Time has come 5

He clenched his fists and said, "I'm not trying to take over as prince, Anya. And I'm done talking about this. I will do as I see fit to ensure Mikhail's safety and no child will tell me otherwise."

He left the room then.

"Looks like I'm up," said Mikhail. "Let me hear it, Anya."

She held up her hand like she was telling him to wait a moment. She took a deep breath in and then met his eyes "are you crazy! why are you letting him get away with this behavior! you could have easily taken down that ward or stopped all the other things he has been doing for the last few months!" she said in a serious tone "and more then that you more then anyone here should know better and know what mind manipulation feels like, i dont care how old those children were you are stronger then them and i know you felt that girl messing with your head" she said in a angry tone

"You're right," he said, sitting down and letting her see the weight on his shoulders. "I've been letting personal problems affect how I am doing things. I still have yet to stop our brothers from losing their souls, and I feel guilty for it. Then, when Linde appeared, I practically let her in because I thought like a father rather than a hunter. Maybe I let him get away with it to punish myself. The truth is, you aren't the first to point this out, and even knowing this, I could end up doing it again. The worse part is, I will eventually have to pass this weight to Alexandru, and I don't want that, but I can't keep going forever. No one can." He looked at her. "That's why, I'm willing to listen. I may not be able to do as you recommend at this time, but I see you and Alexandru acting as a prince and his second, and I know the future looks bright. I'm worried, however. I mean, my father left a mess for me to clean up, but how large is my own that I'm passing on to Alexandru?"

"ok how about this, you stop worrying about that, stop worrying about what you are going to leave behind and start focusing on what actually matters, when your gone thats it your gone, whats important is what you show him while your here and the memories you make with him because thats what matters the most, look at how messed up your father made you because of the distance he put between you and all the secrets he kept from you. You need to not do the same with alex, he needs to be able to hold on to good memories and he needs to see you being the prince you hope he can be" she said in a calmer tone.

"Anyone tell you that you have the wisdom of an ancient?" he asked with a smile. "And speaking of Alexandru." He made the door open. "Come on in. I believe you wanted to talk with her."

Alexandru walked in, scratching the back of his head, saying, "I was hoping to do that alone, but hey, I got to see how my second will be at her job."

"You'll be in good hands," Mikhail said. "Thank you, Anya. I'll think on our discussion."

Mikhail left and Alex sat down, pointed to the couch across from him, making her realize he placed her in the perfect position to watch the door.

"You know about the warrior's council," he said. "I would like to ask for your help with a disturbing matter."

She took a deep breath and looked at him "im listening"

"It's about others like me and Stefan," he said. "Liliana says that she is feeling more fertile than she should as well. Our children are having children. While it's great that our people are moving out of the red, the problem is that I am not even 50, and yet I have the feelings of ancients. Anya, we are rapidly aging. Even if I was tortured in that cage and Liliana and I had seen each other, I should have had a crush at most. Not the feelings of a lifemate. Since coming to South America, I have felt as if we are close to the source of this, and it isn't dark. In fact, I'd say someone tried to help us, but created a problem. As I have to watch over my family, I can't travel as far as I'd like to investigate and your father is practically threatening me with my own barrier now. I go outside our house and his eyes are on me. So, can you look for the source or recommend another hunter? This is important. If we can stop our rapid aging before it becomes ingrained, we will begin to lose less of our males before they even reach adulthood."

"If what you say is true then I'll find it" she said in a serious tone "but I need a favor in return" she said and started telling him of the plan to have woman and children not matter the gender learn self defense and the plan she made with ana to demonstrate at the warrior council "I'll go look after the council is over " she said finishing "do you agree?"

"Of course I agree," he said. "Anya, my lifemate is a warrior. I would be doing my daughter a disservice if she didn't know how to defend herself. I will help you any way I can."

She nodded "you should go back home, and stay away from my father until I tell you it's safe, don't ask questions it's safer for you if you don't just don't let him get close to anyone you care about and if he tries contact me" she said standing up "I'll walk you back"

"I can't be a prisoner in my own home, Anya," he said as he got up. "And he seems to be everywhere now. The kids need to be out to play without worrying that their father is distracted by an angry stare or to hear your father threaten to lock us all inside the house. And yes, he did that two weeks ago. He lectured me on how I'm the next prince and I need to stay where it's safe and I have a daughter now. He made Suzianna cry because he said she should stay inside rather than play on her jungle gym."

"Like I said keep him away" she said as they walked. She wondered if Alex had been training like he had promise he would do so when they were crossing the field she suddenly turned and hot his chest and made him go flying. She didn't give him a chance to think, she ran to hit him again

He growled and grabbed her, throwing her into a rock, saying, "You know, you have a weird way of saying, 'See you later'."

She smirked and they both jumped and met in mid air, they were hitting each other so hard they air was making small booming sounds that echoed the ranch. Anya was faster but Alex hit harder so they stood on equal grounds. Just as it seemed Anya was going to win Alex turned to kick her in the stomach and instead of taking it to gain the advantage she blocked it and he hit her ribs instead and she went to the ground "ok...ok you win this round" she said holding her side

"Oh, come on," he said, "Just because I'm a year younger doesn't mean you have to go easy on me, Anya." He looked behind her to Lilana and his children. "I'll let it slide tonight, but next time, don't hold back, okay?"

He walked past her. That was when Andor appeared.

He helped her up and greeted her "I won't take up your time tonight but may please speak to you tomorrow?" He asked anya. She dusted herself off and nodded " sure stop by my cabbin, make it early though , I have work " she said and they parted ways. When she entered the cabbin dracul was waiting " I'm still mad at you but I need your help " she said lifting her shirt and showing him her bruised ribs

"Who was it this time?" he asked, going to her. "They really got you good." She saw his hands shaking with fury. "Come on, warrior goddess. Into to the herb bath with you."

She didn't fight him or his help "just sparing....I can't keep doing this..I don't know what I'm going to do, it's getting harder to move, to stand, to do anything" she said in a stressed tone

"Anya, that means Grigore will be joining the world any day now," he said. "You have been having symptoms for many months now. I'm an idiot for not connecting the dots. You are days away from giving birth, most likely. How many days, I can't say. Maybe we should ask Grigore. He greets me every now and then."

"He can't come yet...not it's not safe ." She said in a upset tone though he saw the fear in her eyes "he can't...not yet" she said getting into the bath with his help. She undid the ward and her stomach showed, she was definitely full term, milk even seeped from her nipples her breast were so full

"Zane said you both were still full of dark magic," Dracul said. "I'm glad everyone was wallowing in their own guilt to not notice. But this has me worried. Anya, we can't delay his coming because it will hurt him."

"But...be he..." She knew he was right and he knew she was worried sick "what if I can't protect him...what if he is...wrong...what if the black magic hurt him not physically but his soul.." she said in a worried tone " I don't want him to pay for my mistakes..." She said touching her belly then whipping her hand away like she didn't want to touch it "I can't get attached I knew I shouldn't have gotten attached and yet..." She looked away "Everytime I feel him move or try to reach for me it breaks my heart...I've never .."

He took her hand and said, "We will keep him safe. You are not alone in this. We can raise him. Erik was touched by dark magic too, but he is doing fine. I see the relationship the two of you have. If you are that worried, you and I will raise Grigore to keep an eye on him until you feel it is safe enough to stop. We could raise the boys together. Erik is so bright, having a brother around will be better for Grigore. Less lonesome, anyway."

Anya shook her head "I don't know.." she said in a tired tone " dracul....go to ground and heal I'll join you after I'm done" she said in a distant tone

"Not until you touch his mind and tell me what you feel then," he said. "I never felt darkness from him. A small touch, so he know you love him. That is all."

"Please...don't fight me on this" she said in a exhausted tone as she laid her head down on the side of the tub "I'm more then tired.."

He put a hand on her stomach for a moment and smiled, saying, "He wants to know you too, Anya. He has yet to learn of you, but he loves you. And I told him you love him but are scared. You are injured, as am I. Please, try to get to know our son." He got up and stopped in the bedroom doorway. "No more magic, Anya. I mean it. You can't take in any more. He's trying to rid your body of it even now. He said he was supposed to be a twin."

"Dracul stop, he can't speak yet at this stage all they can feel and give is emotions, he doesn't know what your words mean" she said in a aggravated tone " and he has not been taking any magic from me, I made sure of that"

"He speaks with feelings and emotions," Dracul said. "And he showed me what his sister was like in the early stages. Anyway, right now, he is part of you. But the day he arrives, he showed me that he will take it all from you. He wants a sister."

She growled " you already messed up today and now your lying to me.." she said in a hurt tone " leave"

"You want to know why before you send me away?" he asked. "Because I'm scared, Anya." He looked back at her. "I don't want to loose you or him, and I'm afraid that that dark magic is going to make me choose between the two of you, and I can't do it. A few days ago, you were a skeleton and him far too big, turning into a vampire in your womb. The lie was more for me, hoping that saying it aloud would make it more real, that we could have... normal. Condemn me if you want. But you are the one thing I can't live without and the thought of that spell killing both of you and I didn't know..."

"so lying to me about me losing another child in my womb helped you? " she said with a growl "your like mikhail and the rest of them letting fear be a excuse to do bad things, you know what i do when im scared...i rely on you...well i used too" she said and the door slammed shut in his face magically.

About thirty minutes later zach walked back in to the cabbin. He was sweating and looking like he had been running or something. He cleaned himself up and knocked n the door that amera was behind

Amera opened the door and nearly tackled him in a hug. He could tell that she had gotten into her own head again.

"careful hun those de la cruz brothers dont play when they spare" he said with a chuckle

She moved back and said, "Sorry. Did I... did I hurt you again?"

"no im just sore" he said with a soft smile "ill be better in no time, its good for the health that men spare once in while" he said going to sit down on the couch "so we only have a couple hours till sun rise, what were you thinking? movie? " he asked though he pulled out his phone and seemed distracted

"Zach," she said, "even though I know I'm not ready because I'm still afraid of making decisions, but is there another reason why you won't claim me other than that?" She took his hand. "I know you want to relax but I have to know. Please."

"To be honest your too young amera, and I miss doing my show with Serena, she is my best friend" he said running his hand through his hair "this is just a lot, we don't know each other and you haven't even had time to grow and figure out who you are yet, I think it will be a mistake to claim you while you are this young" he said moving his hand away from hers

Amera made a fist and said, "Everyone else is getting claimed at my age. Their men had to because they couldn't hold out. They help their mates learn their abilities and guide them to their power faster than the women on their own. I won't stop you from doing your show. But we don't talk about each other. We just sit and watch movies and TV. Every day, it's getting harder and harder on you to hold out." She stood up. "Either ease that pain by claiming me, or go back on tour so that you don't have to feel it. But do not use my age as the excuss. With or without you, it wouldn't matter how I found out my power, I'd get there. I know I'd much rather have you with me, but if it's that much of a burden, the go with your show without me. I know Andor will be a great bodyguard."

She stomped off to the room and slammed the door shut.

She getting go back into the room until it was time to go to ground. When she entered the bedroom Zach wasn't in there but there was a note you proved my point with your words and walking away, you have a lot of growing to do, if you still are not ready when I am to close to falling then I will greet the sun and maybe we will have another chance in our next life, zach

Amera threw the note away and said, "That's not my age, moron. It's my mentality. I don't want to you to see me like that. Crying into your chest because someone else hurts me is one thing. I can throw their opinions away. But yours..." she hugged herself. "I won't let you see that. I'd rather you think me childish than fragile. Never again will you see me like that."

She went to their sleeping area and purposefully slept away from him. She curled up into a ball, a habit she had yet to break, and fell asleep.

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