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Summary: My past haunts me, but it also makes me stronger.

Anton Potter

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Gender: Male

Age: 98

Group: Student

Family/ Bloodline


Job/Special Ability

- Hunting
- Can keep some foods down (can only eat salads, but can still appear human and survive off of it if necessary)
- Can stay out in the sun longer than other hunters (where most Carpathians can only stay up until 9am and wake up as early as 5pm after training, Anton is naturally able to stay up until noon OR wake up as early as 2pm, but not both as he still needs to sleep at least seven hours to be fully refreshed)

Physical Appearance

see pic

Personality and interests

He has a strong sense of justice and is skilled in sculpting with wood.


Anton grew up as an orphan. His adopted parents loved him, but he felt detached. When he was 11, he watched a vampire kill the only family he knew, and barely escaped before other Carpathians could rescue him. However, he was too frightened to stay and let the hunter take him to a new family and he ran off.

A human found him and took him in, though he was not nice. Anton was forced to do slave labor. When the man couldn't afford women, or tired of willing partners, he would turn to the people he kidnapped. He randomly picked a slave to rape, forcing the boys to watch him. Anton, still a child, didn't have the strength to fight against the injustice. But he managed to catch an officer on break's attention during a week without food, and Anton had yet to be able to feed from humans. That night, Anton and about eight other teens were rescued and given over to the government. Anton was the only one who didn't have any family to come for him. Instead, the prince came and sent Anton to a human family that her, the prince, could easily monitor. Anton was weary of them, but gave them a chance. Every year or so, Anton was moved between human families as the person who kidnapped him knew Anton was the one to turn him in and now wished to kill the boy, and Anton was unable to go to ground to hide, so moving around was necessary. This made Anton feel even more isolated. Still, he held his high despite it, knowing he was being moved to protect him.

Years later at age 25, he found himself at the mercy of some thugs and though he had the skills, he didn't have the experience to fight off the humans, making him an easy target for the five men honed on the streets. When they left him for dead, some human butchers found him and tortured him for days, headed by Anton's former captor. The man who had enslaved Anton had met up with someone part of the society and turned him in as a vampire sympathizer, enjoying the power to rape anyone he desired and kill them before they can escape. Again, Anton was lucky to make it out alive when a passing hunter heard Anton scream in pain in his mind for a split second.

Both these experiences changed him, making him seem older than his 25 years. He had lived through two harrowing experiences, things that would have driven those ten times his age to lose hope and greet the dawn. Yet, he walked forward with his head held high and, every now and then, something small would come along and try to be the straw to break the camel's back, but he endured knowing that worse waited in the world. But then, something that would shake him to his core, something that nearly destroy the values he had grown up knowing, something that shook his belief and sense of justice, something that would haunt him for all time.

In his first year at school, when he was nearly a century old, he and two of his friends were compelled by Morgan to rape her and Alicia. Anton was filled with the need to dominate, hurt, and belittle the women to feel powerful for the first time, doing something he had vowed never to force on anyone after what he had lived through. He was the only one to survive the memories as the other two boys let the memories consume them and met the dawn shortly after. Anton, however, took Ambros' advice and used the memory of that night, and of his friends senseless deaths, make him stronger. When he had a problem, he turned to Ambros, looking to the teacher as a father figure, as he now lived on his own. But it shocked and elated him when, due to his friends' deaths, the prince had Ambros take him in as a ward until his 200th year.

When Morgan returned to the school, he was better prepared for her tricks. He knew his skills would not help anyone, and instead, kept the other students safe while the more experienced hunters, who had lifemates, could deal with the evil temptress.



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