Time has come 4

Dracul groaned and said, "Trying to help an old friend. When you first found him, I didn't recognize him. But I woke up early with a nagging feeling and then it hit me. I had to try. Besides, I knew you'd come save me if it got really bad." He put his hand on her cheek. "Sorry for worrying you."

She growled "you owe me more then that..when your healed you need to tell me everything" she said before looking at everyone " and what is your excuse? Just standing there while a child had his hand through my lifemates chest !" She said in a booking tone "the prince...my own father...and everyone else doing nothing! Do we mean that little to you"

He made her look at him and said, "I'm fine, Anya. I didn't want them to come. They had his words and magic weighing them down. It is not their fault."

"We shouldn't have let it, though," said Gregori. "He even had me doubting your lifemate bond. That should not have happened. I didn't even feel him use magic."

"Well, Zane was always good at being sneaky," Dracul said. "Anya, you want to know who they are to me? I consider them my family. To have him act like that... this is nothing. It was like you watching Anastasia decline, the pain you felt. You wanted to help, but you also knew she had a lifemate that should have taken care of her. You didn't know things would get so twisted. I was told that Yana had died and Zane killed himself. I became isolated, and that weakness allowed Xavier to get ahold on me. They used to be just like every other child, and gave me a few happy memeories. I promised him that we would all dispel Xavier's hold over us and escape. They are still trapped, Anya. I fear that the magic Xavier used on them is so deeply rooted, though, that helping them would cause more harm than good."

She growled " I was here he didn't use magic to weigh them down all he did was bring out their own emotions that why now one felt magic" she said in a upset tone " and you should know better, anything created by Xavier is not savable!" She said in a serious tone " those are not children dracul those are ancients it's time to let them die like they should have long ago"

"I have to try, Anya," he said. "Would you let your sister choose death over life, knowing there is a chance for her to find happiness? To me, it's the same as if I am seeing my brother and sister, choosing to die rather than fight."

"Anya, we shouldn't have let him control us in such a way," said Mikhail. "We should have come to him sooner."

"Again, I didn't want help," said Dracul. "Ow! Anya, I know you're pissed, but at least heal me more gently."

" If you all would just deal with your shit instead of keeping it locked inside this wouldn't have happened!" She yelled and bit into her write and shoved it to Draculs mouth " you two go wait in the house I'll be into talk to you both shortly and you" she said to Mikhail and gregori and then looked at amera and Zach "and if your not back in your rooms in the next second I'll show you who the dark one really is" she said and her eyes turned silver

I thought they were dead, Anya, he said as he drank. If I had known they were still alive, I would have told you.

"Anya, don't get mad at Amera and Zach," said Gregori. "They came when we called. If anything, they were brought in and made victims. Amera just got over her fear of making decisions when that... boy got to us all. Your cousin is still trying to heal."

Anya growled "one" she said and Zach growled and picked amera up and was gone. Then she looked at gregori " I'll talk to you both later " she said with a glare "why don't you keep yourself busy by fixing the ranch you destroyed with your storm while I heal my lifemate" she said in a cold tone

all that talk about if I opened up to you about what happened you would do the same...guess you lied she said and he could hear the pain in her tone even thought she tried to hide it

Not at all, he said. I had put it away because I thought that it was over. I wasn't hurting over it or anything, and we don't usually talk about our pasts, so I thought that I didn't need to talk about it. But, remember him and our promise, yes, I should have told you before I came here, but I thought you would rest most of the night. And there is more to tell, if you are interested.

Gregori and Mikhail left without another word and joined in helping fix the ranch with the de la Cruz brothers, not because she told them to but because they welcomed the distraction. Anya looked at dracul " I just need to know how to kill them" she said in a distant tone and he felt her close him out

He closed the wound and said, "Oh, that's easy. I found that out by accident. Yana and I were in the garden. See, she was teaching me some white magic she remembered from her past life. Zane stayed far enough away to not feel the pain. When I had dark magic in me, Yana stayed back while Zane took it. But it's not enough to kill them. Zane and Yana can only be killed by one thing." He took her hand. "Zane and I got into a fight and Yana tried to break us up. She reached as he when to hit me. He tried to stop me from hurting people once. Because I had already tried to get his heart and fail, even as a child, it was easy for her hand to go in and stab his heart. I had moved, so he got her instead. The only way to kill them is to make them kill the other. Xavier knew that if he made the women innocent and fragile, more so than even Anastasia, they would die from either waking up from their slumbers or from overworking. The women couldn't kill, and the men meant to be their lifemates wouldn't hurt their women. You can't kill them, but they can kill each other. But she won't fight."

"So that's why he used lifemate souls so they couldn't kill each other? But they are not really lifemates or bonded for that matter" she said

"They don't have to be," Dracul said. "The simple fact that they are lifemates is enough for that to work, bonded or not. He could lie to her, do things that bonded lifemates can't, but he essentially can't hurt her willingly. That's all there is to it. Even vampires who find the woman who could have been their lifemate if they had waited can't kill her. They can harm her and make her wish for death, but they can't actually kill her."

"But it makes no sense...the were not born they were created, souless beings right "

Dracul said, "No, Anya. That's not what happened. He killed children, infants, in the worse way possible. He most likely drowned them because it wouldn't cause damage to the bodies. Then, using the part of the soul he had, he put those he wanted into the empty bodies. Not only that, but he probably bred the babies just for their bodies. For all intents and purposes, they are living beings."

She looked disgusted" that's not living dracul...nothing about being in his control is living and he was about to kill you...I felt it, there was no hesitation" she said "and he made sure all I could do was watch" she said shaking like she was about to break

"You really think I'd have let that happen?" he asked sitting up slightly. "Anya, I couldn't feel you, but I knew you were there. That alone gave me strength. He's in the body of a child. If Yana hadn't come to his aid, to help him calm down, I would have finished him off easily. For as much power as he had, he is still in a fragile body. I'd have at least broken his arm and a few other bones. That would have given me time to get away and get to you. If I didn't have confidence in our bond, or the friendship Yana, Zane, and I had, I wouldn't have tried the approach I did. But he was scared. As grown-up as he is, he is still afraid of never being able to be with his woman. What they need is to be reborn so they can try again."

She growled" I'm tired of this one sidedness " she said " you let me know when you realize what you did wrong and then we can talk" she said standimg up "your healed enough you can walk on your own" she said and walked away. She walked towards her father and Mikhail when she passed them she made sure both of them saw her eyes flash silver as she went into Mikhail cabbin

Mikhail smiled and shook his head. Dracul followed behind. Gregori seemed to be the only one who was angry.

"Anya, I never said I was right," he said. "I see the good side sure, in trying to help my friend, but you are right, it was wrong of me to worry you, to nearly have my heart ripped out by a 1000-year-old kid, and to have held this from you after I recognized him. Maybe I'm speaking from some deep emotions I haven't gotten to examine yet, but that's right now. You know that in a few days, I could completely turn it around." He pulled her close to him. "You are very persuasive when you want to be, and are often correct."

She pushed herself out of his arms "if your not in the ground healing in the next five minutes ill show you how persuasive i am when i kick your ass" she said folding her arms

Gregori and Mikhail walked in as Dracul held his hands up, conceding the argument to her and heading to their cabin. Mikhail leaned against the door, causing Gregori to look back. What are you doing? Gregori asked.

If I'm going to get chewed out by a child, I at least want a show first, Mikhail said.

When dracul was gone anya sigh and put both her hands on the table and leaned on it "your not making things easy on me.." she said looking at her stomach "i dont know how much longer i can hide you..." She said in a worried tone. to mikahil and gregori it looked like she had a flat stomach "just hang on a little longer ok....just a little longer" she said in a tired tone. She stood up and went over to mikhails desk and sat down "god no wonder he is uptight...this chair is stiffer then my fathers drinks..."

"I don't know what drink you are talking about," Gregori said. "And that is my chair and it's perfectly comfortable."

She got up "Well you must be drinking something since your making very stupid decisions lately" she said folding her arms

"Don't let your mother hear, but I'm not perfect," he said. "Anya, we all make mistakes, even me."

"you have been making mistakes for years, you are not his babysitting!" she said slamming her fist on the desk and it cracked "he is not a child and he is not helpless, there is a difference between helping him and taking over!" she said in a angry tone "you are not the prince you are his second, how do you think it makes him feel? it make shim feel like his own people dont trust him anymore to make the right decisions so now he desperately tries to prove that wrong and makes even more mistakes! there was a time you wouldn't dare through your weight around him let alone look him in the eye and now you treat him like a child and lock him behind a ward?! what the hell is wrong with you all have you forgotten your duties because i promise you, none of you have been doing it!"

"I was keeping him safe from himself," said Gregori. "He is the vessel of our people. As much as he hates it, his safety comes first. When the time comes for you to be Alexandru's second, it will your duty to do the same for him. He wants to hunt, I know this, but he must stay safe. Mikhail dies, so do we. I seem to have to remind him of that fact every time I turn around. I was not about to let the mage take us all out by getting to him."

"your not protecting him! you do him no favors acting this way and in case you have forgotten if he dies our people still go on!" she said and the walls shook "and it is not your job to keep him save from himself you are not his lifemate, you are doing this for your own selfish reasons and it needs to stop!" she said in a serious tone "if he dies, its only him and raven that die, we are not all going to suddenly turn into ash with him stop using that as a excuse for you unhonorable behavior because from what i can see you are harming him more then you are helping him and i am extremely disappointed in you" she said meeting his gaze and he knew she meant every word "and he is not the only one you are hurting" she said balling her fist

Gregori growled and said, "Anya, Alexandru is too young, Stefan can barely battle, and Jacques' mind will never be healed enough. At this point and time, there can be no other. Not even your mother can be the next vessel. It must be Mikhail. So I will do what is necessary to keep him safe. A barrier was what was needed today. I have done so long before he ever found Raven, and I will do so long after. Now, if that is all, trying to tell me how to do my duty, then I think we are done here. Because I'm not going to change who I am just because you think I should. I've got more experience and I've seen what happens when the second doesn't step in to stop things. Last time, Vlad and my father died. So, yeah, I'm going to keep Mikhail safe."

"but your not keeping him safe and your not doing your duty" She said in a challenging tone "and you have no right to say who can be the next prince, its not up to you and if it so happens that i lose my uncle and alex has to step up then young or not he will do so and i wont make the mistake you are making now, as his second you are there to support him and help him when he needs it but what you are doing is wrong. you are taking your own fear and own trama and reflecting in your treatment of Mikhail. You are treating him like he has no say in anything, you are taking away his choices and that is not your job, you are not prince yet you are acting like it, are you trying to take his place? because thats what it looks like. Start doing your damn job and remember your place or i will take it from you" She said in a very challenging tone


Amera shrunk into Zach. I want to leave. Not just because she scares me right now, but because... Please, let's just leave. I don't want to be here anymore.

When Anya started counting he picked her up and brought her to their room and sat her down gently on the bed " who the heal does she think she is!" He said pacing "not only talking to the prince and the dark one like that but threatening us right in front of them!"

She curled up on the bed, saying, "What if he's right? What if all of this is meaningless, or I hurt someone again?"

He stopped pacing and sighed as he looked at her " do you feel that is meaningless?" He asked

She looked at him for a moment and said, "No, I don't. I didn't mean me and you. I meant everyone trying to fend off our extinction. Me trying to do... anything. Am I just fooling myself, being selfish in wanting to actually heal people now?" She sat up. "Zach, I act childish all the time. I don't know what to do. I don't think, just do. Look at all the pain I caused you because of that one-track mind. I was dead set on being a hunter. I thought being a healer would lessen who I was. The past year, I took being a healer seriously. I want to help fight the battle to save our hunters so they can find their lifemates. But what is the point if they die or fall before they find her?"

He sat down and sighed "I do t have that answer...I think everyone has these thoughts sometimes...I mean who wouldn't after all the pain our people go through" he said in a honest tone "I think we are like the humans in that way....we have to find that what keeps us going, but at least unlike the humans one thing for us is certain. Love. A love that only others can ream of or make movies about and even then they don't come close, to experience that kind of love....it has to be worth it right?" He said in a doubting tone " or maybe we keep fighting because that's all we know" he said putting his head in his hands.

She moved to sit next to him and rub his back, a soothing aroma filling the air, as she said, "You're right. Love is worth the pain. When he had me for that month and messed with my mind, I fought hard to keep you and my family out. It wasn't because of the fight, or because I wanted to defy him. It was because I loved all of you and didn't want you hurt. I let him break me to protect you. It was my choice to do so. If he had used me to get to you, my hell would have been far worse."

"It still shouldn't have happened....if what he said was true then those horrible things that were done to you were because that hunter no longer wished to suffer or be reborn...it's a endless circle of pain"

Amera made him look at her and said, "He chose to stop holding out. You ask any male who has found his lifemate, and he will tell you the centuries of pain were worth finding his woman. Yes, it's hard and the pain is unbearable, but they chose to give into the pain, which only made it worse. They lose hope in finding her, and give up. You didn't though, and I gave you no reason to keep holding on after you did find me. Because it's not the pain that they want to stop for themselves, it's her pain. She had to be reborn more times than he did, she had to suffer death so much and he felt he couldn't find her, so that guilt made them want to quit, not the pain. And he doesn't understand another thing. Vampires get reborn too. If they repent, they are reborn again. It doesn't stop because they didn't find each other. And I don't care if I had to live billions of lifetimes because finding you now, taking that pain from you, that's what matters. Our love." She dropped her hands and glared. "You tricked me, didn't you?" She pushed him off the bed. "You don't play fair, Zach."

He chuckled and got up " not trick more like.... guide you to your own feelings" she said with a smirk

She threw a pillow at him and said, "You know, I was going to ask you to claim me but now, I think you get to sleep in the living room." She threw another pillow playfully. "You could have just told me, you know?"

"You tend to listen to me when I tell you things" he said in a honest tone

"You wanted me to think for myself," she said. "So, I worried you again. He did say those things after I realized what I was doing, and you worried that I would slip back."

"I dont know is that what i was doing?" he asked with a sly smile

She threw a pillow at him and said, "Yes, it was. You know it was. You know, I'm beginning to think the living room is too good for you. You can go to the dog house outside."

He chuckled "and who is going to make me?" he said laying on the bed with a smile

She went to push him out of the bed again, saying, "Me."

He didnt budge "stop that tickles" he said teasingly

She looked at him. Her hands were on his side. Gently, her hands ran up to his chest. She was no longer playing innocently. He had a little temptress sitting next to him, and she didn't seem to realize it.

He growled and was up in a instant "fine you win" he said in a serious tone and left the room, closing the door behind him.

She ran after him, saying, "Zach, I'm sorry. I didn't... I want to lay next to you, okay! I know it's not the right time for you to claim me. But your struggle to give me time is taking from you and now, you are always right next to me. I'm causing you pain by being near you, I wasn't thinking again when I ran my hands over your... amazing chest," she shook her head to get herself back on track, "and I hurt you because of it. I'm sorry."

HE nodded "i need to go out for some air...im not made and thank you for understanding, go rest ill be back" he said softly

She nodded, fighting back tears. She turned and went back to the room and curled up on the bed. I'm so stupid, she said to herself, keeping Zach out of her mind. The one time I should be thinking, I end up hurting the man I love. Why does this keep happening?

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