The Ball Rolls 6

I said shut up! she was suddenly in front of him you don't know! You don't know what it was like! You don't know what I went through! I'm tired...I'm so tired and I deserve rest

Ever since finding you, I have relived every moment with you, he said, crowding her. Every nightmare, every time the memories got too close, I lived it with you. Because I was distanced from it, my anger has grown. But this? You are just going to let him win just because you are tired and don't want a kid? After everything he did to you? The woman I came to love, the woman behind the pain, wouldn't act this way. She is kind, loves to walk around with her hair down in bare feet in her valley, and always able to smile, no matter how bad it got. That is Amera Green. But apparently that isn't you. You are just Drago's Amelia. Are you admitting that? Because, if so, he wins.

stop it! Don't act like you know me because you don't! Sharing my pain doesn't mean you know me because I'm more then just my pain

You haven't shown me much else. I've had to go off of what I was told about you. But I haven't seen the woman they have described. The Amora I heard about embraced life, but Amelia shies away from it. Choose now, who are you? don't get to say that like it's that weren't there...

This isn't about me being there or not! It's about you choosing who you want to be and what path you will take! Because one ends in Drago winning and using your soul as a sacrifice, while the other allows you to show him that no matter what he did, he won't win! Because if you are Amora, you would know that living your life and being happy, that moving past it, is the ultimate victory! If you choose to be who you are meant to be, if you choose to be Amora Green, I guarantee that we will bring justice to him!

She looked at him then and gregori and kiam could feel the shift in the darkness, it grew tense "what do you mean sacrifice......what are you not telling did i die exactly?" she asked

You didn't die, he said. You were close to it. We pulled you back. He stabbed you with a ceremonial knife before he ran off like the coward he is. His spell never took hold because you are alive.

your wrong she said and started pacing your wrong...thats why...thats why im like this...he split me in two...that bastard use my own against me! the darkness grew warmer Check me...check my body for something off a mark, it may be small or obvious, maybe something you thought was a natural mark i already had

Sweetheart, I've been washing your body for a while now, and I haven't seen a mark anywhere.

Last time I checked her, there was only thing that would account for such a thing is the freckle on the back of her neck, said Gregori. What kind of sacrifice was she meant to be?

I'm just guessing but to find those that ran away, more than anything.

She paced harder it has to be i have scars? did you check my scalp?

I didn't feel any scars when washing your hair, said Kiam.

Wait, said Gregori, the stab wounds have not yet healed.

That's right. In fact, just as they were nearly healed, something would come along and cause you stress or your memories would flair up. We made sure you didn't have any scars so as not to upset you.

She stopped and looked at them that pattern...the pattern of the wounds what do they look like? use...use a piece of paper and mark them out

Kiam drew it out for her to see and handed it to her. Gregori said, I don't feel any magic from them, but that is not a good mark. It does more than split your personality. It is to remove weakness and find that which is lost upon your death.

the child..... she said in a stressed tone does he honestly think....i mean first going to kill going to erase every peice of going to do worse im going to keep him alive and torture him forever...damn it still isnt enough

The baby is not touched by this mark, said Gregori. It would appear that you are the only target.

Amora, you have to first let me get you out of here before you can even plan on taking him down, said Kiam.

ok....ok only if you promise me....promise me you won't leave me...everyone...everyone has left one came

That is a dangerous thing for him to promise, said Gregori. His calling is to be a hunter. He feels the need to protect and bring justice to our fallen.

I won't leave, said Kiam. I may not always be in your line of sight, but you will always feel me in your mind, Amora. He hugged her to him. If only I had gotten to you sooner.

You realize the danger you will be in like that, Gregori chided. Your mind will be in two places at once and you are barely able to shapeshift on your own. How could you...

She needs this, Gregori, Kiam said. I do not care what the promise costs me, so long as she knows I am always with her.

Even if it's your life?

As you said, I'm still training. It is simply another thing I will learn to use. It is a small thing to give her this.

I....don't know how to leave when I try the's too much

I don't know the spell well enough to break it, Kiam said. Gregori, do you know?

Fear is what put it there, he answered. My guess is that the opposite of fear is needed to break it. The problem is, we don't know the order it goes in.

Top to bottom, said Kiam with certainty. He was finishing the spell when I entered the room. He was at the bottom of the symbol, to my left.

Then, Amora, you will need to unleash your courage. The courage to live, fight, and love. He wanted you to want to die. Have the courage to live. Selfish or not, that courage will be how you unravel this spell. Go from bottom to top. Go from your left to your right as well. Whatever words come to mind, say them. The spell is rather simple, so he didn't have time to do much with it.

He as her blood, Gregori. Can he stop her?

He'd have to be within 500 feet of her to do so. And that is impossilbe at this time. There is no enemy within that range of the fence line, let alone this house. Amora, get to work now.

She stepped back and looked scared what's .waiting for I home? How long has it been?

It's been a year, said Kiam. We are in South America, but we will begin the flight back home tonight. Tomorrow, you will be in your valley again.

If Mikhail allows it, said Gregori.

It is ultimately her home, Gregori, Kiam argued. Our allies live there. Her mother is the leader of the people who live in the valley. As she is my lifemate, that will become my home base as well.

wait...a year..I.... she looked sad I'm so sorry....I'm sorry to all of you....look the spell it's not keeping me broken I am....I know that she said looking at them please she said reaching out her hand bind me... your my lifemate right...bind me and pull me forward I'll take the pain

He took her hand and said, I claim you as my lifemate. I belong to you. I offer my life for you. I give to you my protection, my allegiance, my heart, my soul, and my body. I take into my keeping the same that is yours. Your life, happiness, and welfare will be cherished and placed above my own for all time. You are my lifemate, bound to me for all eternity and always in my care. He pulled her in close. Whatever you face, I face it with you. He began pulling her up and out. Already, he had a hard time not being forced back into his body because he shouldered part of her pain, but he would not leave her there and he would not let her hold all the pain on her own.

She not only relived all the mental pain but the physical.bwhen she came to she was screaming and thrashing. She cried out in agony and she threaten to break mentally, gregori could feel her soul being effected. The cabbin shook as the earth beneath it shook with her pain

Kiam held her to him and said, "I'm here! You're not alone! Never again! Reach for me!"

She latched onto him, her arms wrapping around his neck. He knew every was happening to her, she felt the violation of her mind and body, the pain from her wounds how lost she felt. Gregori and kiam smelled blood and soon they saw it running down her inner thighs

Gregori set to work on healing her as best as he could and as fast as he could. Kiam held the back of her head, not wanting her to hurt herself.

"Not much longer," he said into her ear, his own tears falling. "Just hold on a bit longer."

The shaking slowly stopped but she still shook, he knew it was because she was tiring herself out "'s not't happen" she rambled on his shoulder. It came quick and in flashes making her flintch and cry out with each memory. Gregori knew the stress on her body was threatening to make her miscarry and reopen her wounds

"It will be alright," he said. "I'm here now. It will never happen again. I promise you."

"Keep talking to her and get her in a herbal bath I will keep an eye on her health you focus on her mind" gregori said

Kiam kept talking, trying to reassure her as he dragged her to the bathroom and into the herbal bath. He got in with her to help keep her head above water.

She curled up against him, sobbing into his chest, after a few moments he knew she had tired herself out as she went silent. Her hand clenched his shirt tightly and her head rested on his shoulders "I'm sorry....." She said in a devastated hoarse tone

"There is no need for you to be sorry," he said, looking her in the eyes. "You have done nothing wrong."

"I've done a lot that's wrong" she said in a exhausted tone looking away from him and once more resting her head on his chest. Her eyes closed and her exhaustion took over and she slowly feel asleep "let her soak and rest but only for a hour then her trial still taking place, I will trust you to bring her to the main cabbin for it" gregori said "keep her stressed down as much as possible, from her memories your bite seems to be a stress reliever for her "

He looked at Amora and asked, "Is that what you need right now? Or do you just want to sit here?"

She didn't answer and a few moments later he heard her soft cute little snores

"Must I wake her in an hour?" Kiam asked. "She seems to finally be at peace."

"Yes " he said sternly but patted his shoulder "an hour kiam" he said and left the room

Kiam sighed and relaxed so that Amora could sleep peacefully. Without realizing it, he soon fell asleep holding her.


Raven came into the bedroom just as Mikhail was about to go to his study "how did it go with amera" she asked

"Better than I expected," he said. "She seemed receptive and honest. However, if she is unable to change... we will lose two talented people over petty jealousy. I worry about who I should make her guardian. I could be handing over a child who is lost or a ticking time bomb."

"She needs someone who can keep her in place...I have an idea but it might be crazy" she said with a smile

He smiled and said, "Tell me. If nothing else, it will be interesting."

"Anya" she said and when he got that look that she knew he would give her she chuckled " if Anya can take someone like amera and use the program she has been pushing to help her it will not only show it works but it will help amera " she said in a soft tone

Mikhail said, "You went well past crazy and straight into insane. Anya is the target of Amera's jealousy, not to mention that Amera will expect to learn how to battle and hunt if she goes with Anya. Either way, problems arise." He looked at her. "Explain how it would work. Then, I will decide if Anya is the proper guardian for her."

She smiled and sat down on the bed "Think about it, your right she is the focus, you have always taught your people to face things head on together, Amera needs to see who anya is and not who she thinks she is or how others see her, anya is the perfect example of self growth...look how far she has come, look how she is with Alex and more then that she has been the first person who caught and recognized amera using her aroma" she said "it will also give us a excuse to keep anya in one place like she needs, she is stressed mikhail, dracul has come to me with concerns about her, they are very serious...its gotten really bad" SHe said in a worried tone

Mikhail said, "What worries me is Amera trying to harm Anya again just because she doesn't like what she hears. With it being so soon, the possibility of a repeat is very likely. In which case, I'd be forced to bring her mate here and destroy them both, as I said I would."

Raven nodded "i know but i think she should do it with Anastasia, amera needs both a healer and warrior she needs to see the difference and the similarities but i do agree this should not happen right away, ana still needs some time but i feel in a few months it should happen, until then give her to ivory" she said and she saw him look at her in shock "what?"

"I didn't realize Ivory and Razvan were here," he said. "They said they were going to look for something important, but to be here now... Do you think Ivory would even accept? She's not one to let others invade her privacy. Essentially, that is what Amera would be doing. Razvan I could see accepting, but not so much his mate."

"I called her here" raven admitted "i was going to tell you but you have been so busy...ivory is the best for amera right now and it wouldnt be for long but ivory could help control her impulses enough that anya and astaisa could do the rest" she said

"If Anastasia is healed enough to be of aid," said Mikhail. "I fear that she has not progressed the way we had all hoped. Anya has not said a word." He began to pace. "Speaking of the Daratrazanoff clan, I have not heard from Gregori on Amora's condition either. We need to conduct her trial soon so we can begin the journey back to the Carpathian Mountains."

She nodded "mikhail...think about it ok?" She said standing up and hugging him "anya more dreams lately?" she asked

"I haven't napped since earlier," he said. "And nothing has made me space out. If Ivory is willing, tell her that she can't teach Amera to fight. She already knows how, but her energy is misplaced in that. I'm going to get ready for Amora's trial."

SHe didnt move but her arms tightened " cant lie to me...." she said looking up to him "she is effecting you isnt" she said "she weighs heavily on your mind"

"I am thinking of her, but I do not believe she is actually affecting me," he said. "She may be asleep or aiding someone who is hurt. Still, I do need to prepare for Amora's trial."

" there has been no word from them yet so you have time take this time to clear your mind and relax so you can give Amora a fair trial" she said softly

He sat down again and said, "That is what worries me. Raven, do you think having the trial is the right thing? Based off the visions..."

" What? Talk to me, what is it your worried about?" She asked

"In every vision I have had," he said, "she ended up hurting someone innocent because she wasn't allowed to die. I'm not questioning if her mind is broken, that is a given. However, if she is willing to harm a child as I have so often seen, she is dangerous. I am judging her on her concept of right and wrong. I need to know how skewed it has become because of her time as the mage's victim."

"Your worried she will hurt linde?" She asked

"Not just Linde," he said. "It wasn't always Linde she hurt with her rage at being alive. It was also other women, but it was rare. Once was Amera, Anastasia, and even you. I need to know that she will not take out her rage on others just because she desired to die and did not get her wish."

"I understand ...we will keep a eye on her I also have news from the scouts, there are signs linde has been near the northern boarder, they might have left south America" she said "they might be going home"

"We will take up the search once we return," he said, "after the warrior's council."

She nodded "Mikhail....there was... something else but maybe it should wait til after the trail " she said "I want you to have a clear mind"

He said, "Go ahead and tell me. I'd rather not be surprised by it."

She sighed and looked him in the eyes "I think something is wrong with Alex, Liliana says he has been sneaking off at ransoms times of the night and she isn't even able to find him, when she ask him where he was going he says just clearing his head"

Mikhail laughed and said, "I used to do that with Gregori all the time as a kid! We would hold secret meetings and the like, and when we got to the age of human teenagers, we would sneak out just talk. I have a feeling he is simply talking with Anya. She wouldn't want anyone to know where she is, but as the future second, Alex always knows. I would bet those two are ploting something."

She sighed and slapped him on the arm "really.." she said rolling her eyes and then smiled "it's nice to hear you laugh" she said with a big smile

"Now then," he said, "let's get ready for Amora's trial. Even if they aren't ready yet, we can at least prepare for her."

"Everything is prepared already my love, I made sure of that so you would have time to rest while we wait to hear from gregori" she said softly "on that often do you sneak out for theses secret meetings" she said crossing her arms and looking at him suspiciously

"I used to do it," he said. "I no longer have that need. As prince, everyone sneaks out to see me. Rather annoying, actually, when I would rather spend my nights with you."

"Hmm alright I'll believe you for now and that being said" she said looking at the watch on her wrist " how about you sneak around with me for a moment" she said with a smile

He smiled back and said, "And where shall we go?"

She held out her hand "that my dear prince is a surprise"

He took her hand. He knew better than to try and get it from her mind. After so long, making her upset or cry because he found out her "surprises" was one of those things he learned to avoid.

With a smile she lead him out the back door that was through the kitchen. She giggled soft as they snuck around the property. After a few minutes she came to a large tree that was surrounded by beautiful brazilian flowers and right underneath the tree was a large comfy looking blanket, some lit romantic candles and a basket that held mikhails favorite books and he could hear his favorite classical music softly playing

"What's all this for?" he asked, pulling her close. "I haven't done anything to deserve it."

"My love what makes you think you haven't deserved this? " She asked holding him back "because you now then deserve this, if I had had more time I could have...."

"This is more than I deserve," he said, tipping her head up so she could look into his eyes and see the truth. "A moment to relax, to read, to simply be with you... whether or not I get to feast on you like we normally have at these picnics is up to the time we get between now and the trial."

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