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Summary: As you command.

Alicia Belle

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Gender: Female

Age: 20

Group: Mage

Family/ Bloodline


Job/Special Ability

Maid to Morgan Couture
Can use highly advanced mage spells
Scrying (the ability to use reflective surfaces to see danger or the future)

Physical Appearance

see pic

Personality and interests

She is hard working, kind, and beautiful. She enjoys reading, singing, and listening to music.


Alicia has never known a day Morgan wasn't in her life. If the woman wasn't so cruel, Alicia would have seen her like she would a guardian. However, Morgan treated Alicia more like a lowly servant or slave than a child under her care. Alicia obeys Morgan because she becomes a puppet if she doesn't, forced to do degrading acts. As a child, it was simple as rolling in dirt and mud, and talking bad about herself. But now, as an adult, Alicia knows it would mean beatings, and the loss of her virtue in a vile and painful way, if not death. However, because she always obeys, Morgan taught her spells as soon as Alicia could read.

When she was ten, Alicia learned, while cleaning, that she had been kidnapped as an infant when some papers in Morgan's office fell off of the desk. Being a powerful mage, Morgan made her parents believe their child had died. Alicia had planned on running away to find her birth parents, but when she found that they had killed themselves with grief, Alicia knew that Morgan had planted such grief in their minds that Alicia's birth parents could not live without their only child.

Later, at age fourteen, Alicia learned she had the rare ability of scrying. She had to hide her ability from Morgan, knowing the evil mage would force her to look for targets once Alicia learned to control her ability. Alicia only saw one person every time she looked into a reflective pool: a man so handsome, he took her breath away. She knew he was a Carpathian hunter, strong and powerful and able to free her. She knew nothing else about him, yet love grew as she watched him on hunts. Her future lay with him, she was sure, and would wait for him.

So, Alicia was stuck being Morgan's maid/slave. Then, an invitation for Alicia to attend a mysterious school came in the mail on her 20th birthday. Alicia had never been outside to see the world in person, so she was excited. She would finally get to leave Morgan and not have to wonder if the pictures on the web were real or fake. But Morgan took the letter and forbid her to go.

Alicia's dreams of escaping Morgan, feeling the school has the answers she seeks. She also felt a near compulsion to go to school and suggested that they share the room. Morgan thought it over and agreed. She donated a large sum of money and got a large room. Alicia knew she had allowed Morgan to find targets to torture and destroy, but Alicia knew she was one step closer to finding her Carpathian. She would protect those she could, but she had to find the one man that could save her from Morgan and give her the life Alicia always dreamed about. She had to find her lifemate.


Andros Katona

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Image of Alicia Belle
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