I shouldn't tell you that he deserves your anger, Maddox said into Serenity's. I am angry with hi for what he did. But have you looked into his mind to see how he feels?

No and I don't want to and Im tired of people sticking up for him she said in a angered tone It saids a lot that he is still able to walk around I thought he was going to be locked up until the prince arrives I guess since you don t keep your word then I wont either...Im done being here she said and left the cave heading toward the exit, if they were not going to punish him for what he did then she was not going to stay here, at that very moment she renounced the Carpathian people, she wanted no part of them.

I am asking if you have studied our enemy, Maddox said. You can't go into battle without knowing who you are going up against. Do you think someone lives as long as the Headmaster without being able to make a decent argument? This is the first time I believe he has had to use compulsion over reasoning.

Get out of my head! your a monster just like forced me to watch something so are just another thing to control me...never again will I let you...I regret losing my virginity to a monster like you...stay away from me she said as she neared the exit of the school

The earth opened up and Maddox stumbled out. He fell to the ground. "I... can't do that.... You are my everything.... and I want you... to succeed in this... battle. You weren't... listening, stuck on your... views, so yes, I did... show you something cruel.... But you did something... no other has ever done.... You killed a vampire... by making his heart... into a bomb.... You amaze me... and I will never deserve... to be your lifemate.... Your power... is humbling."

just like him thats the only reason you want me...because of my power, Im guessing you showed me that just so you could see my powers..your sick..your all sick! She said and walked off campus, leaving the safety of the school and closing her mind to him

That is not true! I didn't know what your powers were until then! Even if you had no powers, I would still be humbled. Because of who you are.

She didn't answer him but began to run, she wanted to get as far away as possible from that place

Suddenly, a male student grabbed her, but he was different. His eyes were blood shot and his mouth stained with blood. Nearby, a woman's body lay in the bushes, blood and seed running down her legs. She looked at the sky, her lifeless eyes still pleading for help that would never come.

The student was newly turned and pinned Serenity to the ground. He ripped her clothes and bit into her neck as he surged into her.

She cried out in pain and anger and fear rose in her, the vampire gasped and released her neck, still inside of her he looked down at her, his eyes different " sorry...kill me please..kill me now before its to late" he said in a low tone. Seren didn't know what was happening or what to do. She saw him wince and his eyes went black once more and he growled and roared in anger and started pumping into her hard once more, he left the wound on her neck opened and blood poured from it and she started to feel sick "stop...please..stop!" she screamed and the vampire went flying through the trees, serene tried to get up but couldn't, she rolled over on her side, , she could feel herself start to lose consciousness, she crawled over to the dead woman, grabbing her and pulling her towards her " sorry" she said as tears formed in her eyes and she bit into the womans neck taking the blood she needed, blood tears falling down her face

The vampire came back, angry. He pulled Serenity away from the woman and threw her to the ground. He pinned her down once more and surged into her. He looked at her with such hate that she froze in fear. He left bruises on her and deep cuts on her, each thrust causing pain unlike any she had ever felt. He forced her to drink his blood, licking it off her face when it spilled over. He came deep inside her with such force that even that hurt.

Suddenly, a fist punched the vampire through the back. A sickening sucking sound could be heard as the heart was extracted. The body was flung from her and clothes instantly covered her as she was cleaned up. Lightning incinerated the body and heart.

"Csitri, you need to get back inside the safeguards!" Alexander said as he fought another vampire that had appeared. "Hurry! You don't have much time! Take the girl and get back inside the gates!"

This vampire was definitely older. Because he was protecting her, he couldn't fight full force. The vampire tore at him, drinking large quantities of his blood, but he still stood his ground, waiting until she got to safety.

Seren yelled out in anger "do not tell me what to do!" she yelled and picked up the grils body and flung it toward the vampire with all her strength knock it to the ground, her eyes went black and Alex got thrown to the side as she walked up to the vampire just as he was getting up "im tired of you dirty vile creatures...Carpathian and vampire..there is no difference" she said and one of the vampires arm,s exploded and it cried out in pain "the only difference is how you go about being the monsters you are" the other arm exploded and the vampire tried to turn and run but his legs exploded and as he fell to the ground, she got to him as he laid there and she stood over him her black eyes staring coldly at him, she leaned down and grabbed him by the throat making him look at her "this pain is nothing for you is it.....well before you bleed out let me see if I can give you a pain that will hurt" she said and put her wrist to his mouth and he bit down hard, a few seconds later tears started to fall from his eyes and he tried to close his mouth but she would not let him "Whats wrong? don't like what you feel? good...maybe your soul not be able to rest..may you wander the earth for eternity only feel the emotions you feel now" she said with spite and ripped her arm away and stood up, the vampires cries of anguish and despair echoed the forest

Alexander fell back from Serenity, fear on his face. He tried to back away from her.

He yelled, "St-stay back! Where is the real Serenity? What have you done with her? What kind of monster are you?"

Reflected in his eyes was her image. She looked more frightening that any vampire could ever be.

Serenity looked down at him "whats wrong Papa don't like what you made me? where is that selfish man who took my life from me? where is that boldness of you mind fucking me!" she yelled and started walking toward him

"That is enough, Serenity," said the prince in a calm but authoritative tone. "Please, return to your natural state. I am amazed by your abilities. I agree, what Alexander did to you was wrong and he will be punished for it. However, what you are doing makes you just as guilty. You could save lives, but here you are, taking them. You gave him a family when before he had none. But I need you to be calm and talk to me in a reasonable manner. I am the prince of the Carpathians. I would like to hear your story, if I may."

She turned towards the voice with a growl "your the prince..." she said in a low tone "if your the prince then you would know I have not taken any lives, at least none that matter" she said looking toward the vampire that was laying still in a puddle of his own blood" and why would I want to save the lives of was your kind that took my life from me!" She said taking another step towards him "and my story will not matter since I am only something that your kind wants to use! " she said with a growl "your amazed by my ability? well why dont I show you how far it can extend..." she said like she was ready to attack him

Suddenly, every hunter from the school and the mountains surrounded her. A woman stepped toward her and took her hand. The hold was light, but unbreakable. Serenity was suddenly assaulted with a frequency that made her very bones threaten to shatter.

"That's enough!" the prince said. "She has a point. Alexander wanted her for her power. It's easy to tell. Search my mind. Do I want you for your powers or do I want you because you are our sister an we all feel the pain he caused you. I will hold nothing back."

The hunters growled but the woman let her go. The prince walked up to Serenity and helped her to stand. He left his mind open to her. What she saw were bleak centuries where no color or emotion filled him. There was only the hunt and his honor holding him together. Then, his lifemate came into his life. Colors blinded him, emotions flooded in. Fear of losing his woman clogged his throat but the need to make her happy made his torturous existence worthwhile. Not once did she see him wanting her for her power.

She pushed him away from her, her head looking down "they could be lies...just like him you could be giving me false memories" her distrust showed in her voice "your all liers..." she looked to the woman who had touched her, her eyes still black "if you ever touch me again I will kill you and everyone you love" she said sounding more like a vampire then before. She then looked up at the prince "I hope your people get what they deserve...I hope the sun claims you all until the mountains are covered in the dust of your bodies" She said as blood tears ran down, her heart break was felt for miles

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