Maddox groaned, but said, "Serenity, give us one month to prove we all love you. Alexander will continue to be your father in our world. If you do not feel loved, you and I will seek the dawn together. Please, give us that month."

Serenity wrapped her arms around his neck and nodded, still taking from him, her body pressed into his more, giving him a better feel of all her curves

Maddox said, "Alexander, go disperse the students and teachers at the foot of the tower. They should be in class, not making a fuss." Alexander left and could faintly be heard sending everyone away. "Serenity, I want to bind you to me. Let me wed us. Stay here with me."

She released his neck, licking it softly and pulled back to look at him "no...." she said in a soft tone "I-I...Im not ready for that...I remember what that means...that boy..." she said touching her lips "If that is what carpathian males what..I dont want it..its rough and cruel and degrading" she said looking away from him and slowly dropping her arms from his neck, even though she said the words and meant them, her body wanted something else completely

Maddox growled and said, "That was not love, Serenity. That was a vile act. What lifemates do is make love, worship each other with our bodies to express what we can't in words. It is my pleasure to make you happy, and I hope that it will one day be yours to make me happy. We do exchange blood, but it is erotic, not painful. I have already said the binding words, but the ritual is not complete until all three things are done. I am willing to wait until you feel you can trust me with everything you are. I do not want to impose my will upon you. So, I will wait." He looked at her and said, "And those boys are actually 67 summers. They knew it was wrong, but they gave in. A sign they could become vampire. We will watch them closely from this day forth." He walked up to her and kissed her. "Thank you for giving me a month to prove my love to you."

When he kissed her she blushed and moved back "dont do that..." she said as her body grew hot, she backed away from him til her back hit the wall "And dont speak out loud....I dont want anyone else to hear your voice..only me" she said looking away, she knew it was a selfish thing to say and she didn't know why she felt that way but she did, she wanted his beautiful voice all to herself, just like she wanted him all to herself. With that thought in her head she looked at him once more "If...I finish the binding with you...does that mean we have to..have sex? or can we just exchange blood?" she asked in a shy voice

Maddox smiled. No worries. I don't normally speak and doing so for you was strange. He looked at her his eyes growing wide. Wait, you said "no" when I said I wanted to bind us. You are immune to my voice... My lifemate is immune to my voice! He picked her up and twirled her around in joy. I don't have to worry about it harming you! I don't have to fear of my voice causing you to be in trouble! He put her down and moved back, tears of joy in his eyes. This is the greatest miracle you have given me, Serenity. Thank you.

when he suddenly picked her up she held on tight "I don't understand...what gift have I given you?" she asked blushed, her heart was beating fast and she still felt the touch of his skin like he still had her in his arms

Maddox sat down, his shoulders slumping sadly as he said, Just so we get this clear, I can't use my voice to compel you, and even if I could, I would not want to because you are my lifemate and such a thing is tantamount to ripping your heart out and setting it on fire. Now, I haven't spoken for over 900 years. Not aloud, anyway. My mental voice works just like every other Carpathians. But when I speak aloud to everyone but you, they are instantly compelled. At the age of fifty, my ability became active. I was arguing with my best friend. I told him that I wanted him to die. He went missing that night. His body was found the next rising. He just stood in place while a vampire drained him of his blood, and ripped pieces of flesh and removed his heart from his body, before letting him fall to the ground like garbage. I haven't spoken out loud since then, because it was just as much as my fault as it was the vampire that actually killed him.

Though his story touched his heart and his sadness brought tears to her eyes there was something she found she was upset about "so when you told me you wanted to bind us....you didn't know that I wouldn't be compelled...." she said in a low tone filled with hurt and took a step away from him

Maddox looked at her and said, "You were biting my neck. All sane thought left my mind and I continued to speak. I'm sorry, Serenity. I should have been careful. But If I hadn't been careless, you would have never heard my voice and we would have found out that my voice doesn't work on you. I want to talk to you. Aloud. I have missed having a real conversation like this. I want to talk to you, to tell you everything you mean to me and share everything. I can only talk aloud like this with you. Everyone else does whatever I say, even if it's a joke or not. I didn't want that for you, and I'm glad I was careless, or we would have never found this gift. It is as precious to me as you are."

Seren did not know if she could be as happy as e was about his mistake, she took another step back from him "I....I need time alone...I...need you and I don't like it...I want nothing more than for you to be on top of me...moaning my name with your beautiful voice..." she said with desire beating at her, she closed her eyes "my hands on your warm skin, your lips on mine...." Her breathing started to get heavy as the images she wanted came into her head. She did not know why she was being this honest with him but she couldnt help get lost in her new desire, it was so strong she didnt know what to do

Maddox groaned and said, "You can't say things like that, Serenity. Not to an ancient like me. I'm having a hard time keeping my hands off of you as it is. I want to have you beneath me, screaming my name, writhing with such pleasure that all is forgotten, you taking in my essence and seed. I want that all, but only when you are ready. And damn it, woman, you are making it hard to keep my word."

The way his voice got low like that sent shivers through her body, her breathing speed up at his words of what he wanted, she had to cross her legs as she felt her body tremble and start to react, she was embarrassed, getting wet and excited from just words, she found herself wanting to get back at him for making her feel such things, she bite her bottom lip as the images from his words popped int her mind, her beneath him arching and crying out his name her body started toburn and feel like it was on fire

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