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Summary: People don't talk to me and act like I'm invisible, but that's how I learn things.


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Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: Half Carpathian

Family/ Bloodline


Job/Special Ability

Connection with the Earth

Physical Appearance

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Personality and interests

She is kind, but distant. She wishes to be a clothing designer.


Her parents died when she was young. The human family that raised her until her teens looked at her like she was the devil because of her abilities. As such, she started to dress in dark clothes, but she has always been kind to others. She rarely talks, but when she does, her voice sounds soft and musical.

The family that raised her after the age of 13 was different. They had been trusted with a great secret: that of the Carpathian people. Seeing her use her abilities made them feel happy. They told her about everything, and told the prince about her. Since then, she was not without protection from vampires and their minions. She had been told her gift to aid the earth was much needed and they could not afford to lose her, the prince wanting someone to convert her once she had finished school.

However, her connection to the earth causes her to go into panic attacks when she can't heal it right away or at all. The longer she is exposed to the "dead earth" the stronger the attacks become until she will nearly kill herself to bring the earth "back to life." Several times, she had to be kept in a cave full of the richest minerals to calm her, or bring her spirit back to her body.


Manuel Chavez

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Image of Maggie
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