Surprises 3

Alex got the stress cal and was shocked " in labor" he said in a shocked tone. Liliana went into action "ok I'll stay here with your mother you and your father go to her but hurry back" she said and they nodded and left

Of course he said, trying not only to help her but to take on some of the pain as well.

Gregori said, "He's not getting enough blood. Shea, can you come heal the bullet wounds?"

"She needs to feed," said Anastasia. "Right now." She glared at the men. "Either you man up, get over your bruised egos, and help her, or get out!"

Alexandru and Mikhail stepped forward. For them, it didn't matter the decision earlier. She had saved them and their lifemates, as well as most of the Carpathian people. She more than earned the right to feed from them. She gained her respect and admiration as well.

When the prince and his heir stepped forward, a que formed. Men and women were lining up to give her just a drop of blood.

She growled at them "you two are suppose to be at the safe house" she said in a exhausted tone "it's not" she said in pain

"You were in need," said Mikhail simply.

Alex shook his head and said, "It was more than that. You saved so many at great risk." Shea got the last bullet out and healed the wound. "I'd say you put most of these men to shame. I offer freely as my friend, cousin, and ally, but also for the price you paid to keep my family safe. So, please."

The women all agreed with Alex who bit into his own wrist and had her drink. Mikhail did the same. Some of the ancient, feeling uncomfortable, fed Dracul instead, explaining that he was helping her and would also need his strength.

"Anya, you need to take a break from feeding," said Anastasia. "You need to push again."

"He's healthier now," Gregori said, taking her hand. "Grigore is ready to meet you."

Anya suddenly grabbed gregori' by the collar and pulled him down so he was face leveled "I don't know who you are..." She said as her eyes turned silver " but I promise you I will find you and if you don't let my father's mind be his own this very instant I promise you when I do find you I will make you suffer so greatly that death would not dare come for you out of fear I will do the same to it" she said in a dark tone

Gregori blinked and looked at Dracul, "Andes, in Peru. They had you too, at least a little"

Dracul nodded and said, "I got false memories that caused problems. Now that I am back home, they stopped."

"They specifically targetted Anya," Gregori said. "No, not Anya." He looked at her stomach. "Grigore."

"Another push!" Anastasia growled.

They all worked together even as Dracul asked, "Why did they want my son?"

"They view him like a god because he wasn't conceived under normal means," said Gregori. "I got that much. I could have had false memories only, except I wanted to find them. That meant they got my mind. They wouldn't let go. However, the person behind it is working for another, and I believe they have a darker purpose."

"Papa!" Anya yelled getting his attention "I can't...." She said losing strength. Anastasia could tell she was tired "I used to much magic to protect....I'm so tired " she said in a exhausted tone "just ...everyone needs to leave it's not safe here ..go home to your families" she said

"Shea, you and everyone else needs to leave," he said. "Anastasia..."

"Like hell," she said. "I'm not abandoning her now."

"You're shaking," he pointed out. "Dark magic is scaring you."

"But not stopping," she said. "Anya didn't stop helping me, even when I was being a brat. I'm not stopping now because of this. She deserves everyone's help, but she'd never ask for it." She looked at Anya. "Another big push, sisar. You can do it."

"I can't..." She said as tears fell down her face " I can't....I couldn't find the balance...between the work from Mikhail and papa and everyone else...I stretched to thin....I can't" she said going almost completely limp in Draculs arms " I just wanted to see you...the real you before..." She said looking at gregori

Gregori growled and said, "I didn't give you work. That had to be them." He cupped his daughter's cheek. "I'm so sorry, Anya. I didn't find this plan fast enough, and you paid the price for that failing. Feed from me. Get your strength."

Anastasia began to let the tears fall as she said, "This is going to hurt, but I can get him out."

"I'll take the pain," said Dracul.

"She needs blood to make it through this first," said Gregori. "Now, drink, Anya. I offer freely."

She looked at gregori " is it really you? " She asked in a tense tone. When gregori let her fell his mind to show her it was really him she broke down. Her tears fell hard and she looked at Anya and handed her the knife that was on her waist " get him out...papa has done c sections before let him guide you " she said and grabbed Draculs hands "I'll feed after he is safe Alex I need you to get my son out of here as soon as he is born...I can't trust anyone here...please hurry she said in a urgent tone

"I know how to perform a c-section, Anya," said Anastasia. "I studied and practiced many forms of healing. I also took information form human doctors, so that, if necessary, I could heal in the human way as well. Papa, I need you numb the area for me. I have push him back into the womb so that I can get him out. You should have told me his shoulders were too big."

"Another thing they wanted was for him to kill his mother while being born," Gregori said, feeling sickened. "Their leader wants to raise a killer. That's what feeling I get." He got an idea and looked at Anya as he and Anastasia set to work. "Are you thinking what I am, ma petite?"

Dracul growled with excitement, saying, "I must be becoming a Daratrazanoff, but I am and I like it."

"Would someone please tell me what's going on...I can't..." Dracul felt her start to lose consciousness "I'm sorry...I told you to trust me to bring out son into the world..."

"That's okay," he said. "You did beautifully."

"Would you like to hold him?" Anastasia asked, holding up her son as he wailed loudly.

Gregori moved back to give her room, smiling at her. He then took Anastasia to the side to give her some privacy to talk over the plan.

"He's perfect, Anya," Dracul said, helping her hold Grigore. "Everything as it should be. It doesn't matter how he came into the world. You carried him and brought him to us. I couldn't ask for a better lifemate."

Alex suddenly showed up next to them and gently took gregore from her arms. When dracul went to protest Anya stopped him "it's for the best and you know that..." She said weakly. He disappeared with their son and Anya went limp against dracul "don't leave....don't leave until I wake up...I'm sorry... for everything...I need you please" she said in a fading voice "don't leave me..."

"Never," he said.

"Anya, I have to go," Gregori said. "Dracul will explain."

"I'm playing a part too," said Anastasia. "You rest. And don't worry. Your wounds are already healed. You just need blood and three days rest."

"Right ...of course" she said in a low tone " bye" she said looking away from them both. To all their surprise she sat up and tried to stand up when they tried to help her she pushed them away " just....leave me always" she said holding the wall and her stomach and started walking away " you can go to dracul...I take back what I said I was just hormonal" she said not looking at him

"What's wrong?" asked Dracul. "I'm not leaving your side, Anya."

"I'm the one that will be feeding you," said Anastasia. "Papa will pretend to be their puppet again. I agreed not to clean this place up so that they think you died. When you are done healing, Dracul will rise and act like a vampire."

"We will be drawing out the enemy," said Gregori. "Then, when they think they have a way to get Grigore, you strike at the head of the snake."

"No....I'm tired of fighting, there is always something... something to fight. It never ends...I'm done" she said once more pushing dracul away when he tried to touch her "no one even cares why should I, I was wrong, I'm not a warrior, and if I was I'm not anymore, all my fight has left me, I'm going home and if I need to I'll greet the dawn " she said in a low tone as she stumbled

Anastasia blocked the door and said, "Like hell."

"Anastasia!" Gregori said.

"No," said Anastasia. "I get you have big depression problems right now. However, would let me get down on myself? Or Dracul? Look at him. He feels what you feel. He also has the added weight of feeling he didn't protect you, or get to you fast enough to stop the bullets from hitting you and hurting you and Grigore. But I also know that you aren't as broken as I was. So, you don't feel adiquate enough or that you failed your sons. Suck it up. It is not weakness to tell your lifemate when you feel overwhelmed or that you aren't happy with a situation. Talk to him instead of shutting him out. And tell the rest of the world to fuck off, because you need a fucking break. Dracul is on your side, always. He is the shoulder to cry on when things get too hard and the ear that listens when no one else will. So, use him."

"I can't rely on any of you...your broken dracula and papa are mind fucked...just drop it ana, you don't know what it's like, you haven't done the things I've done or seen what I have seen so don't tell me what you think I should do you you haven't even been there for me for six years" she said in a cold tone

Anastasia nodded affirmation to her statement, but didn't move. Dracul stood in front of Anya.

"I have been there, for all of it," Dracul said. "And since coming back here, my mind has been clear. Now that I know what I'm looking for, there is no fear. I didn't let them take me completely over, Anya. Talk to me, warrior goddess. The words Anastasia said are true. I am on your side always."

She looked like she was going to say something but then she looked at gregori out of the corner of her eye " just......take me home" she said , her only comfort know Erik and gregori were with Alex and Liliana. She went to take another step and didn't make it. She fell right into his arms. She was to sick to hold her last ward. Slowly it fell, revealing the multitude of scars that now covered her body. Though she still had her baby belly she was skinny looking, malnutrish, some scars were still healing, others standard out because of their serverity. Gregori hadn't remember her getting these scars and ana had never seen them. She passed out right there in Draculs arms, her breathe leaving her as her body forced her into a Carpathian sleep. It looked like she had not slept in days, dark circles laid heavily underneath her eyes

"Syndil has already begun cleaning an area in the healing caves for you," said Anastasia. "In a few days, I will come check on her." She turned away. "I should have known, yet I asked..."

"She didn't want you to know," said Dracul. "She's just that kind of Carpathian hunter. I'll take her to the caves when she feel s up to it. I want Alex to be the one to conduct the naming ceremony."

Before they could answer, he left with Anya.

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