He was away from her so fast she had to collect her self. It was suddenly cold without him pressed against her and she crossed her arms over her chest. Her heart squeezed at his words. She wanted to trust him. She did trust him. She stepped twods him slowly "its just...i..i never...." she couldn't finish.
She was so confused. She was still angrey about him threatning her. Trying to controle her. But her body and mind reached for him of their own accord. Needing to touch him. She just needed time. Space to get her thoughts and fellings streight. She turned and bolted. Running down a path in the gaurden. She didnt try to close her thoughts or emotion from him. She wanted him to understand how confused she was. When she was back at her dorm she fell onto her bed. Her heart hurt from running amd somthing els. Her body still felt heavy from needing him. She could almost still feel him. She closed her eyes and shook her head truing to clear it.

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