The Ball Rolls 3

Anya handed dracul a cup that smelled strong with herbs "here this will help" she said in a calm tone sitting next to him on the bed

He gently took the cup and said, "Thanks. There's another reason I told you about the memories. I have to look for the source on my own. With you so close to giving birth, I do not want to risk you. Also, keep an eye on the other ancients. They could be effected and not even realize it.

She waited until he finished the whole cup before taking it "I understand" she said in a calm tone. To him she was acting to calm which usually meant she was up to something.

"Anya," he said, putting the cup down, "just spill it. We both know you can't keep a secret from me for long." He smiled slyly at her. "Or, should I just say the magic words?"

She looked at him with a serious expression "I need to go" she said standing up

He took her hand and said, "So, something that big, huh? Well, spill it. I'm not playing twenty questions."

"No your not" she said softly "but I got that blood you just ingested from a woman in Paris, if what they say is true you won't be going anywhere this evening " she said moving away from him and he felt a ward go up "and neither will I ." She said with her back to him

"Oh, no you don't!" he said, acting like he was trying to make a run for it. "Last time, I was left speaking in tongues!"

She moved so he realized he couldn't leave " it's for your own good and your son is past due" she said in a uncomfortable tone

"Oh," he said, all playfulness leaving him. "Um... well... I heard that not all children arrive on time. Some are early and some are late. But... just to be safe... how late is he?"

"Five days now" she said sitting down but looking uncomfortable, her belly was out which meant her ward was off. She was large, definitely full term "look's for both of us , sex should help me go into labor and those herbs will help strength your mind " she said trying to find a comfortable way to sit "also... The aphrodisiac is just a bonus" she said "hopefully it will keep your mind off of how far I am"

He got down on one knee in front of her and said, "Anya, you are the most beautiful woman in the world to me. You are more beautiful now than when we first met. And your beauty will only continue to grow from me. I'll learn new things about you and from you. You've given me one amazing boy, and you are carrying another right now." He took her hand. "No matter how you think you look, I will always see my warrior goddess."

She looked away but he could see the blush on her cheeks. She cleared her throat “ok that’s good because any minute now you know what’s about to happen”

"I guess I could say my magic words," he said, his grin back. "You get to relax and..."

He was cut of when he felt the wave build in him, his body heated up, the smell of her alone made his cock throb

"You sly woman," he said with a growl. "You already gave it to me."

“I told you it was in what you drank” she said with a smirk “now we should have some rules because last time you got so...”

He kissed her hard to keep her from finishing before saying, "There are no rules when we make love. So long as we show each other what's in our hearts, rules need not apply."

She pushed him back by his shoulders “there will be rules this time because I only brought a certain amount of blood bags” she said “your hunger is the size of your dragon when you get this way” she said “and I’m not just talking for the blood”

He slowly moved back, sweat covering his skin, as he said through clenched teeth, "Hurry."

“You can bite me all you want but you can only feed from me once, and no position that puts me on my stomach” she said “other then that I’m all yours” she said

"Anya, I wasn't going to feed off of you at all or put you in any position that made you feel uncomfortable," he said, trying to stay in control. "I figured the bed... with you laying on your left side until... you wanted to change."

The whole time he talked, his hands worked on removing her clothes, like he were opening a present. When her breasts fell out, He went suckled on them.

She stopped him from suckling on them “don’t..the milk” she said in a embarrassed tone “Dracul....put me in any position you like, I will make sure gregoe is safe...don’t hold back”

He began to lick down her body until he found her core. He laid her on her back and began feasting. I don't care about the position. I want you to enjoy what I do to you. It wouldn't be fair if I had all the fun.


Raven woke up with Mikhail already up and she sighed, she found him at his desk doing paper work. She wrapped his arms around him "I grow tired of waking up alone .." she said in a sad tone

"I know, my love," he said, touching her arm. "The trials are today. Darius wants to speak with Amera daily, and when he isn't with her, he paces around like a caged animal. Kiam bugs me just as much on why Amora is on trial. The warrior's council is tomorrow. I have had no news on Anastasia's progress. Gregori is practically locking us in this house. And we have yet to find Linde and Zane." He pinched the bridge of his nose. "I never thought I'd say this, but I wish we had a human trial system. Being a mediator like the judge and some Carpathians outside of the situation like the jury sounds like a way to fix this problem." He leaned back and looked up at her. "It won't, but it's a nice idea. Too many problems with how humans run their court system, but still, an idea."

"Maybe bring that up in the meeting" she said kissing the side of his neck

"I was thinking a kind of council for these large crimes like what Amera did," he said. "If she were a male, we'd have someone try to find out how close to turning they are to make the judgment. With women, it would work much differently because they can't lose colors or emotions. I'll think about bringing it up."

Raven knew what that meant. He had would get into his own head and talk himself out of it simply because he was stressed out.

Raven bit into his neck so suddenly she felt him jump and then growl deeply

"Raven," he said with a chuckle, "I have to get ready."

She released him after leaving her mark and turned him in his chain and sat on his lap "well then Mr prince, it looks like your going to have to force me off your lap then...but that will require you to touch me" she said with a smile as her clothes vanished leaving her naked on his lap

"You think you have me trapped?" he asked, his hands going to her waist. "Did you cast another spell on me? You tend to do that every time you look at me."

She smiled " I would never be able to trap the almighty prince" she said leaning forward and kissing him softly but quickly

"Now, your just teasing," he said.

Then, he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her down to him, kissing her deeply.

She moved until she was straddled him and moaned against his lips take me right hear on your desk Mikhail...we both need it

He picked her up and slammed her onto the desk after knocking everything off onto the floor. His own clothes disappeared so that he could enter her hard and fast.

He flipped her so she was on her stomach and slammed into her, she cried out, music to his ears, he felt the stress start to leave his body with each thrust “Mikhail....” she moaned his name

"How did I ever get so luckly to have a lifemate like you?" he asked whispering it in her ear when he pulled her head back by her hair.

“you stalked me” she said in a joking yet moaning tone

"I call it being persistent," he said. "Stalking sounds rather nasty."

She chuckled but it turned into a moan when he slammed into her again “from what I remember you like nasty Mikhail...” she said in a seductive tone

"Little minx," he said before kissing the side of her neck.

She moaned “tell long did you watch me through my window that first night....when I was all alone..barley sheets”

"Let's just say the sun hurt my eyes," he said with a chuckle against her skin.

Before she could respond, he bit into her, taking her harder and rougher. He wanted to drive all sane thought from her mind. It didn’t take long, she started screaming is name and gripped the desk tightly begging for him to continue

He drank her in growling as he did. No matter how many times they made love, he could never get enough. He only had a couple of hours to spare and raven made sure they were filled with stress reliving pleasure. He fell into a human sleep with her in his arms on their bed. In his dream he was I a field with beautiful wild flowers, there was a cabbin in front of him, through the window he could see there was a fire going on, he walked and looked into the window, he saw a old woman there , sitting by the fire. She had long silver hair in a bun and a faded birthmark of a sun and moon on her forehead “it’s time” she said in a soft tone and a tall man came and kneeled next to her. The dream changed, he was on a cliff over looking the forest. The sun was coming up, the old woman was being held by the young man. As the sun came up the old woman turned to ash in the mans arms. The man roared in pain, Mikhail put his hand on the mans shoulders and the mans head turned and looked at him , he was greeted with red eyes “this is your fault!” The man yelled and Mikhail woke up sweating.

He bolted up. He had never experienced something like that before. We need to find Linde. We have to save both of them from that fate.


Amora sat by the window and watched the rain, she knew kiam would be up soon, she saw the sun go down. She wondered if he would still be angry today about her trial, which she still didn't understand

Kiam rose and went straight to Amora. He wrapped his arms around her.

"It isn't right," he said, staring out of the window with her. "You haven't been anything but helpful and willing to lend aid. I don't understand this at all."

She shrugged and just watched the rain "I don't remember the rain it was in my's like all my memories are vanishing."

"Like a spell?" he asked, worried.

"I...don't I'm being lor...kiam" she said in a confused tone.

"Amora," he said, turning her to face him, "do you need me to bite you? Or is it that the gloomy weather is making you think back on those days?" He snapped his fingers. "I know! You said you couldn't go outside in weather like this before, right?" He picked her up. "So, how about a walk?"

She rested her head against his chest "won't you get cold"

"I can regulate my body temperature if needed," he said, opening the door. "Besides, I wouldn't care if I did. It's for you so you can remember the rain again."

He walked outside and they were instantly drenched. The deluge was heavy, making it difficult for her to see.

Though she seemed cold he saw her looking up at the sky and close her eyes and take a deep breath in. Her skin seemed to glow in the rain and moonlight

He sat her feet on the ground, keeping his arm around her. He liked the look on her face. It was serene, something she hadn't been in a long time.

For a few minutes it was nice and calm, her mind was at ease, then he saw the memory slam in of her being hosed with cold water, naked as a punishment. She jumped in his arms and whimpered

Instead of biting her, he lifted her chin and kissed her. It was long and drugged, meant to drive her from the memory back to the present. She soon found both of them on the ground in the mud. He pulled back only long enough for her to see him before he began kissing her neck. It was only then that he bit into her.

She gasped and arched underneath him. The world around her stop and all she could focus on was his bite and the stars above. She closed her eyes and felt the earth beneath her grow warm with her as her body grew warm

He closed the wound and went back to kissing her deeply, rolling so that she was under him but he wasn't putting any weight on her.

"This is what I like," he said, kissing down to her neck again. "This is how I picture you in my dreams. A child of earth, embracing nature around her."

“Those awaiting trial are not allowed out side of their corners you know this kiam” Zacarias voice said behind him suddenly

Kiam said, "She needed some air, that's all." He helped her up and put her behind him. "Besides, a slow walk to the main house won't hurt her. It will calm her down for the unnecessary trial awaiting her. I mean, she hasn't done anything. Why is my lifemate forced to be locked up inside after a year of being held captive? In a house, might I add? She doesn't say it, but I know that it feels like a cage, and it isn't helping her heal from her trauma. In fact, it's keeping her stuck!"

She flinched behind him as he raise his voice “take her back to her room kiam “ Zacharias said in a serious tone “there are ways to make her feel less trapped , you are able to still use your abilities it is not my fault you have yet to do so” he said in a stern tone

"I don't want to use my ability," he said. "Amora is sensitive to certain things and I'm still learning what those are. I do not want to trigger a memory by accident and have her flinch away from me."

“Not my problem, take her back inside” he ordered and he knew not to argue with him. Zacharias was not a gentle man and he had been upset from loosing Linde for days now

Kiam gently led Amora back to the cabin. When inside, he sighed and said, "Sorry my gift got ruined. Did you like our short time in the rain?"

Though she was still wet she looked at him with a confused looked “what rain?” She asked “I should go prepare dinner” she said getting up

He took her hand and said, "Amora, we were just outside in the rain. Our clothes are wet and we have mud on us. If were hadn't been interrupted, I would have made love to you right there."

She smiled but it was empty “what would you like me to wear for dinner” she said in a soft tone “I can wear the green dress you like”

"No," he said. "I want to know who you think I am, Amora. What is my name?"


Amera rose and stacked up her pictures. Her drawing of Zach sleeping still gave her problems. She couldn't get the lips right, but she managed the eyes and nose after a while.

"Today's the day," she said in a sad tone. "I... I hope he will understand."

There was a knock on her door "ok so I was thinking we could sneak you out" he mother's voice said "me and you can go on the run I know this place where..."

"No," said Amera. "You know that would never work. Dad and Andor would find us both in a heartbeat and Andor would never agree to hide me. Besides, if I run, the prince would have no choice but to see it as an admission of guilt with no intent to make amends. Like I had meant to try and kill Anya. But I didn't mean to. I don't have full control of my ability, and so my emotions rule it more than I do. If I'm honest with him, Mikhail will see that and know what to do. I'll be fine." Even to her own ears, she didn't sound so sure. "I'll see you at the trial, okay?"

"How about I help you get ready huh? I could talk you through outfits and makeup, you'll go in style" she said in a encouraging tone

Amera chuckled and said, "Mom, your idea of fashion and makeup is overalls and grease. Just having someone talking to me is amazing. It feels like forever." The laughter died down. "How's Zach?"

"He checks in daily, he went back on tour again, we should all go see his show when we leave" she said softly "and just so you know that look still caught your father's attention" she said in a smiling tone

Amera smiled and said, "But it's not me, mom. You know I like..." Her smile disappeared. There was a moment of silence before she softly said, "Actually... something different would be nice. I... don't know what kind of clothes I really like."

"May I suggest something comfortable yet unique, try some brown tight fitting comfortable leggings with a beautiful earthy green shirt with some peacock feathered ear rings and some native American looking jewelery" she said "with your hair in braids"

"I don't know about the braids," Amera said, "but I'll try the rest. It would be nice to have someone in here to actually see me in the clothes. I don't think my hair is right for green or braids. Won't bright red look weird?"

She chuckled " oh? What else" she said in a curious tone.

"I mean, my hair is bright red, and you are pairing it with green," Amera said, trying on the pants and shirt. "I know you used to put me in green dresses, but I'm not a kid anymore. What if I...?" She looked in the mirror. "I... Mom..."

“What did you finally see that red matches green” she said with a chuckle

"I'm not answering that," said Amera, but Tempest could hear her embarrassment. "I don't think I'm going to wear the jewelry, though. Maybe a chain bracelet, but not much else. I mean, I did chain myself up in a way, so... symbolism?"

“Whatever you say dear, I know I’m right and that’s all that matters” she said chuckling

"Did Zach really leave?" Amera asked after a while, putting her hair up. "I... I didn't think he'd leave again. I thought..." She shook her head. "I'm going to wear a bright red necklace after all. Nothing flashy but..."

He would like it, she thought. When he first took over my care, he said I had a fire in me. I liked how my fire contrasted the dark icy blue of his eyes. Fire and Ice, so at odds and both extremes, but when tamed, vital for life. I'm fire, and he is ice.

She put on her necklace, saying, "A small flame... a symbol of how I... nearly put out my own light."

“Good for you honey, oh here” she said sliding her favorite magazines under the door “things to read while you wait, I think that guy you like is starring in a new movie, what did you say the cutie with the booty”

"Oh my God, mom!" Amera said. "You are so embarrassing! And his name is Lucas Marlott James Winston Ericson III, the Latino-Aussie!"

“Oh that’s right I remember now he was Australian because you said you would let him visit your land down under” she said with a chuckle

"I did not!" Amera yelled. "And he's Australian because he was born there, but his parents were originally from Guatemala. He speaks Australian-English and Spanish."

She could hear her mother making kissing sounds “someone’s got a crush “ she said chuckling

"I do not!" said Amera. "I have Zach! He's way cuter than Lucas ever thought of being!"

“Whatever you say honey but you never mentioned zachs cute butt” she said teasingly

Amera growled at that and said, "He's my lifemate! Of course, I find him attractive in every way!" She stopped and took a breath. "Can we... stop talking about this. If I get mad I might..."

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