Healing and Talking

Hendrik nodded as he stopped her from feeding. He closed the wound. He was too weak to carry her and walk. They went to the infirmary, where Desaray waited.

"Lay her down," she said, her voice snippy. "You two, leave. I need quiet and you two are distracting."

She went inside of Amelia as healing energy. Every wound and bruise was healed faster than any other healer could have done such a thing. She examined the girl's spirit. What happened? she asked Amelia.

Noting...please just hurry and heal me...I must go to my lifemate she said in an eager tone

I need to know what happened so I can heal you properly, Deseray said. The sooner you tell me why your very soul is damaged, or this will never get done.

I dont know what happen! I-I think I used my soul somehow to do something...im not sure she said in a confused frantic tonee

Calm down, Deseray said. I can't heal your soul when you are upset and not thinking. Try to stay calm and go over the day with me.

Amelia did so the best she could, her mind still fuzzy and she was so tired, so very tired

Deseray got the information she needed from Danarius and said, Listen to me, Amelia. You are a treasure. You cannot let go of me. I must get the fragments of your soul and put them back together. It will feel like you are being hit but it is where your memories are being filled in. Are you ready?

Im so tired...but Ill try She said in a weak tone

Deseray began working, ignoring and uncaring of her screams. She found every piece and placed them in the holes in her soul. She returned to her body, weak. She pulled out a bottle from a cabinet and downed it.

"Rest for a day," she ordered. "You will not leave the infirmary until I say so."


Hendrik walked back out into the hallway with Denarius. He sat down and put his head in his hands.

"Go ahead," he said. "Get it over with. I know what I have done and what it looked like. Just give me the sentencing."

Danarius was silent for a minute "how...tell me everything now and we will go from there"

Hendrik decided to bite the bullet. "I woke up the first day of classes as a vampire. At least two human females fell prey to me, but they are still alive. We mainly had sex, and I never drank from them. I think having Amelia close helped, but it didn't stop me. Amelia knew. She called me out, so I targeted her. I used my voice, which has always effected females of all species, and made her want me. She was strong. She fought. I'm proud of her for that. But I still compelled her. We met under the clock tower. I kept compelling her until she couldn't help but do as I said. I stole her innocence. I did worse the next day. I didn't let her feed. She was under my desk when we had our meeting. After you left, I hurt her. I left her in my office, just walked away with my seed running down her leg. I kept trying to get her alone, but you thankfully kept her too tired. But I couldn't resist her. She didn't show for a meeting today, so I went to punish her. Our draw was strong enough to bring my soul out of the darkness. That's what she did, pulled me from the deepest pit of hell and brought me back into the light so that you wouldn't kill me. I don't deserve her for a lifemate, and I accept any sentence you place upon me. Just get it over with."

Danarius listened but was not satisfied "do you know how she did it? " he asked needing to know, if this girl really did change him back then she was more valuable than anyone could comprehend "and after I am done with my questions you will be examined to see if you really are a Carpathian once more"

Hendrik looked at him and said, "I understand. This last time, my soul brushed hers. The closer I came to her light, the more we connected, and I knew I had to save her. She lashed her soul to mine. Just before you were about to kill me, it felt like she pulled me with her soul to bring me back. She must have been hurt from the demon trying to keep a hold of me. Her soul, so beautiful, is damaged because of me, her worthless lifemate."

Danrus communicated the information to the healer with Amelia "if what you say is true than you know what this means for her....and you not dying and leaving her to live a half a life means you have not failed her as a lifemate" he said plainly

Hendrik sighed and said, "I harmed my lifemate, Denarius. In ways that should have never taken place. How can she ever forgive me if I cannot? How can she ever love me after what I did to her?"

Before he could answer him Amelias screams were heard from the infurmary

Hendrik ran to Amelia's side, "I'm so sorry. This would have never happened if I had been stronger. Please hold on."

An hour later, Deseray returned to her body, weak. She pulled out a bottle from a cabinet and downed it.

"Rest for a day," she ordered Amelia. "You will not leave the infirmary until I say so."

"I have...things to do.." She said but feel asleep

"Now, Danarius, from what I saw, she was about to tear her soul apart to save him," said Deseray. "Her talent needs to be refined a great deal before she uses it to save lives. But she can indeed bring Carpathians back. However, as raw as her talent is, she could easily die, and she nearly did." She glared at Hendrik. "I suggest you make him feel the pain she did. I know you felt it and tried to block it, but he did nothing. He will have to perform the binding ritual once more, now that her soul has been mended"

"there is no need to make him suffer more woman, you do not understand what it is like with us malles, he is suffere enough, we will leave Amelia in your care..Come Hendrik it is time for you to be examined" he said and started walking away expecting him to follow

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