Megan sat in an old fashion chair in the headmaster's office, Alex and said he was going to talk with him and for her to wait there, so she did. She would get her sister back no matter what it took, and he would pay for hurting her in the first place.

The headmaster walked in and said, "You are definitely her sister. The same aura that surrounds her surrounds you. I would like to take your blood to ensure the safety of my students. If you refuse, I will take it by force."

Megan was surprised at how young he looked but she just smiled "I know the real reason you want my blood...do not lie to me ot try to fool me...you will not get anything unless you take away the mind fuckery you did on my sister" she said sternly

Alexander looked confused and said, "I do not understand what you mean." He went to her, making her feel crowded and fearful. "And I must take your blood."

He grabbed her wrist and bit into it. He drank, feeling emotions again. He stopped when he felt her sway from dizziness. He closed the wound, then made her drink from him for her first exchange. He made her think she was also his adopted daughter, finally arriving at the school after getting all of her things. She was happy for her sister and the fact her heart was fixed. Megan couldn't wait to join them and be a real family.

"Would you like to see where your sister is resting?" he asked in a fatherly tone. "I know you have missed her, jelä- sunshine."

She felt her head get fuzzy, Alex had told her of the signs of compulsion and told her to imagine a shield around her, she knew she was not strong enough to fight him "Stop!" she yelled Alexander went flying back, slamming into the wall "you dare try to mess with my mind! Stop it! stop it now!" she said holding her head, trying to fight it with everything she had "I will not be your puppet! if you want something from me then ask like a normal person other wise your prince will hear about this..I made sure of it" she said crouching down still holding her head, she could feel her shield breaking

Alexander looked at her in shock and said, "I would like you to be my daughter. Just like your sister. What do you mean, my prince will hear of this?"

Megan did not looked at him "remove it! clear mmy mind and I will tell you, I already have a father and you are not him, remove it!" she yelled barely holding on

Alexander sighed and removed the compulsion. "You would take away the only safe haven these children have because you think I have done something wrong if you went to the prince. It was only a matter of time before a vampire found her. And believe me, he would have killed her, draining her of her blood and causing her unimaginable pain. I found her and now, she is safer than ever before. Now, tell me. How do you plan on destroying my school? Because that is what would happen."

Megan stood up and glared at him"you can lie to yourself but not to me, you did this out of selfishness and yes I would easily take down this school because as far as im concern what you have done makes you no better then those vampires" she said coldly "yu will remove the compulsion you placed on her and you will go to your prince and tell him what you have done, you do not deserve to be headmaster, my sister is a kind hearted person...the saddest part is she might have helped you if you had explained...if you had been honest...but you...you did something unforgivable out of selfishness" She said unable to hide the pain in her tone "as far as im concern Carpathians are no different than the monster you claim vampires to be...did you not cause her pain? did you not take away her free will? make her do things she did not want to do?" she said knowing she was right "

Alexander growled and decided he could not lose Serenity. He pushed deep into Megan's mind, making his earlier compulsions so strong, she could not fight him. He had to keep Serenity at all costs.

"Shall we go see Serenity, jelä?" he asked, his fatherly tone back.

Megan cried out "if you do this your prince will know! I made arrangements before I got here!" she said right before his compulsion set in "of course...father" she said completel different as the compulsion worked

Alexander opened the door and saw Alexandor waiting for them. The headmaster said, "Can I help you?"

"Release her," he said, growling.

"You are her plan," Alexander said.

"The prince already knows and will be her when he is able," Alexandor said, "even how you had me lie to her."

Alexander said, "By the time he comes, they will believe they are my daughters and deny your story with sincerity."

Alexandor growled and stomped off. Alexander turned to Megan and said, "Let's go, jelä. Your sister will have missed you."

Megan followed

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