Promises/Return 2

Magnus said, "I thank you for that, but I made a promise. Until you love me and trust me enough to give me everything you are I will not say the binding words, nor will I do any part of the ritual. That being said, we are at Daratrazanoff Tower. If you would like to go to ground and heal, I will let you. The former headmaster did mind rape you and your sister, so it is understandable that you will want to recover."

She stopped and looked at the building " ok...I just want to make sure my sister is ok and go from there" she said whipping a betraying tear that rolled down her cheek, "you have to be strong...suck it up...Seren will need you" she said to herself in her head

"Your sister is currently with her lifemate," Magnus said. "They are in the healing cave nearby. He was hurt protecting her from a vampire she made explode. My guess, they are making love right now. He's trying to convince her to stay with him, otherwise, they both greet the dawn together. He has less than a month left to do so."

She turned quickly to him, anger in her eyes "My sister would not make love to anyone here...she must be under compulsion still" She said and turn to go to the caves

"Her lifemate saved her from the compulsion," Magnus said. "Actually, her lifemate has a unique talent that she is immune to. He hasn't spoken in centuries because his voice is compulsion itself. But she is unaffected by it. Everyone else will have no choice but to listen to him. I'd hate for Maddox to become a vampire. He'd be unbeatable until his voice lost its brilliance."

"my sister...was innocent...she would not give it to someone she just maybe she is not immune...and what is it with all the sex around here! Do you people have noting better else to do"

Magnus laughed and said, "When it's between lifemates, they are showing each other with their bodies what they can't say with words. The male worships his woman and sees to her needs before his own, just as the female does for her man. And the feeling grows with time. There was one couple that, when they wanted to end their time in this world, made love until the dawn took them, worshiping each other until the very end."

"Cuming and going at the same time huh..." She said in a bittersweet tone "why greet the dawn? don't you guys die of old age?"

"No," said Magnus. "We live for centuries. There are some that have lived for over three thousand years."

She was shocked enough to stop walking "that's.....horrible" She said feeling pain hit her chest

"Not when you spend most of that time with your lifemate," he said. "She makes it all worth while, from the colorless and emotionless centuries to the every minute after finding her. Some couples love instantly, other take time to build that relationship." He took her hand. "Like us. But our love will be stronger for it."

She removed her hand from his grip "I dont know what my plan is yet but what I do know is that I'm not interested in a romantic relationship and I know you did that just to tease may have everyone else fooled but Im good at reading people...your the most manipulative one her and I am not falling for you or you trick" She said

Magnus sighed and said, "So, too soon on holding hands. Got it. As for me being manipulative, only to protect someone. Their cave is the one on the right. I said I would not force you into anything. I meant that. No compulsion, and not trying to convince you. You either give me a chance or you don't. Either way," his voice dripped with honesty when he looked her in the eyes," I'm still your bodyguard and I will gladly die for you."

"I dont need a bodygaurd and I definitely dont need anyone dying for me," She said and entered the cave, she saw Seren standing alone like she was waiting for her, but she seemed off, she smiled and started to go to her but she put up her hand "Don't...Stay where you are" she said in a stern tone "Why? whats wrong?" She asked concerned, she had never heard her sister talk like that "I...I just need some time...I don't want to hurt you" She said and Megan understood that things have changed and they had new abilities they did not know how to control "I understand...I'm happy to see you" She said with a soft smile "I am too..are you ok?" she asked hesitantly "Ok as I can be right now, you?" she asked "same" the both were quiet for a moment just looking at one another, tension filled the air


Maddox leaned down and kissed her neck. He knew she could say the words. He nipped her skin, using his tongue to ease the sting before biting deeply.

Emotion slammed back into her and she cried out as the world around her burst with color, she closed her eyes and focused on the pleasure he was giving her, afraid she would shatter if she didn't or he stopped

He closed the wound and exposed his neck to her, "Take from me, my love. Finish the ritual, and everything will be made right."

WIth tears in her eyes, she bit down hard into his neck like a desperate animal clinging o life

When she bit down, Maddox's hips moved in a frenzy. When she closed the holes, he filled her to the brim. Before he could relax, however, he clothed them both and laid down next to her. He said, Your sister is coming to visit. I'm glad your emotions and colors returned or it would be an awkward meeting.

She curled up into a ball and silently cried "I don't want to see her right's my fault she is here was my fault that she got...that the boy took her..." She couldn't say it "please send her away," She said not looking at him

So, now you want me to talk to other people, not just you? he asked. What if she has a great need of you. I know you need her.

The thought of him using his voice made her growl for reasons unknown to her "Fine! just...done speak" She said still not understanding what she was feeling

Are you... jealous? he asked, honestly shocked. You will always be the one for me. The worst thing that could happen is a repeat of what happened with I was fifty.

She sat up and looked at him with a cute expression and pink cheeks "no! I-Im not...why would I wish" She said crossing her arms

He smiled and said, Hit the nail on the head. You do know, you can compel her to go away, right? Just as she can with you. She's Carpathian now. Try talking to her in your mind.

She grumbled "Im not jealous and I dont need to compel her and she would never do so to me...why dont you just stay here it might be best" SHe said looking away from him

He shook his head. I will be mist in the air. I will not harm your sister unless she or the man with her tries to harm you. Family or not, hurting you makes them as good as dead.

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