She had to take a moment to get her self under control. Her mined said she was angry wannted to yell and hit him. But her body was not on that side of things. His voice slid over her body making her shiver and his hand on her chin made her mouth go dry. It was actually jacob who saved her. His voice brought her back..and the fact that he was trying to placate this brut was proof she was not going to win this argument.
But damed if she wouldnt try. She pulled away and arched a brow at him her brown eyes sworling to a dark forest green with her new passion " now let ME. Mke something clear.." she snapped " you will never fully claim me until i allow you to do so..which im hight doubting i will ever do...i dont care who you are. I will not be bossed and bullied. I do as i want when i want with who ever i choose to do it with." that was better anger chaced away all the shivers his voice had delivered. She poked her finger to the middle of his chest. " i dont even know dont know me..we are complete strangers not even on a first name have no right to march intp my life and threaten me!" she stepped back from him and folded her arms over her chest. There she said it. " and i dont need you baby sittong me threw jake..he shouldn't encourage your bullying"

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