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Summary: You are not alone. I will stand by your side against this bully.

Andros Katona

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Gender: Male

Age: Ancient

Group: Teacher

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He is tough, but fair. He defends those who can are picked on, whether it's for looks, intelligence, or social status.


Andros had been picked on by the other children for not learning skills fast enough. However, as he grew, he realized that the slow and steady pace he had taken made him more formidable in battle than the others his age. He quickly gained the reputation of a deadly predator.

For the last six years, Andros felt watched. Not like when a vampire stalks him. No, this feeling was warmer. He fought harder, almost wanting to prove to whoever was watching that he could protect him. He thought maybe his lifemate was near, and that meant he had to show her the man he was. Emotions hadn't returned, but he didn't mind. He knew that meant she wasn't ready to come to him.

Then, the prince asked him to be a teacher at the school. He accepted because he would not let the prince down and do his duty to protect the children. It was almost a compulsion to teach at the school.


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Image of Andros Katona
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