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Summary: Well, well Does someone need to be taught a lesson?

Magnus Bane

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Gender: Male

Age: 1865

Group: Teacher

Family/ Bloodline

Dragonseeker/ High mage

Job/Special Ability

Teacher of magic in every sense of the word/ He can freeze people in place, heal injuries, choke a man from afar, control powerful magical energies in the form of weapons, teleport objects from other locations at will, manipulate memories, create illusions, and much, much more.

Physical Appearance

Magnus stopped aging at around 19 and thus looks quite young. Magnus has brown skin, is very tall, with a long and strong body. When he uses magic his yellow-green "cat-like" eyes with vertical pupils appear. He is also noted to have a somewhat Asian appearance, due to the curve of his eyes. He has dark black hair; his hairstyles has changed over the years, ranging from short and spiked to straight and shoulder length.

He wears all kinds of make-up, such as glitter around his eyes, lipstick, and nail polish. He likes to flaunt his beauty by often dressing in flamboyant and glitzy ensembles, which is seen by some as strange, or unique.

Personality and interests

He has strong feelings about justice, and about protecting innocent lives. Magnus does relish life, and the world he lives in. His insatiable curiosity comes from a true interest in the world around him, and he quests for knowledge of the arcane world, and for new experiences. When you've lived as long as Magnus has, entertainment becomes a completely different sport. Much of what he does is motivated by the fact that he hates being bored: he likes being surrounded by energy, vivacity, and new things, even if he doesn't partake in the scene himself. He enjoys stepping into different roles, and has come to see the art of when to take on which ones, for practical reasons, as well as to keep himself entertained. He might be a flippant partier in gold pants one moment, and an incredibly serious, dangerous and solemn force to be reckoned with in more extreme situations. Magnus can come off as aloof, but he's always ready with a witty or sardonic remark for any occasion. Despite appearances, Magnus has the capacity to be immensely loyal to people who earn his respect or love. He might not always be willing to admit it, but he does care about what happens to them, and this manifests in his own unique way of lending aid when necessary. He's incredibly skilled at reading people, after all these years, and he can recognize when someone has a good soul and a good heart.


Magnus was born approximately around the year 1200, most likely in a small village in Europe, given his talk about his parent's church. Seeing as how his half-demonic heritage horrified his parents, it seems likely that his mother had an affair with some kind of demonic creature. It is also likely that his mother was at least in part Asian, as his eyes have an Asian cast. They're also green-gold and exactly like a cat's, and have been since birth, which prompted his parents to believe it was the Devil's Mark. This made him an outcast, and so he lived the first ten years of his life without friends, and isolated from the village and even his own family.

♣ When he was ten, his mother, driven mad by the shame of what she'd wrought, hung himself in their barn. His father was driven into a grievous rage, and attempted to drown the young boy in the river. Fighting for his life, Magnus lashed out with all the power he had, and burned his father to death where he stood.

♣ Alone, he wandered for a short time, before turning to the church and begging sanctuary. It's unknown how long he stayed there, but eventually he hitchhiked his way to Spain, where he lived alone in Madrid, begging for or stealing food as his powers grew. Still uncertain as to what or who he was, he had a difficult time controlling them. During this time he forgot his parents' name (by choice) and even his own.


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