Image of Elijah (Eli) Michael Glenn-Daratrazanoff

Summary: I need this hug as much as you do.

Elijah (Eli) Michael Glenn-Daratrazanoff

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Gender: Male

Age: Ancient

Group: Carpathian (reg)

Family/ Bloodline

Ambrose Daratrazanoff (adopted father)
Emily Wake-Daratrazanoff (mother)
Kord Glenn (biological father)
Deseray Daratrazanoff (half-sister)

Job/Special Ability

Illusions and Pain Manipulation (in others)

Hunter, Healer, and Singer-Songwriter

Physical Appearance

see pic

Personality and interests

In constant need of physical touch, unlike other Carpathians. This is due to once having autism as a human child, the need for physical pressure on his shoulders remained with him after his conversion.

He is also a musical artist, able to convey emotions he longer feels, and this becomes deeper once he finds his lifemate.


He used to be human but converted after a car accident and his mother couldn't bear the thought of losing him to a mortal wound. Like Gary, he has the power of ancients squished in his mind and has lived a hopeless existence since his 20th year, the year he was converted. Unlike others, he had Deseray and others in his family to hold him to the earth. But in recent years, the darkness has been far too close for comfort and he only prays that he finds his lifemate soon or the world may face one of the strongest vampires known to mortals and immortals alike.



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