Children and parents filed in. The teachers took their places on the temporary stage. Once all the seats had been filled, the prince said a few words.

"I'm am amazed at the turn out," he said. "This is a place to safely help our children. Many of you don't know where else to turn. Others are here because you have no safe haven. And then there are some who know why you are here and wish to become stronger. The goal of this school is to teach our gifted student how to use their unique talents to help create and protect a better tomorrow. Now, I would like to introduce our Headmaster, Alexander Corvinus."

There was applause as Alexander went to the podium. He went over the rules of the school and disciplinary actions. He explained the dorms and age limits, keeping off the Carpathian age of 200 as there were many humans in the audience. He finished by saying that all the parents had to do was call in advanced to visit and invited everyone to tour the castle like school. With that, the ceremony came to an end.

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