Hendrik kissed Amelia tenderly on her forehead before following Denarius. He knew they had to make sure he was Carpathian again, but he was still nervous. Deseray growled at him and slammed the door when they had left.

"I am ready," he said.


After many tests, both physical and mental Denarius let him rest "I want to do this again in a few days until them I will drink from you so I can monitor you" he said plainly

Hendrik nodded, breathing heavily, and said, "I understand. I offer freely."

Danarus bit in and took what he needed and then closed the wound "now go to your lifemate...and make sure to come if I call" he said and started picking up the room they were in, He would send a letter to the prince, informing him of this event

Hendrik left the room hastily and went back to the infirmary. He tried to open the door but it was warded.

"Please, open the door," he said.

"No," said Deseray. "Not until you agree to feel what she did."

"Fine. I deserve it. Give me the full brunt of her pain."

Deseray let him in and made him lay down. She made him feel all of it, the pain of saving him, of his rapes, and of her soul being forced back together. He screamed through it all, begged Deseray to make it stop. When she had finished, Deseray lead him to Amelia's bedside.

"And they say hunters have it bad," Deseray said. "That really put it in perspective, didn't it? The women suffer with you hunters, yet we don't feel pain? You never even ask what pain we suffer as the years pass by us. Now you know."

She left Hendrik to lay his head on Amelia's bed. Deseray went to her office and picked up a picture. Tears began falling.

"Why did you never come back for me, lifemate?" she asked the man in the photo. "Did you not see me? It hurts knowing you are out there and I can't be with you."

The memory of him walking past her casually on the street and not looking at her hurt when she was only half a century. He had a job, and she was proud of him. But she called to him, begging him to come and end the lonely risings.

Amelia pushed all the pain that she had inflicted in Hendrik into Deseray, making her clasps and scream you dare hurt my lifemate! you selfish bitch! you do not deserve to be a healer when you hurt others like that, I should kill you! to make it worse she started hurting her soul, tearing at it making the pain worse then what Hendrik had felt

St-stop, Amelia! Deseray said. If you do that, you will kill him! My lifemate! Please!

you will report to the head master what you did! you do not deserve to be a healer here, if you agree I will stop she said in a cold tone,

I agree! Just stop! My lifemate is suffering! I feel him crying out in pain! Please! Deseray begged.

She stopped and fixed her soul, back in her body her breathing was heavy, it too energy she really did not have to do what she did but she couldn't let it go unpunished, she placed her hand on Hendrik head, letting him know she was away

Deseray left and began to go to the headmaster's office. At the same time, Hendrik looked at Amelia. Do not waste your energy, Amelia. I am fine. You rest. I know you are safe.

Amelia sat up "no..you must claim me again..pease...before someting happens" she said in a worried tone "Ive waited to meet you...ever since I first felt you touch my mind I wanted you...please claim me Hendrik" she said in a iresitable tone

Hendrik nodded and said, “I claim you as my lifemate. I belong to you. I offer my life for you. I give to you my protection, my allegiance, my heart, my soul, and my body. I take into my keeping the same that is yours. Your life, happiness, and welfare will be cherished and placed above my own for all time. You are my lifemate, bound to me for all eternity and always in my care.” He kissed her hand. "Now, sleep. We will finish when you feel better."

Amelia shook her head "no...I want to finish now...I want you to fully claim me" she said and kissed him before he could say anything

Hendrik looked at her and said, "You are too weak for me to finish claiming you. I will be here when you wake up and we will finish then, alright?"

He could see the fear in her eyes "please...I won't be able to rest well without you claiming me..." she said pulling her legs up to her chest "you...I could have lost you without ever knowing...just waiting for a lifemate that would never come...It hurts so much knowing that it happens every day...that lifemates will forever be lost.."Tears fell from her eyes and she looked at him once more "please...I need to feel you ...I need...I need that connection that I almost lost forever" she said in a heart breaking tone

Hendrik said, "I can't deny you anything." He hid them from view, willed their clothes away and blanketed her with his body. "Tell me when it becomes painful. We will stop."

He began massaging her bud, kissing her deeply. His hand moved faster as he kissed down her neck to her left breast. He suckled her for a moment before sinking his teeth in. He positioned his erect member at her dripping entrance before slowly entering her.

"Feed from me," he said, his teeth clenched.

She cried out when he bit her but not from pain from pleasure, her body instantly reacted to his, become hot and ready for him, when she felt the tip if his member at her entrance she merged her mind with his, she wanted them both to have the true lifemate experience and bonding, at his request she licked the side of his neck before she let her fangs gently sink in

Hendrik threw his head back and surged forward. He began moving his hips, taking care to give Amelia the ultimate pleasure. She deserved it after what he did to her. He stopped her feeding and closed the wound. He kissed her deeply, using his hand to massage her right breast and tease her nipple.

"Amelia," he whispered in her ear, "You are so amazing. You humble me. I do not deserve a treasure such as you."

Amelia gripped his back and wrapped her legs around his wait, crying out his name, so this was what it was like with a lifemate, she would never get use to it or tire from it "I regret nothing because it brought you too me...never leave my side, Hendrik...stay with me always" she said meaning every words, she did not regret a moment with him because it led to this, to them finding each other "please don't hold back...I want to feel the power of my lifemate...I want to feel your desire for me" she said clawing his back, going crazy with pleasure, she was wild and needed and she was all his

He pounded into her, loosing all control at her words. He kissed her hard, his hands gripping her hips to hold her still. The whole time, his touch was gentle, tender, and loving. He took her over the edge several times before he filled her, falling with her into a sea of bliss. He held himself up on his elbows so that she could feel him against her, but his full weight did not crush her.

"Did I hurt you, Amelia?" he asked.

She rolled him over on his back, keeping him inside her, the movement made her tighten around him. She laid on his chest so he could relax, she loved the sound of his heart beat "you know the answer to that..." she said knowing he could feel her happiness, her body and heart felt like they were soaring, She felt no regret and no pain, if anything she wanted him again, her desire to keep going until they no longer cud was strong, she cared for him deeply and wanted to soar with him as much as possible

"I should have waited until you were healed," he said. "Another reason why I am not a good lifemate for you." He kissed her hair. "At least I got to see you smile and brought you pleasure instead of pain. You are my everything, and I don't even know you. All I know is your name, that your the most beautiful woman in the world, and you are insanely brave."

She looked at him with pain in her eyes "you regret claiming me just now?" she asked moving as if she was goig to get off of him

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