All the anger went out of her at the sound of his laugh and she staired at him like she had no brain for a moment. Then he started talking. It was easy to be mad when he sounded so arrogant and when he winked she wanted to slap him. And jake just went with it. Being a total trader. She roled her eyes trying not to let him see how he effected her.
Part of her knew she couldnt keep fighting him. He just hand to many ties holding her. But part of her, the wild untamed part of her, wanted to fight the chains rip apart the cage she could fill her self falling into.
He was right. She didnt know how things worked but he didnt know how she worked. She didnt follow others rules..she followed her own..alone her own way with no one but her self to answer to. She wasnt sure she was ready to give that up. Even to her life mate. She could fill the anger slipping again and suddenly velt vulnerable. It was like he could see threw her.She rubbed her arms and looked away from them.

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