Gregori walked to the door just before sundown and knocked. He didn't feel anyone stir inside the house. It's time to leave, Kiam, so get you and your lifemate to the runway now.

Kiam groaned and sat up. His everything hurt, but he loved every twing. He left the earth where he had slept that was right under her bed. She was still sound asleep.

"Amora, we need to pack," Kiam said. "Once on the plane, you can sleep some more."

She didn't budge, she slept deeply and soundly. Gregori walk in and kiam had to cover her naked body "what happened why is she so exhausted?" He asked

"I thought what happens between lifemates was sacred," said Kiam. "I do not wish to speak about it with any other. Perhaps I was wrong in thinking that caring for the needs of one's lifemate was not to be questioned."

Gregori sighed and pitched the bridge of his nose in flustration " your young kiam so I will say this now, she is pregnant and still really and on top of that she is still human, mage, but human which means her body cannot handle such intense love making like out carpathian woman can" he said going over to her and checking on her " I need to see if you did any damage, may I?"

Kiam nodded and said, "You do know that some humans make love all night, right? They are said to be addicted to sex or selling their bodies, but they can do it if they put their minds to it."

"And you think your pregnant,injured and still mentally unstable lifemate was up for such a thing?" He said as he started examining her body, kiam saw he was upset by the marks on her body "kiam we are not human males...I shouldn't have to tell you this" he said

"I'll have you know, she was the one who didn't let me rest most of the time," Kiam said, truth dripping from him. "Two out of three times, it was her, not me. She needed that, and I provided. It may have been dangerous at times, but those were the gentler moments, when we both need the feel but hadn't the energy for big..." he growled. "I shouldn't be talking about such intimate things."

" Kiam I'm her healer, these things are not intimate to me they are important details that matter when it comes to her health" he said in a plain tone. "Judging by the deepness of this bite on her neck you made another blood exchange correct?" He asked

"Yes, our second exchange," Kiam said. "It just happened, but I cannot say I'm not happy. I will, however, ask for advice here. With the child still so young, will it survive the conversion? I know they are still in her womb, despite the stress she faced last night."

"I think her and the baby would be in danger" he said in a serious tone "so make sure that third exchange does not happen" he said covering her back up "pick her up, let her sleep and let's go"

Kiam nodded and put their things in his duffel bag. He put it over his shoulder and picked her up. They were in Bucharest in three hours, and a few hours after, they were setting down in a small cabin hidden away. Amera was still so exhausted, she had not opened her eyes the whole time.

"I'm not a full fledged warrior yet," said Kiam. "I'll stay here, but I will come if called."

"Wait in the cabbin and let her continue to sleep but make her eat something, you don't have to wake her for that, just take ahold of her mind, I will call you if they decide to do her trial here" he said setting down his bags in the room "savannah will be coming to get my bag, please let her in when she arrives"

"Sure," he said before going to the kitchen.

From what he had heard, only organic juices and fruits would do now. Kiam had a hobby of cooking, so he knew which fruits would be best for her at that time.

By the time he came back gregori was gone, amora slept peacefully on the bed. She had sprawled out on her side, her long hair danced on the pillow and a sweet smell came from her

He smiled down at her, helped her to eat, and let her rest, braiding her long hair as he sat there. He used his ability to open the front door.

"Come on in, Mrs. Daratrazanoff," he said politely. "We are in the master bedroom."

He heard her grab the bag but knocked softly on the door “may I come in?” She asked softly

Kiam said, "Please do. Perhaps you can give me some advice other than 'make her do what you want' like your lifemate has been doing. I'm a modern man, but I'm still a child. I cannot conceive of the notion of me ruling over Amora, and I'm afraid of what will happen if I am forced to give her an order for safety. She is still fresh from her captivity."

Savannah opened the door and walked over to her on the bed and smiled “she is a pretty one kiam” she said knowing hearing that would please him “I think it’s best if you take her to her valley, let her wake up there” she Said softly, he could see he was bout to protest and she put up her hand “it’s not far and I think it’s what is best for her not a trial, I will speak with Mikhail myself, take her Nd go” she said “and as for advice, just listen to her heart, your able to do that” she said with a soft smile “now go”

Kiam didn't hesitate. He picked up Amora and left.


Anastasia paced. Having just arrived in Romania she wanted to hurry. They had taken the longer mode of travel, flight. Their children and little Erik enjoyed it, watching the sea life as they moved. However, they couldn't fly forever and managed to sleep in the ground on some deserted islands along the way. They had left two days early to make it on time. They settled the children into their home.

"Mind explaining the pants?" Stefan asked. "You always..."

"I'm going to help Anya," she answered. "I thought this was the best outfit for that. It's still designer!"

"That's not what I'm worried about!" he said.

"Well, you still haven't listened. You aren't my father, and you aren't a hunter. It's okay not to be a hunter. I'm frustrated as well! If you would just give it up..."

"I will protect my family. I may not take up hunting as a profession like Gregori, but I will not have you taken from me again."

"I'm going for a walk. Take care of the kids."

She left then, disappearing into the forest.

She found Anya leaning against a tree where they said they would meet. She was covered head to toe in her warrior outfit. And her good was up

"Stefan is impossible!" Anastasia said after scanning the area to be safe. "He keeps saying he's training to protect but I know that's a lie to help him sleep better! He's trying to become like papa, and I want to strangle him! And my body is constantly on fire because he won't acknowledge how stupid he's being! At this rate, I'm going to have no control over my body and hate myself afterwards!"

"Masterbate" Anya said with a shrug surprising her.

Anastasia looked at her sister in shock for a moment before busting out laughing.

"Okay," said Anastasia. "I'll try that. And thanks for letting me get that out. Now, how are we doing this?"

"Just like we practice but we need to time this right and do it efficiently" she said and stopped for a moment. She grabbed a near by tree hard enough it cracked, ana could see sweat forming on her forehead.

Anastasia went to her sister and said, "I don't need to feel your pain, though you are broadcasting it now. Anya, let me help. I'm not the same woman I was three weeks ago. Not 100%, but better. I can do this."

She moved away from her " I am fine, I just have a injury that needs to heal. Let's go we need to time this perfectly" she said walking again "ok so you sneak in first and I will follow after, I will have to pierce my hand on the warrior Crystal once that is done, our subject is first, I will give you the que and we do as we practiced "

"Right," said Anastasia. "But, if you have need of a healer, I'll help. I no longer shy away from Xavier's name. And the memories haven't plagued me in four days. After this is over, I want to look at you." She walked backwards as she stared Anya in the eye, determination stamped there. "I want you to use your knowledge of dark magic while I do. It is the one thing that I still have a problem with. If I can't get past that, then all of this meant nothing. I will not have that." It was like her sister was back, stronger than before. "I'm a healer. I will not let this remain a failing when someone will be in need."

"Good to hear...let's see how true it is" she said as they neared the meeting place. She stopped and looked at her "how do I look...I need to look like I'm not in pain" she said

"You look pale," she said, "but you could easily say you just haven't fed yet. Just reach for me if you need help, okay? I want this plan to work too. I have much to prove tonight. To myself more than anyone else."

She nodded “here I go” she said holding her head high and Ana saw her go warrior mode, her expression turned to stone.

"Okay, seriously?" Anastasia asked as they resumed walking. "How do you do that? I couldn't shut off my emotions even if it was to save my life. I tried, but in the end, I looked like humans when they are constipated."

Anya kept her smile off her face at her words “after what I’ve seen it’s easy “ she said in a serious tone “now, you should go invisible “ she said as they neared the cave

Anastasia disappeared and showed the extent of her practice. If Anya hadn't known, she wouldn't have felt where Anastasia was. As it was, Anastasia did tell her twin that she on her shoulder as molecules, flowing naturally with her movements so that nothing was amiss.

Anay walked in a the male presence was strong and filled the air making it tense. Without hesitation she touched the crystal and was able to go in. She got looks from the other males, some of respect others that she didn’t belong and she knew it was because she was a woman, still she held her head up high and went straight to Mikhail “I heard you were looking for me” she said ignoring her father who was next to him

"Yes," Mikhail said. "I will wait after the opening ceremony to tell you why. For now, visit with Jaxon and Joie. I'm sure you will find allies with them."

“Why because they are female?” She asked in a cold tone “the only alley I have here is watching me in the corner though he thinks I don’t notice” she said talking about Dracul “he treats me as a equal” she said and turned to walk away

"More because we agree with you," said Jaxon, walking with her. "As do our lifemates."

Joie also stepped in time with her as she said, "Or they better if they know what's good for them."

Anya held out her hand to them and they both shook each hand, she suddenly pulled them both in so her lips rested by both of their ears “don’t make a face don’t say anything to even your mates but I will need your help this evening, I’m in labor, don’t react and yes I’m full term I have a ward on, just nod if you understand “ she said

Mikhail felt more at ease than he ever thought he'd wake up being. He once thought of the mountains as a cage. Now, he knew better. Though no one had needed him, the tension that had coiled within him was now gone. He smiled down at his sleeping lifemate. I know you are awake. And don't tell Gregori. He'd lord this over me for decades.

She smiled "feel better?" She asked in a teasing tone.

"Much," he said. "It is good to be home."

She smiled "I'm glad " she said softly and sat up, the silk sheet falling away from her body, exposing her her naked chest and torso

"Must you tempt me with this feast?" he asked, his hand cupping her full breast.

She moaned and leaned back onto the bed making him follow so he was on top of her "Mikhail....if you touch me like that.." she moaned again and her body moved with his touch ina sensual and teasing way "my love...I need you again" she said. In the last few months Raven had been doing more and more work to help him, she had stood by him from day one but now she had learned how to stand by him as more then just a lifemate but a partner to the prince. She had become more then he could have ever dreamed of and recently she had become less shy in her wants and needs.

"Always happy to bring my woman pleasure," he said before kissing her.
Two hours later

"Are you sure you don't want to gather the women and go to the springs?" asked again. "You know there is safety in the caves. I heard that two of them are pregnant."

She finished fixing her hair, he love marks still on her neck, she displayed them proudly with her hair up like that "I'm sure...look I know your worried but my place is by your side and this is a important meeting, the woman would feel better knowing I am there to represent them" she said confidently "and besides if this get tense or stressful just look over at me" she said turning and smiling at him "I'll calm you down" she said winking playfully at him.

"Jaxon and Joie seem to be enough female voices," said Mikhail. "This is for warriors. Raven, as brave and strong as you are, you are not a warrior."

"No but you are and Jaxon and joie are great woman but they are not me, they are not the one these woman go to and they are not the woman who helps ease your mind" she said and he knew she was not going to let this go "I'm going Mikhail and I wished you would be happy about it" she said sounding stern but he could tell her feelings were hurt.

"You know that it's tradition for only warriors to enter," he said, putting his hands on her shoulders. "This is not to say you don't have strength, Raven. I need you to be with the women at the springs. They will tell you things their men may not tell me, or they will have a view I need to hear. I cannot be at the springs with them. They feel I have crippled them by having Ivory stay in South America with Amera. Do not let them think I'm trying to take the ear that they talk to. You are their leader, Raven, and that comes with certain restrictions. If you were to pierce your hand on the warrior's crystal, the ancients would reject you as a warrior and I would have to send you away. You soothe me when you touch my mind, and you help me by conveying the women's thoughts when we talk. You give me so much by being with them. I'm not wanting to hurt your feelings, but I need you to be with the women so I can hear more than just two or three opinions. I need to hear all of them. And you can relay them to me."

She sighed " I just have this guy feeling...I'm uneasy mikhail" she said in a serious tone

"I will be fine," he said, "and so will you. Our finest warriors are there. And do you honestly think that I will let anything happen to Alexandru? He needs to see what will be expected of him. In fact, I intend to have him lead today's council. So..."

"Mikhail listen to me" she said interrupting him "this is more then just a feeling from worry...I'm telling you I have a strong feeling something is not right ok" she said in a serious tone. The look on her face was one he had not seen before, she was very serious and scared

"We will take every precaution, Raven," he said. "Besides, we will be on holy ground, where no evil should be able to penetrate. I will keep an eye out all the same. I still remember what happened with young Travis. He wasn't evil, but evil did control him. If I see any trace of betrayal or someone being controlled, all the hunters there will react. I will be fine, and so will everyone else."

Raven nodded but he could tell she was not comforted “just....come back to me” she said and turned to leave

"Always," he said, kissing her forehead. "Gregori is on his way to escort me."

She nodded “be careful of him too” she said before leaving after a moment gregori arrived “are you ready?” He asked

"We will need to pick up Alexandru on the way," Mikhail said, nodding to Raven. "He just informed me that Anya has not yet been seen, and his mate would like to join the council as well. As she is a warrior, I saw no issue, but they would like to take the children to the daycare at the base and felt that there was safety in numbers."

“All of that has been taken care of and Alex is already at the meeting” he said and moved aside so they could leave

With that, they left.


Dracul rose. He decided that, after the warrior's council, he would go back to the mountain that had been his prison, the place of his torment and where he tormented others. Xavier's ice caves. He was certain the first step to the false memories would begin there.

Hunters greeted him as he walked into the cave entrance. When he asked they said he had not seen Anya yet, he found that odd given how important he knew this was to her.

"Zacarias, when does the plane leave?" he asked. "I'll need to know for when I next see her."

"All plans just arrived, the only one coming later is for gregori and kiam and his lifemate" Zacarias said in a plan tone " why who are you looking for?" He asked

"Anya wishes to leave as soon as possible, not liking to be so close to so many," he said, "however, I seem to be in the doghouse again and she has risen before me. I have not seen her this rising."

"I haven't seen her yet but I will let you know if I do, I'm sure she is somewhere close, she wouldn't miss this opportunity to see her son or be a part of this meeting" he said putting him on the shoulder "let's go inside and greet the others, the prince will be the last to show"

Dracul looked over the mountain range. He thought he felt her at times, touching his mind to reassure one of them, he just didn't know which. He walked in and headed to the warrior's cave.

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