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Summary: May the moon guide me

Luna Moonstruck

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Gender: Female

Age: 31

Group: Other

Family/ Bloodline

Lycan Decent

Job/Special Ability

No Job/ Shapeshifting

Physical Appearance

Athletic feminine body, Tribal tattoos on her face back arms and legs , her left arm from her hand to her elbow is completely covered in burn scars from vampire blood.

Personality and interests



She was born into a lycan pack in Rome, her Father was the Alpha and her mother the Beta of one of the small pack groups, though they were only a small pack of a hundred or so, their Pack was old, part of one of the first packs of Ancient Rome.
The pack was thriving, in total their was about two thousand of them but they spread a crossed Rome in smaller groups, finding it safer to be spread all around Rome in packs of a hundred or so. when she was seventeen a ancient vampire killed most of her pack and enslaved the rest. Her parents died saving her by hiding her while the vampires ghouls chased them. When she freed herself from her fathers ward. She hunted and killed the ghouls that killed her parents.
After giving her parents a proper burial she went to a near by pack a few cities over. There she gained her strength, she kept the vampire attack from the elder, knowing they would want revenge and she didn't want any more of her people to die. Once the night had started to fall she went back to her land with a plan.
She knew she was not strong enough to kill a Ancient but she would free her people and make sure he didn't hurt anyone else. After hours of a bloody battle she killed the rest of her remaining pack, freeing them from the Ancients clutches. She had planned to die with them as she went to face the Ancient vampire.
She made a plan to lure him in a warded spot, trapping him in a place that when the sun rose in just a few minutes he would be killed. She went blow to blow with him and remembered everything her father taught her about vampires and managed to get him into her trap. But he got a hold of her, biting deeply into her neck, thinking this was the end she slammed her had into his chest, but she was so weak from blood loss within seconds that she didn't have the strength to grab his heart.
Anger filled her in what she thought were her final moments, she mourned for her family she had lost, suddenly she felt like she family was with her and she had a large burst of strength, with a cry of pain and anger she grabbed the vampires heart and ripped it from his chest and threw it into a ray of sunlight that had just appeared, killing him and leaving her to die alone on the bloody ground of her people. She woke up in one of the homes of the near by pack. It took almost a year for her to fully recover, though she was permanently scared from the vampire blood. After some harsh words from the alpha, caring but harsh none the less, she told him she wanted to hunt vampires instead of staying with the pack, he told her of a clan that could help train her. She left Rome and her pack behind and trained for ten years.
Her only goal was to kill, kill anything that harmed innocents. Over those ten years she made a name for herself, killing vampires, human butchers and more. But she was a lone hunter and she always used a fake name so no one would know who or where she was from so she could protect her pack. To her enemies she was Hellhound to her friends, though few she had, she was Luna.


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Image of Luna Moonstruck
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