Savannah sat him down in a chair and leaned down in front of him "Now you listen hear Gregori Daratrazanoff women and be just as good warriors as men but that's beside the point, there is only one person I trust enough to train our daughter for something as serious as this and that you, because I know you love her and will train her to the best of your abilities so she can be safe in the future" She said in a stern tone but with a supportive expression. She touched his cheek softly "Please my love...see this for what it is...she is stubborn like you and will not change, the best way we can keep her safe is to teach her how to protect herself... please see reason Gregori before we really do lose her" She said kissing his forehead, then leaned down to expose her neck "Now drink and heal my love and if you want w can discuss this more" She said near his ear in a soft tone.
Anya looked to her sister It seems like I have no choice" She said getting up, she had always hoped her father would train her but after tonight it was made clear that would never happen "I'm going out for a bit...I need some time alone " She said walking toward the door..

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