The Ball Rolls 4

She moaned “I will enjoy it...I always do..I didn’t need the drug because I’m already...sensitive...please don’t’s almost painful “ she said gripping the chair hard

He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, not saying a word. He put her on her left side so that one leg dangled over the edge. The other, he put over his arm. With that, he entered her hard and fast, thrusting like a man possessed. He also bit into her calf, staring into her eyes so that she saw what her blood did to him, how wild it made him.

She grabbed ahold of the bed and grew tighter around him as the pleasure Intensified. She wondered for a second if this was a mistake, with how sensitive she was and how pregnant, she wondered if this would be to much from her, he was like a beast and she knew this wasn’t going to end anytime soon.

He tried several positions that were comfortable for her, but also allowed him to reach deep inside of her. It lasted for hours. Just as he came down from the high of the aphrodisiac, her water broke which she managed to hide from him. While he was sleeping she left after she wrote a note and put him in the ground. The note said that she will meet him at the council meeting tomorrow and that he has been asked to be there by Mikhail.


Raven sat up “what’s wrong “She asked in a concerned tone.

"I don't know if it was a dream or a vision," he said, "but I just watched Linde, an old woman, die. I went to comfort Zane, but it was too late. He was already a vampire. No thrall. Instantaneous."

She looked concerned “ok I believe you...go to the trial I will check in with the search party and I will update when your done” she said getting out of bed “If it’s a vision hopefully it’s like the last one and we have time before it happens...though it hasn’t been a month yet since they went missing right...he said a month” she said rambling like she did when she was worried

"It's only been a week," he said with a nod. "However, they won't be children right now. They will be young adults. There will be no mistaking their energy and psychic signatures, but they seem to be able to mask them well. If we do find them, we must convince Zane to convert her and allow us to help her. After all the pain she healed for us and others, she should be spared this pain as well. Tell them cliffs where you can see the ocean set. They visit them often from the look of the ground."

She nodded “ok I’ll go now” she said and cleaned herself off and dressed herself, she was about to walk out before she stopped and rushed to him and kissed him passionately “good luck my love you’ll do great”

"Right," he said, putting a comb in her hair. "You stay safe. I don't want you caught in battle, alright? I won't be fast enough to get to you."

She smiled “I’ll be safe” she said kissing him one last time before leaving.

Mikhail watched her leave, fighting the urge to call her back or follow her. When she was gone, he went to the main house to help get it ready.


She smiled “your my husband “ she said in a calm tone and then she frowned “have...I done something wrong” she asked getting nervous

"No," he said. "But I'm not Drago. I'm Kiam. Remember?"

She frowned and took a step back “is this a test...I don’t understand “ she said in a scared tone

"No, it isn't a test," he said. "I'm your lifemate. Kiam Hunter. I lived just outside your valley, though we never met until I fell injured at your cabin door. Remember."

She frowned and looked confused “ I....” she started shaking “ found out” she said in a scared tone “I didn’t mean to be unfaithful...I don’t know what happened “ she said holding her head

He looked into her mind and saw many horrific things, but it gave him a view of the type of man her enemy was. He knew she was already seeing her demon. He needed no illusion. It made him sick to think of what he was about to say, but if it helped her, he would tell her after she had healed.

"You cheated on me?" he said. "My wife is just a common whore?" He paced to add believability for her. "I always knew you were weak, but this?! I trained you to be the best woman for me! Not to go around fucking strangers! I should have just killed you instead of trusting you! You can't do a damn thing I tell you! How do I know that thing inside you is even mine?! It might belong to someone else!"

She dropped to her knees and leaned forward with her arms in front of her and her forehead to the floor. A very submissive position “I’m sorry. Please...please punish me” she said in a shaking tone

He turned away from her, and said, "You disgust me. Why sully my tools? Go, be a whore. I thought you better than this, but once a heathen, always disgusting heathen. Get out of my sight. I never want to see you again."

She crawled towards him until she was at his feet “please...please I’m sorry.....please don’t leave me...I’ll do better please” she begged

He moved away from her and said, "Don't touch me with those filthy hands of yours! Dirt like you should be thrown out with the rest of the trash! Now get out of my sight before I give you to the slaves to fuck since you'd rather be a good for nothing whore! I have no more use for you or that thing inside of you!"

“No please! Your all I have left please I’ll do anything for you..” she begged in a sobbing tone “please don’t leave me I’ll do better!” She cried out in a desperate tone “I’ll do whatever you want “ she said in a lower tone that sounded like she was giving up

He said, "I want you gone, out of this house. You were born a savage traitor, and you have proven that is all you'll ever be. I want nothing more to do with you. Now, leave."

She fell onto the floor on her side and curled up, she cried, she felt like her heart was breaking. She had no where she could go, she betrayed her people, she was pregnant and now she was being thrown out. Her stomach started to hurt but it was nothing compared to the pain she was feeling.

Kiam smelled blood. Making sure he didn't disrupt the illusion, he picked her up, removed her clothes and put her in the bath full of the best healing herbs they had. He gently washed her hair and body, making sure that any pain and every wound was healed.

She didn’t speak, she didn’t move, she looked like she was somewhere else. He was able to move her like she was a puppet and he felt no emotions from her

He sat on the floor next to the tub after he was finish, tears falling. Saying those words, even to help her, hurt him. Seeing and feeling the pain they caused made him want to throw up. He didn't know how to fix this, and her trial was in a few hours. He wiped his tears away after awhile, knowing that they wouldn't fix the situation. She had to choose to come back. All he could do was wait.

one hours before Trail

Nothing. There was nothing no matter what he did or said, she didn’t move or speak, it was like she was gone, he couldn’t feel any emotions from her at all. It was his own personal hell

"Please, Amora," he begged. "Please, come out of it. I'm here. Kiam. I want and need you."

There was nothing. She just laid there where he put her without speaking or without feeling. It was like she was a empty shell.

“Honey it’s ok to have crushes you know, don’t get me wrong, your father is the only man for me but when I watch Pride and prejudice I get school girl butterflies from mr Darcy’s friend, you know the one who had love at first site with janes blonde sister” she said chuckling “it helps trust me, men will mess up so when your made at them it’s nice to remember they are not the only men in the world “ she said chuckling “don’t tell your father or he will never let me watch that movie again, he still hasn’t figured out why I watch it every time we fight” she said laughing

"That's not why I wanted to stop," Amera said. "You were talking about my lifemate. Just like with Anya, I was... getting angry. I don't want to do that again. So, please, let's talk about something else."

“Talk to me why are you getting angry?” She asked in a soft tone

"You were talking about Zach, and how cute his butt was," said Amera. "The thought of anyone thinking of him like that... I didn't like it. I don't really want him on that tour. I don't want him touching anyone else." She growled again. "He's mine."

She chuckled “get use to it honey...our men are always good looking, it’s how you react matters, you need to be open minded and sympathetic towards those woman” she said in a calm tone

"But... I don't want them near him!" Amera answered. "I don't want them thinking about... or trying to... NO!" Amera screamed. "I want all of them to STAY AWAY!"

“Amera calm down your over reacting “ her mother said in a calm tone “and your also being very inconsiderate to Zach, he loves his show and that comes with fans”

"I know... I know that," she growled, trying to breathe as tears fell. "I know he loves his show.... I even told him... to go back since... being near me was hurting him.... The though of... other women trying to... get with my lifemate... it makes me so... URG!"

There was a large crashing sound from inside the cabin. It was almost as if the ceiling had fallen in.

“Amera! Amera! What’s going on! Are you ok?!” Her mothered yelled in a scared tone

Her mother's fear brought her out of her anger. She looked around. The room was completely destroyed. She put her back to the door, tears falling.

"I'm... not hurt," she said after a while. "But... I can't... I can't be with him if I'm like this. I scared you, I hurt Anya, and I've destroyed this beautiful house... because I can't control my jealousy. I can't be his lifemate yet." It felt like someone had ripped her heart out, just hearing those words, but knowing it was the truth hurt worse. "This isn't a normal level of jealousy. Dad growls at guys, but he doesn't stop you from living your life. If I'm like this... Zach would give up his show to try and make me happy, but I don't want to hurt him like that. It's part of who he is. Giving up would destroy him in ways I can't comprehend. I... I need," she gulped hard, swallowing her pride. "I need help, mom. Something inside me has gotten messed up and... I can't fix it alone."

“You not alone Amera, just tell them this at the trial once they see you know you need help they will understand, it’s ok honey, you will get through this” she said in a calm tone “we all believe in you Amera you just need to believe in yourself.” She said

"Mom, I don't even know who I am," she said. "How can I believe in myself when I don't know myself? I don't like what I'm feeling, and I don't even know if what I feel is real anymore." She slid down the door and pulled her knees up. "You must be ashamed of me as a daughter."

“Never think that won’t know this until you have children but you love them more then life itself, you may be disappointed in some of their decisions, or their behavior but no matter what you love them and are grateful they are in your world” she said softly “and you have time to figure out who you are.”

Amera lifted her head up, shocked at her mother's words. So shocked, that she hit her head on the door.

"Ow, ow, ow!" she said. "Thanks, mom. You don't know how much that means to me. I'm ashamed of myself, for everything that has happened. Even after being broken, I'm still acting this way. I didn't even learn from that, and that should have been my biggest wake-up call. Do you think they will believe me after seeing this place? It's bad, mom. Even if I am sincere and mean every promise I make to try and heal myself, won't me destroying a house right before my trial be suspect?"

“Honey your father has thrown bigger tantrums then that, you’ll be fine as long as your honest” she said softly “I have to go I’ll see you soon honey” she said

"See you soon," she said, "and, mom? Thanks."

“Thank you for being my baby girl” she said and then left.

An Hour Before Trial

Amera paced. She didn't have anywhere to sit and no way to fix the house. She didn't even remember moving to mess it up, but she knew she had. She tried to straighten up, but there was so much broken that she only managed to cut herself since she couldn't use her abilities. She was still nervous that the state of the house would count against her.

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