Seren glared at him "you would easily take someone's life just for looking?! and you claim you are not monsters" she said and stormed out of the clock tower

Maddox easily kept pace with her and said, "For fantasizing about what they would to my woman? Yes. Little one, they would take from you and never think twice. You are a target to them. To me, you are the arrow."

"so what if the fantasize about me....there is nothing wrong with that its natural...even i do it" she said not realizing what that would mean to him "for you to kill someone over something so small and natural I don't like that..." she said honestly "and you know what I model many of times and no one tried anything...I'm here for one day and get raped...what does that say about your kind" she said with spite

Maddox showed her an image of her body from the neck down. It had had been on the news that a serial rapist had painted it and targeted the model, but she was away on vacation and the man killed the replacement model after brutally raping and torturing her. "Is this what you call natural? His body invading yours? Because that's what humans do everyday. And those boys have been dealt with. They will not be allowed at the school again and will never be allowed to harm another."

The tone in his voice suggested something sinister.

"how do I know what you show me is real? and even if it is bad things happen every least I would have died doing something I love..." she said like it was not a big deal, she was curious about the boys but did not want to talk about them

Maddox said, "Do not to play ignorant, Serenity. This does not happen everyday." He sighed. "You know what, I'm going to let you go and see those boys. They are currently outside the safeguards."

He picked her up and they went to the edge of the barrier. There, she saw the two boys, that had attacked her and her sister, fighting against a vampire. And they were losing. The vampire had a bullet shaped head, his teeth were stained black and were pointed, and his skin looked like it was falling off.

This is what male Carpathians turn into, Serenity, he said. This is the future these boys will face sooner than other's older than them because of what they did to you and your sister. This is what I could have become if I had not found you, and what I can become if you die. But this happens everyday. A hunter fights for his life to destroy a vampire. They could have been a childhood friend, a cousin, or a brother. It would not matter. The hunter must destroy them or die. That human who targeted you, he will remain human. But Carpathian males do not stay Carpathian. This is what the headmaster was avoiding, and what we all fight against. For once we turn, there is no going back. Should I let these boys die before their parents arrive because it happens everyday, Serenity?

She watched in horror and tears started in her eyes "let me down! and go kill that thing!" she screamed

But this happens everyday, said Maddox. I'm just showing you that your argument is valid. Why should I stop something that is natural?

"why are you so cruel! stop! please stop!" she said as her whole body began to shake and she was crying hard "Stop it now!" she screamed and the vampire exploded, blood covering the boys and them, she cried out as it burned her skin

Maddox took the brunt of the blood from Serenity. He was hit with the greatest quantity of the blood and it burned him to his bones. He called down lightning to incinerate the body and heart of the vampire, using it to destroy the blood that had flung around the area. The boys quickly cleaned themselves in the lightning before running to their parents that had just arrived. He then directed the lightning to them and cleaned her arm and leg before cleaning his back.

Do you now understand? he asked, his voice filled with pain. Why should I... let something you say... happens every day keep happening... when I can prevent it?... Because you are... asking me to just... stand by because you wish... me to let you do something.... Should I just stand by... and let the one person... who matters most... to me die?

He then passed out, crumbling to the ground at her feet.

She didn't know what to do to help, she tried to think and remembered he gave her blood in the tower, she bit open her wrist with a yelp and held it to his mouth, making sure to open it and rub his throat to make him swallow

Maddox didn't respond at first, but he slowly started drinking on his own. Call the headmaster or the nurse. They will heal me.

Shut up and drink She said and looked around, she was knew to calling mentally so she did her best to do so out loud "Hello! anyone ! I need help!" she screamed as loud as she could hoping someone would hear

Alexander appeared next to her and said, "Let me, csitri. My blood is ancient and will heal him faster."


"I don't know why I called you be honest, i should have just killed ou....i guess a part of me was hoping you would meet the dawn with honor," she said softly "but...i dont know...i just hesitated, " she said honestly

"I could not leave you," he admitted. "I wanted you. But, as a vampire, I compelled you to neglect your health just to satisfy my desires. Then, after you left, I used another woman, or more. I wanted every woman, and I carry that shame. But I wanted you most of all. When you went to the clock tower, the vampire me felt triumphant. He had won. You were in his trap, baby, and I could not free you. He too your innocents there, and then more. I felt then, I had to fight, but I was already losing." He looked at Amelia with sad eyes. "I was losing because he was destroying you and I was helpless to stop your slow decline."

"i waited for 89 years fo still glad it was you.." she said softly

Hendrik got up and said, "Don't say that! How can you be glad of me raping you I don't know how many times?! I hurt you! You called me out on it! Yet, now that I am Carpathian again, you forgive it so easily!"

She growled "what do you want from me!? I don't hate you why does that bother you so much!?" she asked as she started to get overwhelmed

"Because I hate me and you should too!" he said. "How can you love me when you aren't seeing the truth of what happened?! Our joining was between a beauty and a beast, there was no man involved! Just a monster that hurt you and took from you while I was trapped in the dark! I failed you in the biggest way and you refuse to see it!"

"maybe I don't feel the same way you do! maybe I don't think you failed me....and for fuck sake would someone stop that growling!" she said covering her ears, her eyes opened in shock " the barrior...theres a vampire at the barrier" she said knowing what the growling that was ringing in her head was

Hendrik scanned the grounds and said, "There is a hunter on his way towards the vampire. It will be dealt with. But I did fail you by not stopping him from getting you, Amelia. Doesn't even a little part of you feel betrayed by any of the things I did as a vampire?"

She sighed and stood up " was my fault to i let you...and you came back to me and you fought hard..but why cant you see im to blame to...we are taught to kill vampires..but not only did i not kill you but i let you do those things to me...if anyone had died by your hands their death would have been on me because i failed to do what should have been done"

Hendrik wanted to scream, but he instead said, "There you go, trying to take blame from me. You didn't let me do those things, Amelia. You were under a compulsion to do so. I am solely to blame. You gave me a chance and I chose not to take it. You did nothing wrong. You are not to blame."

"this is getting us no where.." she said in flutrastion and started towards the door

Hendrik said, "Yes, it is. You want some blame and I want it all. We are learning about each other, Amelia. Why do you think you deserve part of the blame when you did nothing wrong?"

"Because your compulsion was broken almost the whole time! the second you broke my hymen, it broke...everything I did after that is because I wanted to...the first time I felt your soul was then and it broke!" she said with tears in her eyes "I wanted to feel you again...I feel in love with your soul the second I felt it..." She said not looking at him

Hendrik looked at her for a moment and said, "Why didn't you tell me? Baby, your talent is amazing." He knelt before her and said words that no Carpathian male had ever told his woman. "I concede this battle to you. But know that your blame is not the same as mine. Mine is dark and evil, while yours is light. Your blame is of loving a beast, while mine is far worse."

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