Wake Up

Magnus waited. Any moment now, she would wake up and he would open the earth for her. Just another moment.

Megan gasped as she awoke, instantly panic struck her as she tried to breath but her mouth filled with dirt the weight of the soil made it so she could not move which made her panic more

Magnus opened the earth above her and helped her to breath. He didn't say anything. He simply waited.

She spit out the dirty and coughed tough it felt foreign to her which she found odd but she had no time to think, the sound of her own coughing hurt her ears, the dim light in the cave made it seem like she was staring at the sun, she closed her eyes and covered her ears father! I'm scared whats happening! everything is so bright and loud

You are Carpathian now, jelä, Alexander said. I will be there in a moment. Just breath, and turn down the volume and brightness of the world around you. Think about it and it will happen.

She did as he said and found the pain eased, when she was able to open her eyes again she found a man staring down at her and her breath caught, he was gorgeous, in a magical kind of way she found it hard to describe in words "Who are you?" she asked in an uncertain tone

"Magnus," he said, his eyes hurting from the brilliance around him. "Allow me to help you. Once you feed, we will go meet Alexander."

Megan nodded to him " um...thanks....so how do I get out of.." but her sentence was cut short as a strong hunger hit her and she grabbed her stomach

Magnus lifted her up and handed her a bottle of "wine". "Drink this. You will feel better."

His touch made her heart beat faster but she chose to think it was just because she was sensitive right now, she did what he asked and found her hunger eased slightly, making it barrable "so...why are you ere instead of my father?" she asked softly

Magnus' eyes became darker with anger. "He has committed a crime, little one. You will see in time. For now, drink some more. I have brought you plenty."

She was confused by his words but before she could ask any more questions a wild smell hit her nose that made her hunger spike and a low growl escaped her lips that caught her off guard, she needed to know what that smell was, she took a step forward and tried to follow it but did not need to go far "you...." She said looking at Magnus with hunger in her eyes, unknowing what it would mean for him

His body grew hot and he wanted so much to claim her, but he knew she needed to feed.

"I offer freely," he said, planning on using every ounce of control he had.

Her breathing quickened and she stepped forward closer to him, Her hands slowly slid up his chest until she grabbed his shoulders, her body moving on its own, she pressed herself against him before lick gently over is strong pulse

His hands cradled her to him, and he growled with satisfaction. But he did little else, waiting for her to feed from him.

That growl made her body come alive in ways she could not explain, she bit deep but gently into his neck, the second is blood hit her mouth she lost all train of thought but her body reacted, the scent of her arousal filled the air around them as she moaned into his neck torturously

He said, "Close the holes with your tongue, little one. Then we can meet with Alexander."

She groaned but did what he said though it took a lot to do so, she wanted more and her body was acting strange, se took a step back from him with flushed cheeks "your a strange one...Magnus"

Maddox opened the earth above him and Serenity. He knew something was off, but couldn't tell what that was.

Seren laid in a heavy Carpathian sleep like she was dead to the world, with no signs of waking on her own

Maddox kissed Serenity. Wake up my love. I have need of you.

Serenity awoke to a colorless and dull world, one she found not worth waking to, she looked at Maddox with emotionless eyes and said nothing as she sat up

Maddox gasped. "What the hell happened to you?!"

She stood up "your prince....I guess I was right...you all are monsters including him" she said plainly without looking at him

Maddox said, "That was his twin brother. The prince can't take emotions from people. That's what happened, right? Our prince has the ability to show the ultimate truth to people. His twin brother was my best friend... until this. I know he wanted to become prince, but I didn't think he would go this far. I'm sorry. I'll contact the true prince and we will get this fixed."

Seren shrugged " why fix it...id rather be numb knowing something else is going to happen and just so you know I look forward to dying at the end of this month," she said looking up from the hole like she didn't know how to get out

Maddox said, "So you choose death for us? Fine, but the true prince will at least give you the truth on everything." He smiled. "There is a talent show at the end of your unjustified sentence. You and I will talk to the prince then. Please. You want answers, the prince, the real one, will give them to you."

"so..even though I was once more punished by the wrong guy I have to remain this way..." She said more to herself than him

"No, I will get it removed, but until then, you will be without color or emotion," he said. "I will say, you will both hate and enjoy what we must do."

She looked at him "what do you mean? what will we have to do?"

"You will have to say the binding ritual and mean it," he said. "You and I will have to exchange blood, and make love. Essentially, you are the male and I am the female. Can you do that? Claim me with your mind, body, heart, and soul?"

"how can I do so when I feel nothing?" She asked honestly

He said, "As the binding ritual goes on, you will gain back your emotions and colors. As soon as you climax, you should be back to normal."

"ok....Ill try but I will need your help" She said looking down with a tone closest to doubt that she could feel

He put the words in her head and said, "All you have to do is mean those words. You can do it. I know you can."

"I meant I need help with the sex part, im still new to it...though I find it hard to be able to mean something when I feel nothing"

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