Jake held out his arm but said, "I will need to take your blood as well. You don't know Sophia. She's already about to bolt and not into the school. This way, I can protect her from imposters. I take my duty seriously. I will not fail her when my father has taken her under his protection, officially making her my sister."
Max saw the look in her eyes and growled at Jacobs words, closing Jacobs' wrist, he stood up and walked toward her, licking his lips "you are not her guard or her brother and the more you crowd her the more I get impatient" he said moving her hair from her neck, his fingers softly grazing her skin as he did so "I like that wild side of you Sophia I do not wish to tame can be as wild as you want as long as you are safe and only show it to me" he said in a low silk tone, he bent down to her ear "I have a wild side to that I will enjoy showing you one day" He said and nipped her earlobe softly with his fangs, He growled when he felt her body react to him, he wanted to take her right there and now but he kept himself under control and moved away "if you continue to be around my lifemate as you are I will claim have my warnings " he said and disappeared into mist
Jake said into Max's mind and said, I will not abandon her. Her whole life, she has been alone, mostly in the shape of a wolf. I am the only family she has. So, please, bear with me. Once you have finished claiming her, I will be in her life less, knowing you are there to see to her needs and safety. Until then, it is my duty. I gave her my word, in the name of the prince. I cannot break that vow.

Than you seal her fate...I will be claiming her tomorrow night, and be glad I do not rip out your heart for making such a vow to MY lifemate he said shutting him out of his head

I ask that you first get to know her before you claim her, Jake said. I will give you that time alone, but even if I left, she would seek me out! I am the only person she trusts. Would you take that away from her, hurt her so deeply? He knew he had scored a hit, but he waited, hoping he did not make this older boy angry.

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