Hendrik clothed them and took her by the hand. He walked her around, making her wait. When they arrived at the Dragonseeker Dorm, he smiled.

"What do you think?" he said. "Will you be happy here?"

SHe looked at the building and then at him "wait you here...with you? I thought that was only for...I mean I know we are but...I'm still a student and....I mean...we would never leave..." She said blushing

He laughed and said, "Amelia, it will be alright. We will be forced to leave. I have duties to perform and you have classes. Plus, we have to feed."

SHe still looked a little overwhelmed "what I have read from books and in class lifemates have very strong needs...are you sure we will be alright here? I still have to train that will mean I get close to other males..." She said in a serious tone

"I will have to be near other females," Hendrik said. "I will never leave your mind, so I will enjoy watching you knock all the boys on their asses." He kissed her. "I'm not worried about this because I know neither of us will be touching the opposite sex with affection. But, should they touch you, wanting more than what you are willing to give, punch them. The women will be harder to push off. If you haven't noticed, I seem to effect them in a mysterious way."

She growl and pulled him to her, she bit into his neck on the right and left side, lingering on both sides to tease him, she closed te wound but left the marks "there now there is no excuse for their behavior...if they try and cross a line I will teach them a lesson they will never forget....and dont for a second think you're the only one who can affect people around here" She said crossing her arms like she was pouting, she was very unhappy at the thought of the other girls, knowing that he had slept with some of them she found she started to feel sick to her stomach, she did not know wat to do, suddenly tears stung her eyes and she looked away from him

Hendrik said, "I know you effect the males around you. But you know how to handle a man if they get too frisky. I, on the other hand, have no idea how to make women go away. I will do my best to stay away from them. After all, you are the only one for me. Please, do not cry."

"how many did you...take" She asked still looking away from him

He said, "In two months? Twenty. I used some of them multiple times. Why are you...? Oh, Amelia. There is only you who matters. Please, don't blame the women. Blame me. I was the one that turned vampire. Actually, I think I called several of them by your name and they got mad, refusing to come near me. So, you helped keep the number rather low. To be honest, most of the Daratrazanoff Dorm probably hates me because of what I did. So, it would explain why the women are glaring at me." He pointed out the women that passed them. "Yeah, except to you, I have become the enemy of women at this school."

She didn't want to see the woman glare because then she would know who he slept with "Im going to go eat.." She said and started toward the building knowing he probably ad blood in his room

"I'll join you," he said. "From the looks I'm getting, the whole dorm hates me! Will you protect me from their righteous vengeance?"

Part of him was joking, but he couldn't help but feel if he were alone somewhere, those girls would try to actually kill him. He knew he had only slept with twenty women, but there were nearly three times that many staring daggers at him.

Before she entered the dorm she turned and glared at the woman, she heard their thoughts about her and him, with a dangerous growl and a loud voice "let me make one thing clear...If you do not keep your comments to your self I will make sure you will not live to see the day to meet your life mates is that clear! " she said in a voice that made the woman scatter

"Thanks," Hendrik said. "You didn't have to, but I know they were going to gang up on me. Sad to say that an ancient hunter needs his woman to protect him, but I'm eternally grateful."

"it was not just for you..." She said and entered the building

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