Max chuckled and went to the cafe, it did not take long for him to get what he needed, once he finished eaten he heaed to class.


Seren is still asleep, unable to wake on her own


Amelia looked at him " what should we do now? I mean this is all new to me...." she said looking kind of embarased

"You are going to go to class," said Hendrik. "I am going to patrol the outside of the parameter. If there is a vampire, I will get rid of him and be done with it. If there is evidence of a vampire, I will be forced to put the school on lock down. You, little one, do not fight."

She raised her eye brow " oh? Im not am I " she said crossing her arms

"Not when it could be a master vampire," he said, smiling. "Soon, we will have a school field trip where students will go and fight newly turned vampires, practice healing in the field, and use their talents to aid in the battle. You will get your chance. It's just not today."

"I do not think you have any right to say when I can or can not fight, lets get one thing straight...this will be an equal partnership that means you will not boss me around," Se said in a stern tone

He cupped her face with his hand and said, "I am also a teacher, and you are a student. This is my job. I have to protect all of the students, that includes you. Please, get dressed and go to class. I will be there in a little bit. I won't be battling in any case. Just sending him off to his destruction at the hands of someone outside of the safeguards. So, even I don't get to battle. Please, so that none of the other students get suspicious, go to class."

She didn't remove his hands but she looked away blushing "you should not be able to sweet talk me like that..." SHe said in a cute voice still trying to sound angry but failing

He wrapped his arms around her, evidence of desire pressing against her bottom, and said, "At least I didn't try to seduce you into doing what I want. Did I ever tell you how good you smell?"

A low growl escaped her lips like a purr "you keep talking like that we are not going to be leaving this room" she said in a seductive tone as she moved slightly to rub against his erection

He groaned and said, "If you keep doing that..." But he had her bent over the bed, his member teasing her entrance. "I'll send one of the other teachers. You need to be punished for teasing me." He slowly started entering her. "How should I go about it?"

She moaned then chuckled "You were the one that teased me....but I suppose as a teacher it within your right to punish me," she said looking back at him with a seductive look as she bit her lip

He began moving in and out of her, building the fire deep inside of her. "It is more than my right," he nibbled on her ear, "it is my pleasure to give you pleasure."

She sucked in her breath and moaned "what if I like to do the same" She said giving him images of her under his desk, the way she teased him with her mouth

He began moving faster but still not fast enough to suit Amelia. "There are still things I want to do to you, and I want you to do to me." He let the images run through her head. "Can you handle all of that, my little love?"

She clamped down hard around his letting him know her answer, he would feel there was a side of her he had yet to see, a wild side that wanted out

He groaned and began pumping harder and harder, his hands gripping her hips to hold her still. He kissed her deepest core with the head of his member. He kept her right on the edge.

"Tell me, Amelia," he said, kissing her neck, "what you want me to do to you, right now."

Lose control She said in his mind because she was moaning so much it was hard to speak

Hendrik growled and said, I already have. Every time I look at you, my control flies out of the window. He threw back his head, screaming her name to the heavens as he filled her beyond capacity.

She cried out with him as she clenched and pulsed tightly around him as he came inside her and she came with him. She gripped the bed as she collapsed forward as his body covered hers, she could feel his member pulsing inside her as she milked him, her body demanding all that he offered

"At this rate," he said, kissing her neck, "I'm never going to get anything done."

She smiled "that's fine with were not a very good teacher anyways, " She said teasingly

Hendrik said, "But that wasn't the real me, now was it? You have no reference. Not that you were able to pay attention for wanting me. As I recall, you have a D in my class." He laughed. "You even put 'Amelia Bosanova' as your name on a couple of papers. Did you know that?"

She glared "maybe I have a D because you were distracting me by keeping me under your desk, and the clock tower, and my bedroom..." she said with a smile "and who knows maybe the last name was wishful thinking on my part...but you cant deny you liked it" She said clenching around his member teasingly

"I enjoyed every part of it on some part," he admitted, "until you got hurt. But I did think it was sexy having your mouth around me, even with someone else nearly catching us."

She chuckled "well maybe we can visit the clock tour again sometime or maybe I can stay after class for some extra credit" she said winking at him

"You need the extra credit," he laughed, "but I would have to do the same for the other students." He shuttered. "I'm not reliving that part. I feel ashamed for using those women and betraying you like that. So, you're just going to have to settle for a D."

She growled " not mention such things otherwise I might not be able to control myself" She said moving from underneath him, making their bodies disconnect

Hendrik sat down and said, "Sorry. Now, do you want to see your new sleeping chambers? You are no longer single, so you will not stay in the females' dorm."

She looked at him with a confused look "wat do you mean? were will I be staying?" she asked in a cute worried tone

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