Image of Groundskeeper Eric (real name: Alister)

Summary: I'm an innocent groundskeeper by day, but I will **** you up any other time.

Groundskeeper Eric (real name: Alister)

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Gender: Male

Age: 65

Group: Human

Family/ Bloodline


Job/Special Ability

Can use magic

Physical Appearance

see pic

Personality and interests

Wants to bring down Carpathians
Thinks women owe him their loyalty and bodies


His family has held a grudge against the Carpathians, in particular the Dragonseekers, for over a thousand years. His ancestor kidnapped a Dragonseeker child and encased her in ice, where she had remained unchanged over a thousand years. Unlike his brother, whose only moral is he will not harm his children or those he raises, Alister doesn't care who it is, he will do as he pleases. As he watched Scarlet grow, he targeted her for her abuse and punishment, waiting for her body to develop enough for him to play with. If only his older and more powerful brother would stay out of the way.


He doesn't have one, doesn't want one, and will never get one. He'd much rather use women for their bodies, willing or otherwise.

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Image of Groundskeeper Eric (real name: Alister)
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