Seren moved and licked her own wrist to heal it "it was um vampire blood...I um...please take care of him...I dont know how.." She said with tears in her eyes, she wanted to run but she found she could not leave his side, her heart felt like it was being torn apart

Alexander hugged her a moment before tearing his wrist open and putting it to Maddox's mouth. Maddox took hold and drank deeply. He closed the wound and fell into the Carpathian sleep.

"I have to put him in the ground, csitri," Alexander said. "Come with me. We will be going to the same cave at Megan. There, he will heal much faster." He held out his hand. "But we must hurry."

She took took his hand

Alexander took her hand and put her on his back while he carried Maddox to the healing cave. He informed Magnus they were coming. With the ground prepared and waiting, Alexander laid Maddox in the ground.

"Can we talk for a moment, csitri?" Alexander asked as he closed the earth. "Please?"

Seren looked at him "what do you want?" she asked waiting for him to talk

Alexander took a breath and said, "I know that no amount of apologizing will ever make up for what I have done. But, in the time we were together, I did learn about you and began to love you like you were my own daughter. During the two days that Maddox is in the ground, if you start to feel uncomfortable, I will be in my office. You can find me there." He turned to leave. "I love you, csitri. You will always be my beautiful and gifted daughter. I prey that one day, you will see the father in me."

He walked out of the room, sorrow filling him.

"I will never forgive you..." she said in a low tone after him

Amelia was in shock when he got down to his knees "why do you think that way....its true you did not greet the dawn...but we both know you could have done could have been worse...some part of you was still in there fighting...I can not be made at you for turning because then I would not have found you....I'm glad you did not greet the dawn...please stop feeling guilty....yes it hurt that you slept with others but all Carpathian males and females sleep with others before their lifemates...well most...but that being said...I do not hate you...If anything I feel sad because you had waited so long that you gave up hope" she said looking down at him and touching his face "I am grateful that you were what you were when we met because it gave me a should me what it was like for other males...something a female does not fully made me grow strong so I can save you...and now I want to help others...I don't want any male to have to feel what you have to make the choice to die or become that...because of you I have gained everything I will ever need" she said with a soft smile

Hendrik looked at her, tears forming, and said, "I will try, Amelia. Because I do not wish you to look so sad, I will try."

She smiled "come we have things to do," she said holding out her hand

Hendrik took her hand, but kissed her before following her from the infirmary.

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