After the ceremony Seren did what she was told and started to head towards the La Cruz towers, she was so lost in her thoughts she didn't even notice the stares or low growly she was getting from others, she just kept walking towards the dorms her father had told her to go too


Alexander showed the prince out and watched him leave. He heard growls behind him. He wanted to swoop in and make everyone leave Serenity alone, but he couldn't with all the humans around. He walked towards her and lead her to his office.

"Are you alright, Seren?" he asked. "You look a little pale still." He was about to make her find her room when his emotions started to fade. He grasped the desk as his teeth lengthened. "Csitri, I'm sorry, but I need to feed from you. I will have to do a second exchange with you to do so."

Seren looked at him with concern and went over to him "are you ok? whats wrong" she said touching his face with both of her hands "if you need me im yours papa...dont worry about me ill be fine" she said with a soft smile

Alexander hugged her to him, distanced her from the act, and bit down hard. He didn't mean too, but he needed her blood. He had to feel, to taste her. When her heart stuttered, he closed the wound and made her drink from him again. He woke her up but made her stay sitting.

"Listen, csitri," he said. "You will need my help to eat. I want you to call to me with your mind at meals so that I can help you. Can you do that for me?"

Before she could answer the phone in her pocket buzzed, she stayed dazy in the chair and slowly went int he pocket to get the phone

Alexander took the phone from her and said, "You found someone's phone, csitri? I'll find who it is. You just rest, okay?"

He went out of the room and looked at the message on the phone.

SIS: 10:56 pm

"Hey its getting late are you still on the tour? I'm getting worried, when are you coming back to the tavern?"

Alexander panicked again and texted Serenity's sister.
SERENE: 10:57 pm

"Ride has a flat tire. Can't change it until morning. Have to spend the night in a cave. I'll see you then tomorrow."

SIS: 10:59

"A cave huh? look if you hooked up with some hot Romanian man just tell me, its better than a cave lol"

Alexander decided to roll with it.
SERENE: 11:01 pm

"Fine, you caught me. I'm building a harem. Shacking up with Dracula has always been my dream. He's sucking my blood in his castle right now. lol"

SIS; 11:03

"Alright alright, we both knew your were a hussy, just make sure you watch your heart and stay safe, text me if you need me"

SERENE: 11:04 pm

"Sure thing. Later."

Alexander pocketed the cellphone and went back inside. He went to Serenity, his drug, and looked at her.

"Do you need anything, csitri?" he asked, handing her a cup of water from his desk. "Are you hungry?"

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