in his ear and dracul saw the look on his face change from cold to shocked to disbelief. He removed his hand from draculs chest and quickly turned around to face linde, he grabbed her by the shoulders "when?" he asked in a tense tone "are you sure..because that shouldn't be possible" he said in a shocked tone "where...show me where" he said and linde put her forhead to his and zane breathed out and laughed in made sounds of relief.

"The last time you laughed like that, Yana found that hidden garden in the ice caves," said Dracul, smiling through the pain. "We would sneak in there to play all the time. What is it this time?"

He growled and looked back at him "it does not concern you, ill spare you this one time, dont show yourself in front of us again, any of you, i wont hesitate to kill you if you do" he said taking linde hand. Linde looked at Mikhail im sorry for all the pain we caused, thank you for everything, your a good person mr prince, ill miss you

"I still plan on fulfilling our oath," Dracul said as they left. "I will do it. You watch."

They disappeared into the woods, the most they were gone anya was at draculs side “what the hell do you think you were doing!” She said instantly going to heal him

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