OOC - Welcome/Story line and set

This storyline takes place at an Achedmy made by Prince Alexandru, Here at Kunta (family) Academy all Carpathians male and female come to train. They will live at the Academy arriving at the age of ten and will have the choice to leave at the age of 18, unless they show talent for something certain and of importance, such as healing fighting, or a special ability that is unique to them, then they will be required to continue training. Of course, at Kunta Academy, we won't deny those that wish to learn more, so everyone is welcome to stay on until they want. Though the cut off age is 200 for Carpathians and 35 for humans.

There are four dorms at the castle like academy. Dubrinsky Tower in the north is for males, Daratrazanoff Tower in the east is for is for females, Dragonseeker Tower in the west is for the students that have found lifemates, and then De La Cruz Tower in the south is home to the teachers. Also, De La Cruz Tower is the only ground entrance, used for security purposes. The school is surrounded above and below with safeguards, and is the safest place in the Carpathian Mountains.

Classes start at sundown. Guests are prohibited without gaining authorization from the headmaster. Students will keep their rooms clean enough to walk through, though you can express yourselves. There is a dress code. Skirts and dresses should reach to the knee, and pants should not have holes. Shirts should not reveal too much skin and should fit the student comfortably, but not be too loose or too tight. Students who vandalize the school will be given a detention. Too many tardies will be given a detention after 8. Missing more than 10 days of classes will result in a detention for every day missed, and suspension after 30. Bullying is not prohibited. Along with normal classes, we also offer battle training and other specialized classes for our unique student body.

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