The prince sighed and said, "I hate this part of being prince. Serenity, you will be taught by your lifemate the truth of our people. You will be taken out of the school, you will learn to battle vampires, understand what our hunters go through, and learn about what emotions mean to them." He touched her arm and all color and emotion left her. "This time tomorrow, you will no longer feel emotion. In two weeks, you will return and tell me what you learned." He turned to Alexander. "You were ordered to stay in the ground unless there was danger. Until today, there was no danger. You are removed from the Headmaster of the school immediately. Magnus will act until I decide who will replace you. You will remove your compulsion on Megan as soon as she wakes up. I will not have another person attacking my people from fear and hate. The society does that enough as it is."

Alexander nodded and followed the prince's second off campus. The hunters scattered. The prince looked at Serenity.

"Go to ground. Your lifemate needs you," he said before leaving.

Seren glared at him "No..." she said in an emotionless tone "and thank showing me this it only proves how much of monsters your kind really makes my path more clear" She said taking a step back as if she was going to retreat

The prince said, "You have shown me that you lack discipline, remorse for the life you took of a human woman, and empathy. You will go to ground because it required. We are not monsters, woman. But we can become one if we don't have our lifemates. That is what your lifemate tired to show you, but you refused to look beyond your hate for one man. Live in that man's shoes and tell when your sentence is over if you still feel the same way. Until then, return to your lifemate and be grateful I didn't sentence you and your lifemate to death."

"I didn't kill that woman and you are no prince to me...I will not follow your orders like everyone else and as far as I am concerned you all do not deserve to be saved by lifemates and just so we are clear I Hate all of you not just one" She said and started to run, she was surprised how fast she was, she definitely was running faster than a normal human, she could feel the power her body possessed and she pushed it to the limit

A man stopped Serenity. He was much faster than her and easily halted her progress.

"It isn't a choice," he said. "It's a matter of time. The sun is rising."

"then let it rise" she said and took a swing at him

The man grabbed her hand with a sigh. He pinned it behind her and forced her back to the cave. He opened the earth, floated Maddox into the hole, and tossed her into it.

"Please, watch over my baby brother," the man said. "He wears his heart on his sleeve, and he may do cruel things, but it comes from a good place. He just wanted you to see things from our point of view. I'm sorry you were hurt. Now, sleep."

With that, he put Serenity into Carpathian sleep and closed the ground over them.

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