The Ball Rolls 7

It was warm under the tree he found himself laying under. The sun shows in-between the leaves of the large tree, it warmed him. He could hear laughter in the distance. He sat up and found before him a large fries filled with beautiful as flowers. And ahead of him in the middle, laughing and chancing something was Amora, she grabbed whatever she was chancing with a giggle and lifted it up revealing a small child, maybe the age of four. A little girl laughing like she was. Amora lifted her up I the air and they both giggled, a large brown bear walked up to them and Amora placed the little girl on the back of the bear. The child hugged the bear as it started walking off with the girl. Amora walked over to kiam "your finally awake" she said straddling his lap and kissing him deeply

"It was a long night," he found himself saying. "I see she's having fun. Everything okay?"

She nodded " everything went great, he is taking her back to mother for her nap time and I am.." she leaned forward and he felt gangs brush his neck "am about to have my fun time with my handsome lifemate.

He smiled at her playfully and pulled her down to the soft grass. He had her on her back and he was above her. He kissed her deeply.

"How did I get so lucky?" he asked her before kissing her neck. "What made be so deserving to be your lifemate?"

She pushed him back "you broke the spell and saved me...your more then deserving" she said leaning up and kissed his lips. After a moment he tasted blood when he pulled back to look blood was pouring from her mouth "you did break the spell didn't you..." She asked as she went pale and seemed collapsed beneath him

He jumped awake and looked at Amora in his arms, shaking her as he said, "Come on, baby, wake up! Moy angel! Please, open your eyes!"

She jumped in his arms as he startled her. His fear made hers rise and she woke up with a scream, not knowing where she was didn't help.

"Slava Bogu! - Thank God!" he said, hugging her to him. "I'm sorry for scaring you. I thought..." He buried his face in her neck. "Never mind. You're safe."

She was shaking with fear and gregoris words echoed in his mind as he felt her stress rise

He bit into her then. It was for himself as much as for her.

She cried out but in a way he had only heard the night they first met. She went stiff in his arms only for a second before he felt her relax. Her arousal filled the air around him " kiam." She said his name softly. It was like the first time he was hearing it from her. It was her, Amora, not Amelia. He felt her hands grip his shoulders, her hard nipples pressed against his chest

He closed the wound and kissed her deeply. His hands roamed over her, lighting a fire in both in them. It was then he noticed that the water had started to go from warm to cold. Using his ability, he heated up the water. It was difficult as he had not had much practice doing it, and didn't have such a delicious distraction to devour, but he managed it in the end.

She moaned against his lips her hands grabbed at his clothes that he kept on in the water for her comfort, now she was trying to rip them off his body. Her hands touch his skin under his shirt sending a tremble of pleasure through him. This was intense, more so then their first time.

He ripped her shirt, spilling her ample breast out so that he could feast upon her satin skin. They both needed this, to know that it was all over, that the nightmare had ended and their lives began.

Her head dropped back as she moaned and her hands gripped his hair pulling him closer "kiam.." she moaned his name softly gain and it awoken something deep inside him, like a ancient instinct

He removed their clothes, ripping them from their bodies. He sat her on the back of the tub, wedging himself between her legs. Rather than entering her beaconing core, he kissed down her body until he was kneeling in front of her. Then, he began feasting upon her, his hand moving over his engorged cock in time to his tongue.

She cried out and fell backwards, her legs wrapped around his head and her hands pulled his hair. She arched and within moments she came in his mouth hard. Her sweet juice covered his tongue.

He wasn't yet satisfied. He kissed up her body, sucking her breasts. He looked up at her, showing her his teeth. He surged forward as he bit down, drinking her in as she took him into her.

Ecstasy, It was pure ecstasy. Something clicked into place for both of them the moment he thrusted into her. It was so intense for a moment he couldn't breathe like she lost her breath. When he started moving that when she started to breath again and loud moans came from her. Her blood was thick and even though he was you g he could tell the potency it carried for healing already. His energy spike with it alone.

He slid his tongue over the pinpricks, then continued to use it to tease her already stiff nipple. He had taken enough for and exchange and lifted up. He made a slash over his chest brought her head up to it. I need this, Amora. I need you to do this for me. The thought of your lips on me, taking me in... She felt him grow inside of her.

She moaned and latched on to his chest. He didn't even have to sheild her mind, it was like it was natural for both of them. She moaned at his blood, knowing that his blood pleased her made him happy in a primal way. He threw back his head. Their second exchange. That barely registered to him as he began to move harder and faster.

She went crazy underneath him as he closed the wound for her. Her lips were pink from his blood and he watch her lick it off and moan.

He kissed her hard so that he could capture each moan as she rose higher and higher. When she fell, he fell with her, taking her scream into his lungs for all time.

She came down slowly from their fall. Her body sensitive to everything. She kissed him as a way to come down with bliss, her tongue danced with his in a sensual slow motion. Little moans from the kissing echoed from her to him. It was simple yet so erotic the way she was kissing him. His mind blanked to everything else but her mouth.

When they finally pulled apart, he had to fight to not start moving again. He wanted to make love all over again. Instead, he separated their bodies. The water had gone cold now, so he got her out of the tub and carried her to the bed. Once there...

"Again," he said, skewering her before he even had her laid down on the bed. "I need you again."

Her body instantly reacted and she moaned loudly, all she could do his wrap her legs and arms around him to stable herself as he started to trust into her. And the moment he bit into her shoulder out of instinct but not to feed she was gone. Her head dropped back with a loud moan and once more she was his.

He went hard and fast and deep. Hearing her scream his name, begging for more, for release. It was the greatest song in the world and he would never tire of hearing it. He had her freefalling several times. Each time, he fell with her, but he never stopped moving until both were in a freefall again. He didn't bother with knowing the sun had come up, or that they had made love in 12 different positions in 7 different places within the house. All that mattered was that he make love to her over and over until all the ugliness and pain could no longer touch them.

It wasn't until her exhaustion hit him that he stopped. She could barely lift her head as he gently laid her on the bed. His marks were all over her body and he could tell instantly she fell asleep when she was placed on the bed.

He saw her desire in her eyes and her skin grew warm under his touch but she smiled softly " your books while I sit next to you" she said softly " this is about you my love and you need and deserve this time"

"As long as I can use your lap as a pillow," he said, picking up the top most book, "I'll stay here until," he smiled, "the sun rises."

She smiled and stroked his head "oh? But what about the trial?" She asked but he knew she didn't care about that and was happy at the thought of them staying here for the night

"If I could get away with it," he said, laying down his head on her lap, "I'd never leave your side, never leave our perfect little world we create. Lord knows, I'd rather be there most nights."

"From what gregori just told me Amora has just pulled from a bad place, with her help he found she has a spell on her, the stab wounds were not random. Let her rest for tonight my love and stay here with me and do the same" she said stroking his hair

"We are leaving tonight," he said, placing the book on his chest. "I do not know if it is safe for us to travel with her, or if it is best that she does return to her valley. And if she is willing to harm a child, what would happen if she does go back? How do we know her conditioning isn't so deep that she would destroy her own home once some memory is triggered? I need to know these things for your safety as well hers."

"That's why I thinks it's best to watch her tonight, having the trial might make things worse, we will get updates from kiam and gregori , he has informed me he has claimed her so we will have a much closer look and tie to her" she said still stroking his hair " please my love...relax with me this evening" she said "gregori wants you to as well as everyone here, your people stand with you Mikhail and want you to have time to relax"

"Unfortunately, we are leaving just before dawn," he said, looking up at her. "We cannot afford much time."

She frowned" what are you not telling me...why are we rushing home?" She asked

"Several reasons," he said. "The newest one is Linde, but that is not the main reason. Nor is the warrior's council, as the date on that can be changed." He found he couldn't look her in the eye. "After so long of wanting to have the ability to leave the Carpathian Mountains, I find myself uneasy away from them. As if I had abandoned my people. I know I have not, and they know this as well, but... I grow more anxious with each passing day. As if someone has been trying to call me back home but I cannot hear their cry for aid."

She made him look at her and he saw her support and love written all over her face " then let's leave now, just you and me, gregori and take kiam and Amora and follow us" she said in a encouraging tone " she is still human he can keep her asleep for safety reasons" she said with a smile "but you my love I cannot guarantee you will be getting to rest anytime soon, especially in our room on our plane" she said with a naughty look in her eyes as she leaned down and kissed him sensually

You always have such good ideas, he said. I would love to put this plan in motion.

consider it done...the plane will be here in thirty about until then you read your book and relax she said nippling his bottom lip before breaking the kiss " she smiled down at him

He lifted his book up. He loved how her hand played with his hair. He was nearly asleep within moments.

He found himself in a small inn he knew was in their neighboring country, hungry. He had been there before. The cafe was empty except for a blonde woman that sat a booth with a young man though he could not see either of their faces "please Linde....rethink this" said the young man "you could live much longer if we did this" the young woman shook her head and the male growled and slammed his hand on the table "damit! Why are you so stubborn! " He yelled and the woman touched his hand and the man sighed "please promise me you will at least think about it.." he said in a calmer tone. The woman nodes her head "ok...thank you, stay here and I'll go find Erik...he has what we need" he said and stood up.

Mikhail woke up then and found himself in the bed on the plan, Raven laid next to him stroking his back.

"How...?" he asked before looking at her. "They are in Hungary. He's trying to convince her to let him convert her."

She look at him in a serious expression "tell me what you saw". She said. She was the only one her had not questioned these visions, even gregori was worried they were a trick, a form of mind manipulation, But not her.

"An inn," he said, "somewhere in Hungary, near the border. She was having a meal, he was talking to her, though she didn't utter a word. I could not see their faces, as if they were purposefully shadowed." He sat up. "She wants me to know these things, yet she doesn't want me to find them. It's like she is telling me to be okay with her passing."

She snuggled up to him and hugged him "your connection must be strong then for her to come to you like this....after all these years it seems I can still get jealous though I know better" she said softly

"I see her as a daughter, even though she is far older than even I am," he said. "So, you have no fear."

She chuckled " I know this... But she has a effect on you" she said looking up at him " it sounds stupid but you deal with so much as it and another female having such a strong effect on you...what can I say, your mine " she said with a smile

He growled and tackled her to the bed, saying, "Then, for the rest of the flight, let me show you what that statement meant to me."

She felt her heart slam into her chest and her arousal was immediate. The dominance rolling off of him could be felt on a deep level. She moaned and he hadn't even done anything yet "what stament....your mine? " She said sitting her bottom lip

He ripped their clothes from them and said, "I find those words incredibly sexy." He surged into her hard. "The truth behind them and the love." He began moving at a fast, deep pace. "It's the same love I have for you."

Then he kissed her, stealing more than her breath. Once again, he stole her heart and for the rest of the plane ride he took his time showing how true his words were.

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